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  1. All good, dude! I actually had to double check. I swore I remembered owning a copy but I hadn't listened to it in quite a while.
  2. Just a heads up, this definitely, isn't the first time this has been pressed. It was pressed in 2009 and 2016. First time on colored vinyl though.
  3. I haven't heard of V Rising, but I don't do a ton of PC gaming. I think you'll probably really enjoy Ghost of Tsushima though. It's so visually stunning on top of the great game play and story. It really is incredible.
  4. Seriously one of the best games I've played in years. Story wise it's absolutely amazing.
  5. Not to mention this disappointing bump 23 hours later...
  6. That's what they did for Third Eye Blind and it was terrific. I'd love ot if they did that for Pumpkins.
  7. Hey there and welcome! This is a good start to trying to sell your collection, but you may have more luck with your local craigslist as a collection this size would be tough to ship. You can download the discogs app and scan barcodes on your albums to add them to your collection on there and get an idea of what a fair price may be for everything. Another option would be to run by a local record shop and see if they'd be interested in your collection, but youre likely to get a lower offer from them.
  8. Yeah, I was being a bit hyperbolic, and I really am just about to the point where I have anything I've ever "needed" record-wise. I'm way less likely to pick up overpriced reissues at this point though, and glad that I have most of the older stuff I've wanted that continues to rise in price.
  9. Yeah...I'm about done with the hobby if this trend continues. I only have a few more nostalgia buys left anyway and new stuff usually dips pretty low after a few weeks.
  10. Yeah, I was unsure how long any of those represses were going to stick around so I grabbed like...every single one. Not the world's hugest Machina guy, but when those come out I'll probably snag them too just so I don't regret it down the line.
  11. Looks like the newest update puts these shipping sometime in June.
  12. Yeah, I was super excited about it because I wanted to pick one up! I think it must be sold out, it is on their bandcamp page at least. I tried adding other things to my cart too and never got any kind of cart or checkout prompt though
  13. For the life of me I can not figure out how to check out on that website...
  14. The consensus seems to be that the original Vertigo presses are superior to anything else. I have US first presses of all the Ozzy era stuff and they sound pretty good to my ears. I've never had the pleasure of listening to any Vertigo pressings though.
  15. Slanted and Enchanted anniversary edition and replica demo tape for Slanted and Enchanted called Courting Shutdown Offers. Very reasonable price on the vinyl, and I don't think the tape has ever been released before. Some alternate cuts and alt track order on there. https://store.matadorrecords.com/slanted-enchanted-revisionist-history https://pavement.bandcamp.com/album/slanted-enchanted
  16. I keep passing on these saying, "eh. I have a black copy," but it's the only one I don't have a colored copy of and this one does look nice... Hm.
  17. If it's not on sale yet I would just be upfront about what happened when you sell them. Just say, "Hey, these came out with some transition colors, here is a sample of what you may get." Just be upfront about it and it shouldn't be an issue.
  18. Send out an email and let people know what the issue is and that they might not receive what they ordered. With that email offer to refund them if they would like to cancel. Be apologetic and I think a large number would understand. For those who do not cancel I would consider doing what the post above me said. This kind of thing happens, but this is your reputation and your (and the plant) fuck up.

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