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  1. Whoa, be careful dude. He makes over $400k/year. That must be how he affords all that "disani" [sic] even though his dad thinks it's a waste.
  2. Dude surely won't pay up. That said, don't take anything he says seriously because I'm not sure he can actually read. In the thread for that MuggsxDDOOM single I said I wasn't crazy about a song and that it was stupid to charge $50 for a single and he lost his damn mind acting like I'd personally insulted him and attacked DOOM as an artist (one of my favorite rappers). There is no impulse control there. I'm with him in that I don't love Post. I'm just in here because my lady likes his music and I thought she might want this record. I do on the other hand realise that there are people beyond the underground hip-hop community who listen to music and can see how he would remain relevant.
  3. Aw, thanks, booboo. I can definitely be a little snarky, but I have tried to reel it in a bit.
  4. Best thing to do is not stress about it until it happens. Even then Amazon is good about replacements.
  5. Ishtar

    Iron Maiden Reissues!

    Ahhhh. I'm still somewhat with you on that. I'll usually try for an OG pressing if I can manage one and the price is comparable to the reissue. I'm definitely not a buy multiples kind of guy for most records.
  6. Yeah, somebody said that already. If I get one, I get one. If not whatever.
  7. Go ahead and explain that to me then, please. I'd like to hear it.
  8. No one doesn't want this. I've ordered the /500 in hopes that the rest of the album is better than this single, secure in the fact that if the next single is also garbage I can cancel my order. You two seem confused that I just don't want this album but ordered it anyway. Likely I'll be keeping this order, the first single was hot garbage though. It's almost as if you personally are acting stupid on purpose though. I like Saves the Day. I have every album so far but In Reverie (can't justify aftermarket price), so why wouldn't I order a very limited variant of a new album even if the first single is garbage. I'm also not going to blindly support a band if the whole album is bad, and there has definitely been a downward trend with them as far as quality goes. If I end up not liking the next single, my order will get cancelled and be available to someone else.
  9. I never said anything about returning something, and I agree that people who order things, try them out and return them are the worst. I said I would cancel my order if the second single is as garbage as the first which has absolutely no effect on price. I don't know what I'm buying based off one single though. The fact is, this variant may sell out before I'm able to get a better idea of what I'm buying though. I would never just buy and return things, that's a waste of resources, but a cancellation after getting more information doesn't waste anything but my time and literally less than a second of computational power. Hell, if @diabretic misses out on this /500 due to not having funds available right now and I decide I'm not into this, maybe I just change my shipping address to his house since he's a good dude. Again, doing what I'm doing effects the price in no way whatsoever, and I don't know how you could possibly think it would. Nothing has been packaged yet, no postage has been paid, no man-hours have gone into preparing my order. I can't imagine they even have these in hand yet. So again, the only reason I can see for this upsetting you is that you're afraid you won't get one, which is fine, but just come out and say that
  10. Or I could just do exactly what I did so if the album ends up being good I'm locked in for the variant I want. If I don't dig it I can always cancel and someone else ends up with it. Sorry if you're worried about it selling out before you pick one up, which is the only reason I can imagine you would be upset that I said what I said. It's not as it I don't already like Saves the Day in general. Sorry, dude.
  11. Pre-ordered to get in on the /500...but if another single comes out and it's as bad as this garbage fire of a song I'll be cancelling.