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  1. I signed up about a week ago and I got the first package in the mail today, so you should be good!
  2. I was talking with Spencer in October and he brought this up. He said they’re getting Alan Hynes to do the packaging and, if I remember right, they’re incorporating bubblegum somehow as the adhesive for the jacket. Also i do I just got shipping notice for Mission: Impossible!
  3. This is back up for anyone who missed it!! https://shop.thekillersmusic.com/products/dont-waste-your-wishes-180-gram-vinyl
  4. 35th Anniversary pressing of E.T. went up at La La Land this morning. Limited to 1500 copies, but $40 before shipping is a little steep. https://lalalandrecords.com/e-t-the-extra-terrestrial-limited-edition-vinyl-2xlp/
  5. https://bodega.lomavistarecordings.com/collections/ghost/products/ghost-prequelle-8-track-cartridge
  6. Thats weird, they sent me a replacement copy about two months ago.
  7. I am confused as to why they found anything surprising. They took a $400 aftermarket record, pressed an extremely limited 300 copies, and just expected for the price to stay? I'll just wait for the white /100 that will inevitably come after this 'final' clear press sells out.
  8. So the design on the Hellraiser cube is wrong... There are two sets of three designs, with each facing opposite sides of the cube, but they used the same pattern on the top, front, and bottom. The mock up shows the correct pattern. Anyone else notice this?
  9. On March 9th, Twitching Tongues will release their new album, Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred, via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred, the video for the new single “Harakiri” (directed by David Brodsky / davidsbrodsky.com) can be viewed now at: metalblade.com/twitchingtongues – where the record is also available for pre-order in the following formats: –Ultra clear vinyl + download card (limited to 500 copies – USA exclusive) –Metallic gold/black split vinyl + download card (limited to 250 copies – USA exclusive, https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/item/55463) –Metallica gold w/ black smoke vinyl + download card (limited to 250 copies – USA exclusive, https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/item/55464) –Ultra clear w/ black smoke and metallic gold splatter vinyl + download card (limited to 500 copies via Closed Casket, https://www.allinmerch.com/product/TWITCHING-TONGUES-GAINING-PURPOSE-LP.html) –Black w/ bronze splatter vinyl + download card (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive, https://www.emp.co.uk/p/gaining-purpose-through-passionate-hatred/374428.html#q=twitching%2Btongues&lang=en_GB&start=2) –Beer inside grey split vinyl + download card (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive, https://www.emp.co.uk/p/gaining-purpose-through-passionate-hatred/374429.html#q=twitching%2Btongues&lang=en_GB&start=1) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a website that is able to ship the EU exclusives to the US.
  10. All variants are sold out now. That was significantly quicker than I expected.
  11. That’s weird, both are still available for me. Just grabbed an /100. EDIT: /100 just went out of stock for me.
  12. Lakeshore Records announced that they will be releasing an anthology record for the Saw movies.
  13. Pressing numbers are up on the site. Lowest pressing out of 150.
  14. https://shop.realgonemusic.com/products/predator-soundtrack-lp?variant=47880395719 "Infrared" variant for the Predator soundtrack. Limited to 200.
  15. Knowing where to look, I can see the number. It's on top of the road post on the bottom right of the jacket.
  16. I talked to Jeremy a few weeks ago and he said that there will be a tour press. If I remember correctly, it's going to be blue, but don't quote me on that.
  17. Pre ordered the colored version! Single is better than I've been expecting. Not really digging that album art though.
  18. This was written on the box I received today. Hoping it's not just a random thing. I don't know why the photo won't work, but the words 'Dear Tommy' were written in red sharpie on the box I received from IDIB.
  19. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming in August. Barnes and Noble has it listed as an exclusive, but It might just be a specific color. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/mobile/w/harry-potter-the-half-blood-prince-nicholas-hooper/29924931?ean=0794043189289
  20. I've been searching for this release lately as well. Can't seem to find any version for less than $150.