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  1. I mean...that makes sense since it's just the outtakes from Illinois. Still solid, but you feel how you should about this. Still excited about it though!
  2. Super excited! I'm holding off on the demo until Thursday night
  3. Ishtar

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Oh, heck yeah. Hadn't even heard about this new Windhand. If someone sees that new Spaceslug eventually go up let me know too. I was really regularly checking on it, but I've been slacking a little bit lately.
  4. I'm doubtful, but hopeful for Whole.
  5. Kind of says something that a band's greatest hits album is only 10 songs and an interview... Sounds about right though.
  6. As a side note, I took b-dosia's "advice" and went out to play Magic this weekend and had a ton of fun.
  7. Nice. I'll have to give it a try then
  8. Ishtar

    The Weezer Thread

    (just a normal guy Kevin is making a joke) Kess is just being Kess.
  9. Ishtar

    The Weezer Thread

    You ask who does something inconvenient and dated on a record forum? Serious answer though would be people who may be spending time in places where there is no reception/wifi regularly. I download stuff all the time. Guess I'm just an old man who won't get with the times.
  10. Ishtar

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Anyone listen to that new(ish) Slomatic split? I gave a quick listen to Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard to see if I liked them and then grabbed it. Waiting to listen to the rest of it.
  11. Editing, I think there are some tracks he's put out that should have just been cut entirely. Just my opinion of course. A different sequence of tracks could help too, I suppose. But it still leaves you with in this case an album that to me is still half full of weak songs.
  12. Best of luck! The first half didn't really grab me, but the second half is pretty stellar. I think I'm maybe not such a huge Anthony solo fan. Still love Avalon, but I think the rest of his stuff is only good, not great. I think it's an editing problem for him.
  13. Great sounding record. I definitely dig the second side much more than the first as far as the music goes.
  14. I'm sure they will on the videos, seems like the two songs actually run together into each other. To each their own, man. For the record I never said anyone shouldn't buy this, just that it seemed like no one who had posted in here previously had. If I collected singles and stuff I probably would have broken down and grabbed it, but I'll have to just be content with collecting his full lengths. If I ever come across a VV:2 for ~$50ish or less I'll be all set. Homeboy wanted to make it seem like I straight up don't like DOOM because I had criticisms, but I'm actually a relatively avid collector of his stuff and listen to him regularly.