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  1. I read that Bullmoose said this is a repress. Not rediscovered old stock.
  2. Maybe so. But you need to have all those titles lined up, negotiate the business side of it, remaster (some titles), deal with pressing plants (delays), etc. It is no small task.
  3. It's got to be a real struggle getting the rights to press these titles and pressing multiple exclusives month after month after month.
  4. zdkaiser

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Tempted to get that Grateful Dead 5xLP collection from RSD BF 2017 for $75 shipped.
  5. Might just be me, but I think I say this for about every NB exclusive release.
  6. I was under the impression the original stampers might be faulty.
  7. Received my copy. Side A is pressed off-center. My tonearm definitely has some side to side movement, creating a bit of pitch shifting. Side B is less off-center than A, not terrible and listenable. I'd say it is an improvement over my black copy, but that's not saying much. Haven't gotten to C and D yet. Using a Rega RP40. Edited: listened to sides C and D. Disc is slightly warped, but not off-center. Overall, pressing is okay. Definitely not floored by it. I give it a B-. An upgrade over my current black copy though.
  8. zdkaiser

    General Headphones Thread

    AKG K702s have limited bass unless you have a massive headphone amp. The soundstage is huge, but overall sound can be dry with fatiguing high end. Grados tend to run bright as well. Have a quirky design, but do sound very good. I've had the SR60, 80, and 225s. V-moda makes some really durable and portable closed back headphones. Might want to look into them as well. I also recommend the Sennheiser HD650s. Nice comfort level, open soundstage, good build quality, and just a lush midrange. Little rolled off on the highs and good bass output. Less listening fatigue overall relative to the AKG K702 and any Grado model.
  9. How does it sound? Is it a good pressing?
  10. I'll sell my copy at cost after it arrives. Likely will be off-center and pressed like shit like the first pressing was. ;)
  11. zdkaiser

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    What's really creepy is the light pink t shirt they're selling with the cover art on it. Ha ha.
  12. zdkaiser

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Might just be me, but that atrocious cover art is keeping me from purchasing the album. I just don't want to have that in my house. Never felt this way before. Ha ha.
  13. zdkaiser

    PO - Wild Nothing - Indigo

    Might just be me, but autographs are so overrated. Couldn't care less.
  14. Anyone know when Vinyl Moon will begin shipping those hologram pressings?
  15. Wonder if this pressing will be as off center as my black copy? It's completely jacked. So much side to side tonearm movement. Really nice looking mock up.
  16. It's listed as a Vinyl Star records pressing. Which isn't on discogs. If you zoom in on the pictures of the album in the listing, on the back it's a MOV pressing. I went for it in hopes it truly is a MOV pressing.
  17. Listen to it before you sell the OG. I can't tell you how many off center pressings I've received from Subpop recently. Don't know who is pressing their records these days, but they've put out some crap. The Album Leaf In a Safe Place Loser edition is badly off center, Beach House Teen Dream is the same and warped, etc. etc.
  18. zdkaiser

    PO: Blind Melon - Nico

    Where are these shipping from? What state?