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  1. I'll probably just order this one and cancel my first order at this point since it also has the expensive shipping.
  2. Yeah, I sent an email as well. Trying to figure out if they can adjust it on their end or cancel and reorder now.
  3. The Speed Of Sound In Seawater - Red/Blue is available here. Great stuff from 2010. Never on vinyl before. https://killiconicrecords.com/products/the-speed-of-sound-in-seawater-red-blue-vinyl
  4. A little on the steep side, but great EPs. Limited to /250 though, so be quick if you want it. https://killiconicrecords.com/products/the-speed-of-sound-in-seawater-red-blue-vinyl
  5. Yeah, there was a lot of talk about wanting to compare, just no comparisons yet. 🤔
  6. I didn't know if I could wait for 3 or 4 seasons to finish. I'll still probably watch the anime too because I loved the animation choices they made.
  7. Whew. I just sifted through the last like...10 pages for these releases on Steve Hoffman hoping to see something...and NOTHING. Very disappointing. No luck. Sorry, dude.
  8. Recently watched Demon Slayer and ended up binging the entire manga series in like 3 days. Pretty great.
  9. Just for full disclosure, I was able to find this thread because my man Billy got me thinking about it and I wanted to see how big of a dick I'd been and offer a better apology if I'd really lashed out at him. I do agree that the shirt was surely in poor taste now since the guy wasn't donating any money or anything and because I've grown as a human being, but to hold a grudge for seven years over that is uh...
  10. Huh. I don't recall this, but my apologies. That shirt is obviously inappropriate.
  11. I have an OG. Does anyone who has one of the last run that were remastered have a take on how they compare? Might grab a remastered one from this group.
  12. Not sure who all is into Mirah, but there are new reissues of some of her albums out and they're pretty nicely priced. Colored vinyl, even. I have the You Think It's Like This... reissue and it's pretty nice. That one is also available, but I think it's near the same price from the label directly. (Double Double Whammy.) https://www.amazon.com/Advisory-Committee-BLOOD-RED-VINYL/dp/B08WZHVFH8/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=mirah&qid=1622081734&sr=8-2 https://www.amazon.com/Cmon-Miracle-SEA-BLUE-VINYL/dp/B08WZGBBVQ/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=mirah&qid
  13. You know...I was originally kind of sad I missed the Sonics variant when I ordered, but I think I actually much prefer the look of the Mariners version I ended up getting. All pretty sweet though.
  14. Right on. Appreciate the quick rundown. I stopped caring mostly after Tha Carter III. Sounds like I don't need this one. 😄
  15. Huh. Had no idea this was even a thing. Is it any good? Wayne has been a little hit and miss the last 10 years.

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