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  1. Box set of 5 x 7" singles up for preorder on Bandcamp, LTD/1500: Quickies Nonesuch preoder Link w/ Merritt autographed print
  2. Dang. Hope some pop back up after the St. Patty's shows. I just saw the posting this morning and the pre-orders are well gone already (as noted).
  3. Some copies of the Chicago edition along with other items from the pop-up store have just gone up online: Wilco "Ode to Joy" Chicago edition l/1500 $30 + shipping (free shipping $50+)
  4. An update was posted today on the same Instagram thread copied above with this info: " We are currently waiting on a delivery from the pressing plant but we will ship it out as soon as we get our hands on it!"
  5. Some more signed yellow LPs up at record store UK, as of this post. Yellow, Signed
  6. A few variants up at Polyvinyl: Early Bird, Cream & Light Blue L/500 ($20) Cream & Black ($19) Test Press & EB (above) L/30 ($100) Red Tint Cassette ($10) If You're Dreaming Preoder at Polyvinyl Rough Trade US, Purple Vinyl, $25 (no note on page about run quantity or other limits): Rough Trade Purple Vinyl
  7. I pre-ordered in June and tried following up with the band. No updates at all. Indeed, pretty dumb not to have issued an update.
  8. Update on Instagram says that Vol. 2 (2019 CT Member LP) is expected to ship in Jan 2020.
  9. From what I've read, the colored press is the only vinyl edition right now and it is being sold in shops and online through other vendors like Amazon and Bullmoose. As far as I know, no standard black. Don't know about Canadian shops, but you should be able to find a copy. Amazon.ca has it up for preorder 55 CAD w/ free shipping.
  10. They appear to have sold the run (at least what was made available). Mark ups on discog already out of hand (with one "cleverly" as high as the number of the beast).
  11. Deluxe set has been discounted to a "reasonable" (haha) $375 in the US store. But, still limited to 2 copies per customer (darn!). Another edition is hitting the band's pop up shop-- Wilco Souvenir Shop--in Chicago today (12/14-18th). L/1500, unique upcycled jackets, white-ish (uncolored is what the hype sticker says) vinyl. Looks pretty sweet in the band's instagram pics. I'd pick one up if I were in Chicago, but alas.
  12. More updates: "there may be a delay in your Closer Than Together Vinyl LP order. Although today is the scheduled release date, we have have yet to receive our stock in its entirety. Also, a portion of what was received was damaged and we must await replacements. We want to make sure that everyone receives a pristine copy. We are shipping what we can and orders placed first will ship first. We are awaiting updates from Universal Music but please know that as soon as the rest of the LPs arrive to us, the remaining orders will ship out ASAP."
  13. Through the Avett Guild, a pre-order is available until 12/13/19, 9 a.m. EST. Says December 2019 release, shipping begins 12/14. 2xLP 180 G, colored vinyl: one red and one aqua. List price is $44 but guild discount gets that to $35.20 US. Downside, shipping is only priority ($12), so the total gets right back to just under $50 US. -Cut for LP by Chris Bellman -Pressed at QRP LP jacket: -Die-Cut, Six-Panel/Tri-fold Design -12″×36″ Interior Collage -18pt (365 gsm) Textured Paper -Printed with 3 Spot Pantone Colors -100% Recycled, Made in USA Paper More expensive bundles also available with T-shirt & DVD; T-shirt OR DVD.
  14. There's a signed vinyl (black) from Barnes & Noble that was added: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/random-desire/34479373