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  1. Got mine in today...I'm with Bardwell, I'm not sure what people are whining about. It came in a whiplash mailer with like...the tiniest amount of space around it on the axes that actually matters.
  2. I'm worried now...mine has been in transit for a minute and still seems to have a way to go.
  3. I'll probably just order this one and cancel my first order at this point since it also has the expensive shipping.
  4. Yeah, I sent an email as well. Trying to figure out if they can adjust it on their end or cancel and reorder now.
  5. The Speed Of Sound In Seawater - Red/Blue is available here. Great stuff from 2010. Never on vinyl before. https://killiconicrecords.com/products/the-speed-of-sound-in-seawater-red-blue-vinyl
  6. A little on the steep side, but great EPs. Limited to /250 though, so be quick if you want it. https://killiconicrecords.com/products/the-speed-of-sound-in-seawater-red-blue-vinyl
  7. Yeah, there was a lot of talk about wanting to compare, just no comparisons yet. 🤔
  8. I didn't know if I could wait for 3 or 4 seasons to finish. I'll still probably watch the anime too because I loved the animation choices they made.
  9. Whew. I just sifted through the last like...10 pages for these releases on Steve Hoffman hoping to see something...and NOTHING. Very disappointing. No luck. Sorry, dude.

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