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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I dug their ep and LP. Glad to hear some new stuff.
  2. I listened to that Olhava album the other day when it went up. It’s pretty dang good. I’ll be sure to check out your track tomorrow.
  3. I like it! The two drummers really makes it stand out a bit more.
  4. Those are some very boring shirts on there. It good. I was also hoping for something more intense after Skeleton Tree. Hope Grinderman 3 actually happens!
  5. Thanks Derek! Let us know the final amounts owed. I'm not sure how those prices get broken up. Also, yes international shipping is terrible. It cost us like $24-27 to ship 1 LP to Europe (or even Canada!) It sucks.
  6. Somehow I've managed to miss this thread until yesterday. I guess I haven't ventured out of the main vinyl boards. Some really great stuff on here. Thank you everyone. I'm going to do some shameless self promotion here since I think a lot of you might like it but I play in a band called CAVALLO. We have a new album that was put out over the summer on POST. Recordings. We're on the heavier (and mathier) side of the post rock spectrum. "A heady mixture of classic cinematic post-rock, aggressively punchy math rock, and noodly prog." - Heavy Blog is Heavy Check it out here if you're interested. We have CDs and we also pressed it in a deluxe vinyl package. CAVALLO.bandcamp.com We also don't play that many shows but we have a few coming up in and around NYC that are real good lineups. Oct 25th @ Arlene's Grocery - Manhattan, NY w/ Aiming for Enrike Nov15th @ State House - New Haven, CT w/ GLACIER, Pray For Sound, Wess Meets West Nov 17th @ Gold Sounds - Brooklyn, NY (2PM matinee show) w/ East of the Wall, GLACIER, Wess Meets West, Hundreds of AU Let me know what you think. Thank you!
  7. Man, this does sound a lot like A Turner. They even include ISIS as a bandcamp tag. Ha! Aside from his vocals, it's isn't too much of an ISIS clone. It is pretty good! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks Derek, I missed those prices. Also, I'm OK with ordering from A1KA as well if it saves everyone a headache and it's not really a cost savings.
  9. If you’re proceeding with the group buy, put me down for the /100 version. Thanks man!
  10. Thanks. I was trying to figure out if it’s worth trying to cancel as well. Yea, 8 months lead time is a LOT.
  11. Hey man, I definitely like the /100 more but if the savings aren’t worth it, I’m cool with ordering the /150 from A1KA as well. Let me know. Thanks!