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  1. I'm two episodes into The Midnight Club now. It's better than I thought it was going to be. I don't know where they're headed with Ilonka's visions and the history of the house, but I am really liking the story telling segments.
  2. Nice, that cast does look stacked. I will probably check that out on the 13th. Also, The Midnight Club starts this Friday on Netflix. Looking forward to that as well.
  3. Guerilla Toss opened last night as well.
  4. I saw Pavement at Massey Hall in Toronto last night. First show I've been to post-pandemic and it was amazing! They sounded great and everybody seemed to be getting along well enough. It was my first time seeing them live and I loved the energy Bob brought out in the performance.
  5. Watched this last night. It was good! Gives decent context to the "moment" without being too spoilery. Best part, as always, is learning about new movies I haven't heard of. Pulse, aka Kairo (2001) and The Orphanage (2007) are on my list to look out for. Some new commentators beyond the usual Shudder crew - I liked hearing from Andy Muschietti. Also over the last few weeks I watched: The House on Sorority Row (1982). Not the exploitation flick I was expecting. I actually really enjoyed this movie and found it had an "I Know What You Did Last Summer" vibe. Really liked it and it inspired me to check out... Sorority Row (2009). Did not care for it. Maybe it's because it's from that era where protagonists were all gorgeous snarky smart asses and you rooted for them to get killed. Compared to the 1982 film where I felt bad that the characters were being picked off one by one in an atmosphere of dread, I felt zero attachment to any of these characters. Then, when it came to the reveal of the killer I was just unimpressed. Honeydew (2021). Good movie but I got hung up on how much I did not like the music. I think it could have felt like a totally different movie without the "quirky" music. Watcher (2022). This was mentioned a couple pages back and I completely agree - not terribly original but really well done. Kept me interested the whole time. Worth a watch.
  6. Speaking of new releases, have any of you guys heard about "The Third Saturday in October"? https://bloody-disgusting.com/reviews/3720933/the-third-saturday-in-october-review-the-slasher-homage-experiments-with-nostalgia/ It's a slasher movie in a "series" that skips from Part 1 to Part 5 and seems to be an homage to 80's movies. It's been making rounds through film festivals bit I haven't heard anything about it hitting streaming services yet. It's had some mixed reviews but I'm intrigued.
  7. So I ended up putting X on in the background during my work from home day today (as NSFW as the movie is - I had no idea) and just learned about Pearl this afternoon.
  8. I watched Lucio Fulci's Zombi aka Zombie 2 aka Zombie Flesh Eaters aka a few other titles. I loved it in a "where has this movie been all my life!" kinda way. I enjoy the odd zombie movie but I'm typically more of a slasher fan. This one hit the spot, for some reason. I really enjoyed the gross design of the zombies (even though they were all kinda the same), I liked the various settings and the more absurd elements of the movie (topless scuba diver watching a zombie fight a shark underwater!!). I feel like this has opened a gateway and I am looking forward to checking out more Italian zombie movies. I also watched Halloween Kills. A little late to the party on that one but I understand the negative feedback on it now. It felt like I was sitting through a series of forced flashbacks to make up for the lack of story. The movie just felt kind of tedious to me. Didn't really care for it but hopefully Halloween Ends is better. I also watched The Burning again because it's back on Shudder. I still like it. X is on Prime now. Hope to check it out sometime this week.
  9. Same video that convinced me that this was a scam attempt.
  10. Hey folks, I wanted to raise some awareness about a Discogs scam that almost got me. Earlier this week I was about to buy the Bad Religion box set from a seller on Discogs who looked legit. Almost 300 items sold, high percentage of positive feedback, and appeared to be located in the UK. Price was below average but not so amazing that it was too good to believe. Figured the guy was just looking for a quick sale. DM'd the guy with a few questions about condition and shipping and he got back to me quickly. In hindsight, I should have asked for pictures too. Anyway, I put my order through and go to pay. I get an error. I try again and again over the course of an hour then I get a message from the seller saying "hey, is something wrong with the order?". I told him I was having issues with the Discogs payment at checkout and he gives me an email address to send payment direct via PayPal. Not proud of myself but I almost did it. I actually tried to send the payment through but thank fuck it was flagged by PayPal security as a high dollar value international transfer and didn't go through. I go into PayPal's support chat to figure out what's up. Meanwhile I keep getting messages from the Discogs guy asking where the payment is. PayPal confirmed that they flagged the transfer and asked me to confirm I wanted to send the money. At the time I said yes and they said I was now clear to send at my discretion. This is when it dawned on me that there was no option to send the money Goods and Services - only Friends and Family. Red flag goes up and I messaged the Discogs dude that I am not going to send almost $900 CAD as Friends and Family - we need to figure something else out. I wake up the next morning and my order is cancelled. Discogs guy is no longer responding to my messages. At first I'm bummed that I missed a good deal and I'm mad that the Discogs checkout screwed me over. Then I think about it a little more and start Googling the same type of scenario. I'm pretty sure it's this scam: https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/951380?page=1&message_id=9630935 People's accounts are being hacked, items are posted for sale, their payment settings deliberately disabled, and then the scammer messages for a Friends and Family PayPal transfer. The other reason I think this is what happened to me is because PayPal customer support told me the guy's name tied to the PayPal account. I googled it afterwards and it's a Ukrainian name. So now I think I dodged an expensive bullet but wanted to share my near miss with others. Be smart about paying for stuff and maybe change your Discogs password. Stay safe out there.
  11. Mine arrived in Toronto today. Top notch packing from End of An Ear. Basically a mailer inside another mailer. Looking forward to playing this tonight.
  12. I got a shipping notification from End of An Ear today. Looks like these are getting sent out a little early.
  13. I got a new job a few months ago which has given me way, way better work-life balance, which means more time for horror movies 🙂 Some of the movies I've watched lately... The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1976). I really liked this movie. Considering I usually like my slashers with a healthy dose of gore and sleaze, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this one. Really great atmosphere here and for some reason the narration stuck a chord with me too. Allegedly based on a true story, this one is about a mystery killer terrorizing a town at night (hence the title). Hoping to catch the 2014 remake if/when it comes to Canadian Shudder. Fatal Exam (1990). I actually watched this twice because I didn't want to be unfair to it but I feel like I deserve a medal for spending 4+ hours of my life with this movie. I once thought "Don't Panic" was the worst horror movie I've ever seen but this might just be the worst movie I've ever seen - period. It's a haunted house/possession movie but it's so amateurish, badly written, badly acted, and badly recorded (yes, even the sound is noticeably bad) that it crosses from "so bad it's good" to just really, really bad. It isn't scary and it's far too long. Scare Package (2020). I can see how people would like this movie but it was a little too self-aware and meta for me. It's a horror comedy anthology that pokes fun at horror tropes. Joe Bob Briggs has a cameo, which I enjoyed, but overall it winks at the audience a little too much for my taste. A Bay of Blood (1971). A slasher with sleaze and gore - my favourite! Really dug this one. Had never really heard of it before but it was part of my journey through slasher history. Some good kills in this movie and now I see the "inspiration" for some of the F13 kills. Glad I stumbled across this movie.

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