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  1. While this is frustrating, it does at least give me hope they have a Loses Control repress up their sleeves still.
  2. Years and years ago I helped my dad install in floor heating in my parents' house. It's pretty sweet.
  3. Yeah, ebay has been my goto lately for any kind of books/comics.
  4. Tell me how you like Chainsaw Man when you read it. I'm interested in it!
  5. Agreed. They were on the main page for a while too. I was anxiously awaiting that repress, but I guess I'll just keep waiting.
  6. This thing sold out in like 2 minutes 😕 I missed it too.
  7. Fully expected to see Hey Mercedes to get something in all this. Hm...
  8. I've read Neverwhere, American God's and Sandman, so I'm looking forward to this one. Each of the ones I read had some things I wasn't crazy about writing-wise, but overall I enjoyed each of them. I'll probably start with a McCarthy book, but I don't have a reading order set yet but they haven't arrived yet either. edit: I actually tacked that on to my order because the last copy of Neuromancer sold out when I was trying to check out and it was buy 3 get one free, but im still excited for it.
  9. There is only one person who actually mentioned the novelty of these records being any kind of issue and that wasn't me. As far as "stirring the pot" and "leaning toward Fox News" tactics (which is what it looks like you were maybe trying to say), you seem to be the main one doing that. Y'know, by bringing up non-sequiters and name calling. I'm also unsure how I'm poking or baiting by responding to you...poking and baiting, but like I said, you gotta do you I guess. As far as being one of the "loudest voices" on here I urge you to look back in my post history over the last year or so. There isnt much I've said trying to garner any sort of attention, but apparently something I said in the past stuck with you personally, sorry if I ruffled your feathers. Besides, (and this is pure conjecture based on most interactions I have on here, and that I've actually formed relationships with multiple people from here) I think you're likely less well liked on this forum than I am. Either way, that doesn't really matter as I'm a happy and well liked person in the real world which is the only thing that really matters. Have a nice day, I hope you are also a happy and realized person when you're not on here. Edit:I'm going to leave this alone at this point so the thread doesn't get locked. Best of luck.
  10. Just pointing out what seemed like some hypocrisy. If that's "what I always do here," that doesn't seem like such a bad thing. Shame on me for expressing an opinion just like you did I guess. Not sure why you brought up politics in any way since I only referenced veganism due to your comment and didn't say anything political. The veganism comment was of course an assumption, but a reasonable one based on what you said, and not a far leap to think being vegan would be related to trying to lessen your consumption, which you hinted at in your last comment. I'm also not sure how my point is "mute" (the word is moot, btw) just because you can't live a fully waste free life. Obviously this hobby contributes significantly to waste and pollution and cutting it out would help you "do your part." Anyway, you do you, bud. Sorry if I got you worked up.
  11. Seems strange to be on a vegan high horse while buying unrecyclable petroleum based products that also cause tons of pollution and waste.
  12. Glad I happened to check a little early. Easy checkout for the /800. This album has so much nostalgia tied up in it for me.
  13. Y'know. I looked back at the albums I bought that were actually reased this year...and it still isn't my #1, but it probably lands in the top 10 which I didn't expect. Looks like most of my "new" 2021 purchases were either reissues, or stuff I haven't gotten yet. I typically don't listen to an album until I get it on vinyl, so that helps this one out a bit in my ratings.
  14. Good Mourning would probably end up as a 3x10" without any bonus material as opposed to a 2xLp which is a pain for additional flipping, and I don't store 10" in the same area as 12" LPS which is also a pain. I already have a copy of Good Mourning, but if they repressed it as 12" LPS again with bonus material or as a better copy than I have, I'd pick it up. As a few 10" it's unlikely for me. A 10" EP isn't the end of the world for me, but I feel full albums should always be 12".
  15. Booooo. Never assume that! Pioneer CT-F8282 run through a Onkyo TX-8500. Honestly not sure it really matters for cassettes though, thus the joke.

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