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  1. tvrec

    PO Now: Breeders Reissues on 4 AD

    Relatedly, 4AD just announced a re-issue of Pacer from The Amps. Preorder now: https://shopusa.4ad.com/pacer $17.24 US 10 August 2018 release
  2. Deluxe LP up at Bull moose for $38 ($12 cheaper than Rough Trade and $27 cheaper than Spiritualized web store): http://www.bullmoose.com/p/27535026/spiritualized-and-nothing-hurt-deluxe-ed-deluxe
  3. New Saddle Creek release by Tomberlin, At Weddings up for preorder at the label site. Limited to 100 copies, $21.99: https://saddle-creek.com/products/at-weddings?utm_source=Saddle Creek Newsletter&utm_campaign=85cf86b0c8-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_23_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e20ed91337-85cf86b0c8-144558501&mc_cid=85cf86b0c8&mc_eid=0460afa40c&variant=7322943356961
  4. Gotcha I tested it and it's in my cart, but yeah, after hitting shipping it comes up as out of stock. Vinyl by itself is now showing as out of stock, too.
  5. It's showing still available at $10 in the store: http://www.rightawaygreatcaptain.limitedrun.com/products/618847-slip-mat
  6. Recordstore.co.uk has a limited number of 20th anniversary vinyl back in stock with US release date noted as 8 June 2018, one copy per person, $33.99: https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Bring-It-On-Exclusive-Red-Yellow-Vinyl/5SWY0000000?utm_campaign=recordstorecoukWeek23LimitedEditionMailerNonPurchaser050618&utm_content=UMGUK12939-565366&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Email
  7. New project from Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay, LUMP. Vinyl out now in two variants (that I have seen so far): Limited Translucent Green (run not listed on band camp): $18.99 https://lump.bandcamp.com Limited Translucent Orange + Bonus CD (3 tracks), Rough Trade exclusive (1000 run): $29.99 https://roughtrade.com/us/music/lump-lump
  8. 20 July 2018 Vinyl box $161.99 / CD box already listed as sold out https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/The-Public-Image-Is-Rotten-Songs-From-The-Heart-Signed-Heart-Card/5V760000000 Includes Heart Shaped Card with printed message and personally signed by John Lydon To coincide with the release of a career-spanning documentary film about Public Image Ltd titled The Public Image Is Rotten, we’re pleased to announce a career boxset coming in the form of a 6LP box set. This box set ‘The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart)’ will feature the PiL Singles Collection, B-sides, Rarities and Radio Sessions, 12” Mixes, Unreleased Mixes and Tracks + a Live concert from New York Ritz in July 1989. Record 1: Singles 1978-1989 1. Public Image 2. Death Disco 3. Memories 4. Flowers of Romance 5. This is Not a Love Song 6. Bad Life 7. Rise 8. Home 9. Seattle 10. The Body 11. Disappointed Record 2: Singles 1989-2015 1. Warrior 2. Don’t Ask Me 3. Cruel 4. One Drop 5. Reggie Song 6. Out of the Woods 7. Double Trouble Record 3: B-sides 1. The Cowboy Song 2. Half Mix / Megga Mix 3. Another 4. Home is Where the Heart is 5. Blue Water 6. Question Mark 7. Selfish Rubbish 8. USLS1 9. Turkey Tits Record 4: 12” Mixes & Dance Tracks 1. Death Disco (12”) 2. This is Not a Love Song (12”) 3. Flowers of Romance (instrumental) 4. Rise (Bob Clearmountain Mix) 5. Seattle (US Remix 12”) 6. The Body (US Remix Extended 12”) 7. Disappointed (12”) Record 5: 12” Mixes & Dance Tracks 1. Happy (US Remix 12”) 2. Warrior (Extended 12” Mix) 3. Lollipop Opera (from This is PiL) 4. Shoom (from What The World Needs Now…) 5. Death Disco (Original Monitor Mix) 6. This is Not a Love Song (12” Remix) Record 6: Unreleased Mixes and Tracks 1. Annalisa (“New Mix” - Townhouse 1979) 2. Banging The Door (Alternative Mix, Townhouse 1980) (aka The Door) 3. Vampire (Unreleased Track - Townhouse 1981) 4. Nineteen Eighty One (Original Version, Townhouse 1981) 5. Bad Night (Unreleased Track - Park South 1983) 6. Can you Feel the Fours (Unreleased Instrumental - Farmhouse 1987) 7. Spy Thriller Open and Revolving (Alternative Mix - Farmhouse 1987) (aka Spy Thriller) 8. Kashmir (Unreleased Renovations Mix 1987) (Instrumental) 9. Cajun (Unreleased Bill Laswell Instrumental 1988) 10. Think Tank (“Outtake” - Eldorado 1991)
  9. According to their FB and Instagram, the DELUXE is sold out (looks like about 4hrs after on-sale). Someone in the comments said that approximately 400 went to local record stores, so perhaps there is hope. But the person did say "went to" which is a weird tense for a pre-order not out until August. But fingers crossed, eh?
  10. I had not heard of this record, unfortunately, until I started reading the initial articles relating concern for Scott's whereabouts and wellbeing. I checked Rough Trade then and it was already sold out. The release just fell under my radar, but I was able to pick up the standard black vinyl without a problem. And thank you, GhostTrail, for the Warner's link. I ordered a copy of Sing the Greys. A couple UK listings for the record on Discogs are going for about the same as the band's webstore, but the one US seller is asking $230.
  11. Also recently released was Hutchison's side project Mastersystem, Dance Music: http://www.nme.com/reviews/album/mastersystem-dance-music-review
  12. Thanks for posting. Just pre-ordered. The selections say only LP for the vinyl, but the descriptor does say "coke-bottle green." This will be a sweet release. I really was nostalgic after hearing the Lost Horizons track a few months back.
  13. Subpop has a local shop pick up option, which is awesome. No shipping fee and no rush of postal manhandling damage.