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  1. Alright. I usually hate when this thread gets bumped, but I’m hoping I’m not the only one in this world that wants this, and maybe I can speak it into existence. Get Him To The Greek Original Movie Soundtrack by “Infant Sorrow” Is the movie GREAT? No. It’s good. But the soundtrack is incredible. One of my favorites and maybe the only one I ever play regularly. This would be AWESOME! Anyone with me? Discogs Link
  2. That may have been one of the more wild things I’ve seen a band do with records. I’ve been a fan of HIL since before SOTP, but that was crazy. To say they’ll refund your order if you buy more than one and then charge $100 is nuts. Reading the IG comments is truly a LOL experience. Sorry, @andrewlucas, looks like you’ll have to stick to paying less than “retail.” Bummer.
  3. Just a heads up, for anyone that didn’t get their hands on one, it looks like there are some leftovers of the green variant. Not sure when or where they will appear. Sorry, @andrewlucas, if you already spent secondary market prices.
  4. I thought I read somewhere that this repress would be available in the US some time today, but now I’m not finding anything that says that.
  5. Can’t imagine anyone that wants this is still looking for a copy, but the UO variant is back in stock. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/taking-back-sunday-tell-all-your-friends-20th-anniversary-edition-limited-2xlp?color=066&size=0000&fbclid=IwAR0KnRFDVzZoe0vkXxvnPD2T-owpYSGsvaupTJJ7Nj545lKOK5i9qTiSM3A
  6. I’ve had the OG black pressing since those dropped. Still felt the need to get a green copy. What a great hobby.
  7. So bummed. Studio 666 wasn’t a great movie, but it was pretty fun. I love that it kinda gave a face to the other members of the band, especially Taylor. Dude seemed so likeable and funny. Definitely was a hell of a drummer. RIP
  8. So glad I started coming to this site again. #inb4lock
  9. I saw that as well. I hadn’t heard anything about an alternative version of that track, but if that really is the case, I’m stoked to hear it!
  10. Just got done listening to the album for the first time and WHAT A BANGER! I am so jazzed up on how good this is! Can’t wait for my gold copy to come in next week! After reading through the rest of the thread (I haven’t kept up with the site as much as I used to) I see others not as stoked as me on this “new sound.” I love the first 3 albums. I think Meliora is still the best they’ve ever sounded. But Prequelle was an awesome concept and I think IMPERA is even better than that. I don’t think Ghost had ever put out a bad album, just different. To each their own, for sure.
  11. This is quite possibly the strangest lineup of variants I’ve ever seen. Also funny to see them use the same mock-up for 3 of them.

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