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  1. Hold the line, brother. I'll be waiting to get this record in the mail to listen to anything more than the first single. I believe in you! Derek seems like he's already given up on holding out, but you can do it!
  2. It's definitely more than what Derek was saying from my understanding. I don't need an inch just looking at them, but I like to be able to get my finger in there and be able to pull a record out without feeling like I'm bending the other covers at all. Typically they all stay fully upright, but there's a good bit of wiggle room and if I were to push them all fully against one side I'd probably have about an inch of space. Uncompressed they take up the full space pretty well though. I'm definitely a bit anal about my storage, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to devote pretty much a whole room to my records, so I can spare a little extra space per cube.
  3. I'm similar to Derek. I like to be able to have two finger widths of space (one on each side of a given record) so I can get in to retrieve a record without having to put stress on the surrounding covers.
  4. 2 Stacking them like in picture 1 will warp them over time. Don't pack them too tightly either.
  5. There was a post from yesterday that was edited 48 minutes ago that used to contain a link. Edit, something messed up in my quoting and somehow it quoted something weird from another thread. @youspinmeround the upper portion of this post was directed to you
  6. It's pretty awesome. The summon animations are really long, but the card game they build into it is fun.
  7. Yup. No way they're getting around that. Lots of places say the same thing, but there isn't any way they can really enforce it.
  8. FFIII and FFVIII are my nostalgia Final Fantasies, I don't think I ever finished VII, so I'll be playing it fully through on Switch release. I think I still have ps1 copies of VII, VIII, and IX laying around somewhere. Like you, I grabbed IX for the switch immediately but I'm holding off on getting into it until I finally finish off DK Tropical Freeze. I only have a few levels left in the last world.
  9. Listen brother. I'm the cream of the crop, and as you know the cream always rises to the top. etc. etc.
  10. Ugh. Fuck off dude. You've managed to make this thread about you and the "state of VC." Congratulations, you're tone deaf. Sorry for your loss OP.
  11. She must have found some old stock of Rabbit Fur Coat too, looks like that 10 year anniversary edition is back in stock somehow?
  12. If anyone needs a switch pro cintroller, Target price matched ($42.99) this website for me today in store: https://gowarehouse.net/products/nintendo-pro-wireless-controller-for-switch So I'm told that website is a scam, don't order from them but it worked for me to price match. Worth a try.
  13. Yessssss. I want When Your Heartstrings Break badly too. And I wouldn't scoff at The Coast Is Never Clear even though I have that one and spent more than I'd have liked to on it.
  14. This thread is exactly the tire fire I expected it to be today.
  15. @JoshuaNilk I agree Obelisk wasn't as awesome as I'd hoped. My least favorite of theirs for sure.
  16. Yeah, it's gotten expensive and samey. I've been getting some other stuff and just cooling it a little bit.
  17. Harvester of Bongloads was a ripper though! Gotta hold out hope for Goya.
  18. I'm going to the Portland date, but I too wonder who is opening.
  19. I don't know what the most recent show I saw there was, but I did see TGUK, and StD on their respective tours the last few years, sounded good both those times I went there. Edit: TGUK was at Hawthorne