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  1. Extending a similar offer, I have a blue beach music cassette would love to trade for a dsu cassette
  2. bought an extra copy of the deluxe blue for a friend and didn't realize he preordered himself - message me if you are looking for a sealed copy!
  3. Interested in the leadbellys and blind lemons. isn't that midnight special a single though?
  4. I understand that these exist...I am looking for trades and or deals on used/multiple purchases from people here.
  5. Looking for various yo la tengo albums: Fakebook Painful I can hear the heart beating as one And then nothing turned itself inside out I also have for trade/sell: Wavves - king of the beach VG Iron and wine - shepherds dog VG Rilo kiley - rkives (unopened) Twin shadow - confess (UO, played once) Yo Gabba Gabba! ‎– The Super Music Friends Show Album (UO, unopened) PM me if you got/want anything! Thanks!