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  1. Ishtar

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    They usually get a bunch of everything. People line up pretty early there though from what I remember. I don't bother going down there anymore for RSD, but it's still probably my second favorite record store in town.
  2. Ishtar

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Good choice. It's my favorite of the ones listed by far. I think you'll really enjoy it. The metal section is in the back left corner if you're looking for any non-RSD stuff
  3. Ishtar

    What books are you reading?

    Started reading the new(est) Murakami book, Killing Commendatore, finally. It's been sitting on my bedside table for what feels like an eternity.
  4. Ishtar

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    The first three mentioned are the best 3 for RSD. Every Day has multiple locations around town though.
  5. I keep trying to make myself do this. "Soon," I say, but soon never comes. ::sigh::
  6. Ishtar

    Iron Maiden Reissues!

    They're calling it Legacy of the Beast I guess and yeah, seems like a full discography hits tour from what I've read.
  7. Ishtar

    Iron Maiden Reissues!

    Not a fanclub member, but if anyone is feeling generous and can send me the code for Portland, OR I'd be super grateful.
  8. It sure could be, I wanted people to know what I was looking for straight from the title though.
  9. Someone in Japan might be able to get him to ship them some exclusives
  10. Garbage. (Kidding!) A lot of stuff I still enjoy in there along with some stuff I used to like much more than I do currently. Seems like a fun collection.
  11. Ishtar

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    Didn't really notice any flatness, sounded fine, but didn't blow me away either.
  12. Bummer. I'll just wait until mine gets here to listen then.
  13. Awesome. Anybody want to buy my gold copy of the fun 7" then?