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  1. Still waiting as well, but I think there was a pushback on the date in an email I can't find so I'm not worried.
  2. They do that in a lot of areas. Usps worked out a deal to finish the delivery service to pick up some extra cash since they are broke. However it's never delayed any of my receiving or shipping times, I'm a shipping manager by day super hero by night, it's called sure post or smart post. Something like that.
  3. And From Indian Lakes will be there. Can't miss this.
  4. Pretty sure we could start a never ending thread on Fucking Florida and how it's random weather has ruined some day we had planned out.
  5. The new single is great. Saw the hype on my twitter feed and gave them a listen for the first time. Listened to Able Bodie for about 5 hours today. Can't wait to get this.
  6. You guys always make my night better with this T-swizzle/ cat gif thread. I get sad when there aren't any updates. Btw I wanna bid on the Gum statue of Hayley. I found two quarters in the parking lot.
  7. Now excuse me for being ignorant since I don't spend a ton of time on the bidding end of ebay, I usually buy now, but how does that exactly work?