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  1. $14.98 on Amazon http://White Line Fever https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087S5G9BW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_AxRTEbB38QVKN
  2. Do you live in the UK? It appears the US vinyl release has been delayed until May 15? 😭
  3. Smartpunk is doing 25% off during the quarantine (no code needed), so you can get their Forever + Ever x Infinity exclusive variant for $19.99 shipped. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/new-found-glory-forever-ever-x-infinity-forever-smartpunk-exclusive
  4. Can anyone help me out finding Selfish Things “Vertical Love” on vinyl? Wolf At Your Door originally pressed it.
  5. I got my digital download email today...and the link is broken! It downloads a zero KB file. This Kickstarter has been a mess.
  6. What do we have to do to get a pressing of It’s All In Your Head?
  7. It seems like SRC has really slowed down with their represses recently. Goldfinger was announced but never released for some reason.
  8. The new Mest record is up for sale for the first time outside of their kickstarter: http://www.mestmerch.limitedrun.com/products/660322-mest-vinyl
  9. Got one...and paid too much...but still excited. I guess no one ever said collecting vinyl was a cheap hobby.
  10. Love Beartooth and I think this pressing looks slick. However, I feel like “deluxe album” pressings are getting out of hand in general. I would prefer to see extra album tracks released as a b-sides ep on vinyl. Wait! They just did this too... 🤔