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  1. UPDATE 2/9: 10% off your order if you contact me here! - Here are the LPs - Here are some EP's & rare hip-hop 12"s - FREE SHIPPING if your order is $50 or more. I would love to trade! Here are some records I'm looking for, though I'm open to any offers. If you order multiples, I'll round down the price a little. Shipping is $4 for up to 3 records. $5 flat rate for 4 or more. I ship all items in new LP mailers with padding, and remove the vinyl from the sleeve before shipping. Please contact me via PM for inquiries. Thanks!
  2. No, the weight really isn't a big deal. And it sounds really good. It just baffles me as to why they would even try to say it's something that it obviously isn't. That was a direct quote from their email. Seems shady, and doesn't inspire me to buy anything directly from them in the future. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Well, I was exaggerating in order to make a point about the Born Like This reissue. Some retail sites are saying that DangerDoom is 180gm. I emailed them with a complaint about damage, and while I was at it I asked them why they pressed the discs so thin. Their response: "The vinyl stock used on DANGERDOOM is 140gm. This is considered a “heavy" weight vinyl." Complete bullshit.
  4. Let me guess... it's going to be "limited" to 30,000 copies, pressed on thin-ass records that they claim are 200gm, and shipped in a stupidly thin cardboard envelope half-way across the globe. Yeah, no thanks. I wait a few months & buy it for half that price.
  5. Completely inexcusable prices. I'm not going anywhere near a record store that day.
  6. It's financial stupidity to spend $30-40 on a compilation of demos that they're obviously going to press tons of copies of.
  7. $250 for an album, a couple shirts and a few posters?!!! WTF?! Man, I used to really love this band.
  8. In my defense, I already sold a 12" for $700 a couple weeks ago, and I've had a few $500 offers on the one I currently have listed. I assumed OP wouldn't be interested in something like that, but I do have some more common stuff and low priced items.
  9. I just ran across a HUGE hip-hop collection & listed a lot of them on Discogs... LP's: http://www.discogs.com/seller/thejesset/profile?genre=Hip+Hop&format_desc=LP 12"s: http://www.discogs.com/seller/thejesset/profile?genre=Hip+Hop&format_desc=12%22 A lot of them are obscure 90's artists, but there are definitely some serious gems scattered throughout. I'll give you 10% off if you want to make a purchase through VC instead of Discogs (that goes for any other VC member as well)!
  10. Check out some of the records from that label around the time of its release. Most of them are owned by a couple of people, but none of them are in anyone's "want list." That pretty much signals that they aren't at all coveted, and even if they're rare, they aren't worth anything if no one wants them. As with most music of this style, today's generation of collectors just doesn't care, largely due to the fact that it bears little-to-no relevance to the music that came after it. I'll add that I recently found a mid-90's hip-hop 12" that wasn't on Discogs, but popsike had a listing for it that sold for $100+, and the releases from the same label around that time were selling for similar amounts. Just remember - Discogs is user created, so there will certainly be omissions and errors. But in your case, it's more likely that it's because no one cares about the album. Generic classical pop albums from the late 50's are a dime a dozen all across the US.
  11. I'd say that maybe 50% of the new stuff I buy has streaking and/or notable dusty paper residue, but from what I can tell, those records look much worse than the blemishes that I'm accustomed to seeing. I don't think that they were used & resealed, but they were probably heavily discounted by the labels & sold to VNYL in bulk due to the obvious imperfections. Definitely an improvement over the old VNYL scheme, but I can understand why she'd be disappointed. Which brings up another question... why do so many modern new releases have cosmetic problems? I've bought vintage sealed records that had pretty heavily abused sleeves, yet the vinyl will be in perfect condition. The new stuff, on the other hand, will look like it got dragged around on carpet before it was sealed & sold.
  12. Watch this until the end.... she goes from pretty happy to cursing mad..
  13. I hate to be "that guy," but If they're selling them for $100, and the normal going price is $250+, I would guess that a reissue announcement is about to drop. This happens all the time on Discogs. A few people get inside info and sell off their copies as quick as they can, before the public finds out. Just my two cents.
  14. If they'd offer free (or reasonably priced) shipping I would bite. I liked seeing The Vertigo Soundtrack, R. Stevie Moore, Ariel Pink, and Warren G & Nate Dogg... if you don't own "Regulate... G Funk Era," here's your chance. Wonder where the leftovers will end up.
  15. If you see something you're interested in, contact me here and save 10% off your total. OR take 12% off if you'll gift the PayPal payment. http://www.discogs.com/seller/thejesset/profile Also open to trades. Here some stuff I want: https://deadformat.net/collection/thejesset/wants Shipping is $4 for up to 3 LP's. $5 for 4 or more. Will also knock off a little if you order multiples!

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