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  1. I was lucky enough that at the time it came out I only had The Soft Bulletin, and it was really reasonably priced. Solid box set for sure. Highly recommended.
  2. Ah, gotcha. Depending on what other albums of theirs you have/want to have, the Heady Nuggs boxset has a nice pink copy of Yoshimi.
  3. If you don't have a copy, the 2019 pressing still seems to be reasonably priced.
  4. Have you thought about talking to a therapist about this?
  5. Up on madame zuzus, black version and silver version. Silver is $500, lol. Even $225 for the black is silly.
  6. All the mockups I've seen actually look like 12” records, but everything says there is some 10” involved whether one or two. I think the only reason anyone is holding out hope on these being 12” is the mockups. I'll be really bummed if the Hey Mercedes repress ends up being a 2x10. (if they do it.) I don't hate 10” but like you said, I sort them in a different spot than the rest of my records, and as of right now I only have 15 10” so they're wayyyyy down at the end of my collection. I forget they're there most of the time.
  7. Gotta link that shit, dude! https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/54861-old-canes-appleseed-cast-3-7-series/?do=findComment&comment=908384
  8. Some fun stuff in there, but most anything I'd want is RSD first, so it should be available later on. Marnie Stern and Dead Milkmen are the two best releases to me. That's Flwwtwood Mac box is interesting too.
  9. Me too man, that's why when this looked sketchy to me I wanted to say something. Genuinely didn't belive it was going to turn into a whole thing.
  10. Lol, yup, a 7 year old post about me not liking their customer service at that moment in time made me hate them for allllll time. Not mad by the way, just don't like any company doing this sort of thing. Sweet dreams baby boy. Isn't it 1:30am where you are? Edit to add: Man, hard to think that post was from back around when you were still friendly toward me and knew that I did in fact feel empathy.
  11. As I told Shelby, you're actually right. I was a little butthurt and read more into it than I should have. I was in fact ignorant and you corrected me. Again, appreciate it. I personally don't like what they're doing and have concerns about how the situation came to be, but as I've said repeatedly, if people want to contribute they should go ahead and do so.
  12. You know what, dude, you're right actually (the sentiment). I was a little butthurt over it and read more into it than was actually there, put some of my own intonation in there that might not actually have been there.
  13. Appreciate it. Wasn't sure who their distributor was so that's where some confusion came in for me. My bad, dude. Do you know approximately what the percentage of their income is between mail order and distribution by any chance? I'd assume most of their income from phsyical sales cames from mail order, but again, I could be wrong. I also see that's the only thing you addressed from my last post, didn't tag me, and decided to insult me even though I haven't insulted anyone else, so that's cool of you. Updated my last post to reflect your correction.
  14. I see you're likely referring to this part here: we have a modest savings as a business to sustain payroll and continue to pay out artist royalties, etc. we also still have cashflow to sustain our day-to-day and continued operation via physical and digital revenue from our distributor, sync placements, etc.. we are exploring options to take out an interest-free advance from our distributor if needed. we have access to up to $33k via a Paypal “Working Capital” loan at a flat fee of $6.3k (19%). we'd like to avoid using this if we can because the fee is so high, but it's there as a last resort should we need it. If all those things are real, true statements, then why beg for money from customers via kickstarter and crypto donations? To fight their lawsuit? That should be a consideration when putting aside money for an emergency, and I'm sure in the future they'll take that into consideration. I get that people are really emotionally invested in this. I'm not trying to say that anyone who wants to donate/Kickstart this shouldn't. I'm just very skeptical about this whole thing and I think everyone should stop to think critically about it. From re-reading the statement from Topshelf it looks like there were a lot of red flags that should have forewarned them about this. I understand that they may not have realized what was going on, and it looks like Awesome really did fuck them over, which sucks. But they also needed to do their own due diligence when things started looking hinky. I want to address some points individually here now: we have a modest savings as a business to sustain payroll and continue to pay out artist royalties, etc. How much is their modest savings? Is it enough to continue for 1 month? 1 year? Who knows. To me pointing out that it is modest is a quiet way of saying "not much." we also still have cashflow to sustain our day-to-day and continued operation via physical and digital revenue from our distributor, sync placements, etc.. Digital I get. Sync placements...sure, but I can't imagine that's going to provide a ton. But they're saying they have cashflow via physical (sales I assume) through their distributor. Is that not Awesome distro? Possibly a different distro for non-NA orders? They previously said Awesome owes them money, so I have to assume they expect to bring in cash from somewhere else since that Awesome distro money likely isn't coming. Edit: I've been corrected on this point. They're talking about physical distribution to record stores handled by Redeye. we are exploring options to take out an interest-free advance from our distributor if needed. This seems like what I would expect a company to try to do. These are their business partners. This is who they should be going to for money. But again, another distributor? I'll admit I may not understand what they're talking about here. Edit: again, they're referring to Redye. Doesn't change anything about the first part of this section though. we have access to up to $33k via a Paypal “Working Capital” loan at a flat fee of $6.3k (19%). we'd like to avoid using this if we can because the fee is so high, but it's there as a last resort should we need it. I looked into how these working capital loans work and the amount you can take is based on your PayPal intake. This doesn't inspire a ton of confidence, because it shows how little they were actually taking in via digital sales and licensing which is where most of that money is coming from, as they mention that Awesome was receiving all paypal funds from physical sales instead of Topshelf being paid directly and then paying their distro/warehouse via invoice. • Awesome also owes us over $40k in revenue they’ve collected on our behalf but have ceased paying or even accounting to us for. our statements are months behind. we’ve made repeated requests over the last half year to reconcile this and have yet to be directly told whether or not we will receive this money at all. 6 months of requests to reconcile a decent sum of money is way too long to pretend you didn't know something was going wrong and not get your inventory out of there. • because we can’t currently ship anything, we don’t feel comfortable continuing to accept orders. we have now turned off our stores since we have no idea when we’ll even be able to ship an order again, let alone where it’ll even ship from! This just straight up contradicts what they say about having incoming revenue from physical sales? I just want everyone to think before they immediately jump in due to an emotional connection with the label. The whole thing seems sketchy to me, and I don't like companies begging customers to keep them afloat when they don't have a real plan moving forward and the reasons they've given for the current circumstances seem shaky at best. Edit: And you may be right. I may be misreading this and all my skepticism may be misplaced. I'm not trying to be a dick here, but this whole thing rubs me the wrong way and I think it's important to put that out there. I was trying to avoid a huge drawn out post, but here we are. Please feel free to correct me anywhere you find issue with my thought process or if I'm misinformed in any of my points.
  15. Just trying to cheer you up/difuse the situation, shlebs. You seem like you're really going through something because I think it sucks for a company to beg its customers to keep it afloat. I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head to not donate, just wanted to put my two cents out there. Sorry you think I'm lIteRalLy HitLer for thinking a company that has been around for 16 years should try to deal with their own problems and have some funds set aside for an emergency like 99% of all other companies that have successfully been around that long. Not sure why it seems like you're taking this so personally, especially since you apparently have no idea who I am, so you obviously dont know what I'm about.
  16. Yeah, yeah. I know we disagree on these sorts of things, we've been through it more than once. Sorry I don't just post .gifs and fuck around with people anymore, though maybe that would be best at this point in this thread since all the pertinent info has been shared. Haven't had a good ole fashioned shit-show thread lock in a while.
  17. I'm not going to bother picking out the bits of this I want to respond to because in dark mode for whatever reason this is black text on black background and makes me want to throw my phone across the room. I read it. I get their reasoning. Give them money and if you back the certain things you get a "gift." I know how kickstarter works. BUT. Say you give them money to fight this and they lose the court case they're talking about to get their shit back. You're likely shit out of luck on both your original purchase and your backing. I hate when companies try to crowd source their own expenses when they should have likely known what was going on in the first place and gotten their inventory out of there. I dig Topshelf, but this is a cascade of fuckups that could and should have been prevented and I think putting their customers in this position is a trash way of doing things. They're likely suing for court fees as well (or should be) so if they do win they just get to keep all that money as well.
  18. I can't add the /1300 to cart. May be sold out already? Wasn't going to get this, but why not.
  19. Nothing like throwing more money at something you already paid for to maybe have a chance to get those things at some undefined point in the future. I get wanting to try to save a label like Topshelf, but a kickstarter seems...not shady exactly, but not great. Especially since even if they get their stuff back they don't currently have a warehouse to hold it, or a distro to even get stuff out.
  20. An actual link to the amazon listing https://www.amazon.com/Stay-Brown-Double-Vinyl-Limited/dp/B0BDSLNWF7/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=stay+what+you+are+vinyl&qid=1662900816&sr=8-1
  21. Someone on reddit said they asked and were told it's a 2x10" with no intention of doing a 12" in the future. Older presses were a single 12"