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  1. It's VIP exclusive access right now (direct link via email from Joyful Noise) along with 18 hours of streaming the entire new album. I assume the open PO access will happen as that streaming window closes, but I don't know for certain.
  2. VIP edition on triple 10" box, primary colors and bone swirl vinyl, $42 (L/1000) Yellow vinyl, $18 standard black vinyl, $15 on joyful noise for VIP only today (11 June); not sure when the regular pre-sale begins, but likely in a day or so.
  3. Vinyl editions sold out of the double set.
  4. I have not had to contact them, but I do recall the official store's warning regarding mailing options, which may affect your complaint depending on what shipping choice you made: "BUYER BEWARE - WHILE SHIPPING ISSUES (LOSS, DAMAGE) ARE RARE , IF YOU CHOOSE MEDIA MAIL CLASS WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REFUND YOUR PURCHASE OR SEND REPLACEMENTS FOR DAMAGED OR LOST MEDIA, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, SEAM SPLITS, CORNER BENDS OR DINGS, AND WARPED RECORDS. "
  5. Better than my shipping quote: $12 something...
  6. Did anyone note this part on Cherry Tree: Each ticket purchased for the tour shows in North America (including the April ones) comes with a redemption code for the digital version of the album. That code can also be used to upgrade for a discounted physical album. Trying to figure this out...
  7. Releases 19 April 2019 Here's a couple options: Rough Trade US, white vinyl (L/50), $20.99 https://roughtrade.com/us/music/jade-bird-jade-bird Jade Bird US store, white vinyl with poster (L/unspecified), $22 https://jade-bird-us.myshopify.com/products/jade-bird-white-vinyl Rough Trade UK, white vinyl (L/unspecified), 19.99 pounds https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/jade-bird-jade-bird
  8. I signed up first day, too, but did get a confirmation at the start of the month for shipping. The package just arrived today, though (12/22), about 2.5 weeks after notification.
  9. From Rough Trade NYC: https://www.roughtrade.com/us/music/mastersystem-old-team UK preorders are sold out, but NYC still has it up --only 50 in total in their lot, so act quickly. Limited, clear vinyl "Old Team" b/w Mogwai Remix of same track Dec. 28 release. [UPDATE] Pre-orders sold out now.
  10. That be nice -- the 500 quantity is what Cherry Tree's News section said when I logged in last Friday. Looking today, no quantity is listed at all. Perhaps I am mistaken, but that's where I saw the release initially. But I believe the hype sticker is accurate, /1K
  11. I did a search and didn't see this info posted yet, although it likely doesn't matter too much since the window has closed unless you're attending the Forest Hills Stadium performances 9/29-30. From Cherry Tree > "We're releasing a special limited edition of Sleep Well Beast on green vinyl to be sold at our two Forest Hills Stadium performances on September 29 + 30. To mark this Saturday's 1-year anniversary of Sleep Well Beast's original release, on September 8 Brooklyn's Rough Trade will make 100 copies of the green LP available [these are already gone] -- the first 50 include a complimentary ticket to each of the Forest Hills Stadium performances. Limit one per customer."