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  1. I got an email from bull moose saying A Fever You Can't Sweat Out has been delayed indefinitely.
  2. I saw them recently in San Antonio, they played Silver String so bad ass. It was also a really small crowd because Deftones were playing in SA the same night.
  3. It's not showing up in the email that came with my pre-order code.
  4. Is newborn sun really that much?! I have a sealed copy I bought from them for $20 in March 2015 when the toured with Circa.
  5. If anyone can help me with the circa/ me without you I'd be willing to give extra for it.
  6. If anyone grabs an extra to sell, I'm interested in buying. The girl in the front of the line where I was got the 3 that were there.
  7. I got the orange. I don't understand why people were going nuts for clear.