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  1. Yeah, that dub album wasn't dub enough for me. Basically just threw a little reverb and echo on one of the tracks, primarily the guitar, and called it dub. The best track, no surprise, was the remix by The Scientist.
  2. Gonna be pressed on black vinyl in the upcoming months. If you're cool with that.
  3. Plaidroom still has the Claypool. $35ish dollars. Goes live online tomorrow at 8 am EST
  4. Bellman was on vacation. His assistant cut the album from his notes. Still sounds great, and I agree, Pallas is a mighty fine pressing plant.
  5. Can you elaborate more about Grimes involvement with Purity Ring?
  6. Agreed. It's muddy sounding, and many of the tracks sound very similar.
  7. Just a few replacement copies. @Just Us I may be able to get you a copy. Send me a PM in a week or so.
  8. Received my copy of the Whirr album today. Lots of scratches all over and surface noise. Emailed them on their website. Edit: Nick already responded. Gonna help me out.
  9. Amazon is selling the same album, says it is a colored record, and import.
  10. I buy a lot of new vinyl releases from a variety of sources, including Amazon. I'd say a large percent are at least slightly warped. Probably 30-40% are not completely flat. Most have minor edge warps or are dished. I haven't received an album that is so warped it is unplayable. I'm using a relatively expensive stylus ($300), by my standards/income level, and playing even slightly warped records will lead to premature wear overtime. So I opt for replacements as well. I often purchase from Amazon simply because of their return policy. I too return multiple albums until I can get a clean copy. I don't think it is a storage issue at their warehouse and more so a QC issue at the plants. They are overwhelmed and pushing albums out as quickly as they can. I would suggest that you visit discogs and read the reviews for certain releases you are interested in. People will provide details about pressing flaws. I should also mention that even the "audiophile" pressing plants, like RTI, also put out bad presses. I've picked up quite a few 45 rpm 2xLP Blue Note reissues, and those too, at $50 a pop, had warps, misaligned center labels, off-center presses, sleeve scuffs, etc. It's a pain dealing with returns and replacements, but it's unfortunately all part of the modern vinyl game.
  11. These titles are cheaper at Plaidroom. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/beastieboysindie
  12. FYI, the Bladerunner 2049 web store exclusive 2xLP (pink/teal) sounds pretty lousy. Surface noise and distortion throughout, and my copy has side A pressed off-center and side C is bowled. Hoping Mondo can resolve this, though I may just inquire about a refund. All the reviews on Discogs are pretty poor as well. Beautiful score and artwork, but I guess I'll have to stick to digital files. Can others comment on the sound quality on their LPs? And I cleaned the records. No improvement.
  13. Yeah. I can appreciate the new album title announcement.
  14. All that hype just to announce people can stream compressed 192kbps versions of their albums. Whoopdy-freaking-doo!!!
  15. Rumor has it, the clear pressing has some issues.
  16. I picture a lot of people getting into Tycho with this new album and then getting really disappointed to realize there's no female vocals on his earlier works. I like Tycho well enough, but I've always found his music to all sound more or less the same. While these vocals arent my favorite, they sound a bit too poppy and Frou Frou to me at tikes, it does break up his redundancy of sound. It's probably my least favorite Tycho album to date, and I own his discography.
  17. Several users on the Needles and Grooves forum have the vinyl flat and have had great success, I believe there is a dedicated thread for it over on that forum. Probably lots of tips and advice.
  18. Cool. Do they release web store titles at a specific day and time, or is it all random?
  19. Plaidroom Records has these up now. The limited color vinyl is the cheapest you'll find them online at Plaidroom. About $10 - $12 cheaper than Bullmoose or Temporary Residence.