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  1. In that it's thoughtful and pragmatic? Agreed. I feel similarly to him.
  2. If it's not blowing directly on the records I think you're probably ok. I wouldn't want hot or cold air blowing right on them, but it sounds like this is not an issue.
  3. Finally listening to this and ive gotta say, it isn't grabbing me the way LP2 did. The second half has started out strong, and I'm hoping it's just a slow burner for me, but from what everyone else was saying I think I expected more. Could also be that I just finished listening to Snail Mail's Lush which knocked my tits right off. Edit: second half of this record really saved it for me.
  4. So you're saying being bad at your job is actually worse than purposely stealing from people? Got it. How about just fuck both SRC and interpunk?
  5. I'm holding off on Sekiro until it goes about half price. I've already got a backlog and learning that there aren't a really rpg elements kind of turned me off a little. Liked the souls games and bloodborne of course, and actually really enjoyed Nioh too, so this looked right up my alley at first. I think I'll still enjoy it, but the backlog calls to me. edit: Plus...cuphead for switch is coming soon!
  6. I mean...that's only $38.83 USD. Not great, but way better than $52 actual dollars.
  7. Got it. Some tiny amount of scuffing on d-side, but nothing that looks like it'll affect playback. Score!
  8. I hope both of ours are perfect. And everyone else who has yet to receive theirs foe that matter! I'm going gumbo positive today.
  9. Agreed. Mine is supposed to arrive today (my Am3rican Football too) and I'm anxious about this record arriving damaged.
  10. Yeah...that thing was brutalized by the post office. Thanks
  11. I mean, mine basically is knives at this point I could certainly cut things with it.
  12. Haha, I just felt a little self conscious when I saw the photo because I'd just gotten some other stuff in the mail and stacked everything there. My house is usually pretty clean.
  13. Got mine today! Little mess corner I need to clean up. Pretty fucking disappointed it took this long to get this and that it arrived demolished.
  14. Just wait, I'm sure there will be a splatter version.
  15. Tug joke. He's a troll who pretends to be obsessed with The Used and made multiple threads about finding the perfect inner sleeve.
  16. Yeah, I'd been waiting to get some Mt Eerie stuff, so that's what I did. Got some other stuff I'd held off on because of price too. Ended up with Purity Ring - Another Eternity, Sufjan Stevens - The Greatest Gift, Mt. Eerie - Now Only and Clear Moon/Ocean Roar, and Zola Jesus - Conatus for $64 even with upgraded shipping. No complaints here, except that I missed Boygenius for $8. Sold out before I checked out.
  17. Dude was saying he got his records shipped even outside of the inners though.
  18. ::sigh:: I missed out on their latest too somehow and I'm super bummed about it.