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  1. you have zero standards as a consumer, got it!! also never said anything about a scam, not sure why that ended up being a whole separate bullet point
  2. not sure why anyone continues to buy from Parting Gift. they put zero effort or quality into their releases or packing their products properly to ship. not shocked the customer service is non existent too
  3. anyone looking to see No Pressure / Koyo / Fleshwater in Chicago on Friday? Need a ticket? I bought one ticket the day they went on sale, but can’t afford a flight to the show. I live in Denver. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  4. Rev sent me a super warped violet copy that has since been replaced with another warped copy. also having a tough time finding a clear retail version. does anyone have one that plays flat?
  5. new Incendiary LP up at Closed Casket Activities: https://closedcasketactivities.com/products/incendiary-change-the-way-you-think-about-pain *mosh*
  6. selling a 2019 EVR test press of Art Damage if anyone is interested
  7. I kept this record a secret for way too long. So stoked it’s getting announced
  8. the two color variants (Galaxy & Dark Blue/Red Mix) are back in stock for those that missed out initially
  9. back up if you didn’t snag a copy yet! https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/silent-drive/products/sid0liwicr-lp
  10. very underwhelming announcement for a record I already own. I also hate box sets so I’m excited to be saving money on this one
  11. anyone have the new indie orange of Vol. 3? how is the sound quality compared to the violet? I'd imagine they're identical, but desperately hoping it has a better punch
  12. nope, no confirmation email. I kinda want to cancel my order after losing sleep over the $20 shipping from a nothing ass label
  13. were people able to get refunds on the cancelled thrice shows?
  14. there’s a Relapse deluxe edition w/ slipmat (Red & Blue cloudy effect) that popped up on the site for anyone that missed out: https://store.relapse.com/item/104906
  15. so sick!! I just grabbed an Aborted LP from NESI this week. can’t wait to get it
  16. my clear gold copy sounds awful. tons of pops and clicks. you can tell it’s in decent shape with no scratches or scuffs, but just sounds so cheap. I did a sound comparison between that copy and the Good Life picture disc from Belgium and the pic disc sounds infinitely better, although it has weak packaging (polybag & insert). this Federal Prisoner release will solve both issues.

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