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  1. Yeah, I bet that variant looks amazing. Bummed I missed it
  2. I'm with you on this one. It's great that these two people are following their passion and are "nice people" but that's some garbage customer service. I don't even think you're bashing them, just explaining exactly what happened.
  3. Got a chance to listen to this tonight an enjoyed it immensely. (Oxblood) nice quiet pressing with solid dynamics as far as I could hear.
  4. Ah, looks like mine may be as well!
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't have been upset without the booklet and if it had just been a regular gatefold. Super nice package all around though. Case/Lang/Veirs is also worth picking up at some point. I absolutely love the songs where Case and Veirs take the lead, but even the Lang songs are pretty good.
  6. Ishtar

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Yeah, I've still never picked up the last album. Enjoyed the first album, like this single, decided to get the coke bottle since I'm a sucker for clear and "clear" records.
  7. Ishtar

    Rap Discussion Thread

    He's a garbage person, and because of that I never listened to his music...but sure, it's always a bummer when someone dies.
  8. Yeah, dude. it's ridiculous. Triple gatefold and a pretty thick 12" booklet, plus 180 gram 2xLP. I actually pretty much agree with all of this.
  9. Ishtar

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Was gonna hold off, but this decided me.
  10. Ishtar

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    I think it's just one guy in here even arguing the opposite side. You may have just misread or misunderstood what other people are saying. Besides, choosing one thing about a person and then refusing to give them a say/chance/merit is about as fascist/prejudiced as it gets, @Mourning Wood can talk his bullshit elsewhere. Just ignore him.
  11. Ishtar

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    I think people should be able to say whatever they want as long as they realize they'll have to suffer the consequences of whatever they say. Typically though, people in the groups you brought up are very different than someone who supports our government or specific people therein. It's shitty that she said those things, but it doesn't lessen my enjoyment of seeing John Goodman on TV again, so if that show had been at all well written I would have continued watching it. I stopped prior to the whole Twitter thing though be ause it seemed like no one bothered to even learn their lines.
  12. Ishtar

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    Dooooo...you listen to: The Beatles (Lennon beat his wife), Chuck Berry (violent, videotaped women in his restaurant's bathroom, transported a 14 year old across state lines to have sex with her), Elvis (young girls), CeeLo (rape, his views on consent), Cake (drummer is a convicted pedo), Rolling Stones (young girls again), Miles Davis (abuser), The Smiths (Morrissey is pretty much a racist asshole), James Brown (abuser), Bowie (14 year old girl[in his 30s], former fascist). Pretty much all worse than supporting a idiot president that nearly half the country voted for.
  13. Ishtar

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    What's tities, precious?
  14. Ishtar

    High Thoughts

    Thought for sure when I clicked into your profile you'd end up being 14, but no, you're older than I am. First time getting stoned?
  15. Happening again, fuck this shit. Drop the adblock blocker or get it fixed.
  16. Nah, dude. TL;DR of that guy's post: I don't want them to sound same-y, but I don't like the changes they've made to stop that from happening, and I wish they'd put out another album that sounds the same as Sunbather. It's hard to take someone serious when they say one thing, and then in the same breath say the opposite.
  17. Ishtar

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    Huh. Maybe it just went no password when I hit enter and just loaded the site instead then. I like to think I was the first person to get in and place an order though!
  18. Ishtar

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    Figured it out. Password is Gluttony.
  19. Ishtar

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    Anybody have the password for the shop?
  20. I think he's saying that there are already actually 23 other non-black variants of this album, most of which look better than this and cost less. Not sure than can be said for every Newbury exclusive color repress.
  21. Are you? Are you retarded, and not just an asshat who still says retarded? Cool, good to know.
  22. C'mon, rooks. He just wants them to do something new and innovative but at the same time do EXACTLY what they did on sunbather.
  23. Yuuuup. Solid track though. Certainly hope it makes its way onto vinyl at some point but I'm not holding my breath.