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  1. I need a repress or a miraculous restock of Batman the Animated Series Vol 1.
  2. This is/was awesome and I'm sad I missed the bundle. "Sometimes I Cry" was my soundtrack to grade 11. Gonna have to track down a copy.
  3. Nice! Encore is great. Bought from them many times. I also ordered this record from them earlier today and they've already shipped it.
  4. Red copy up here from a Canadian store: https://encorerecords.ca/products/radiohead-kid-a-mnesia-3lp?_pos=15&_sid=736f6f71a&_ss=r
  5. I want to get in on some page 100 action too Unfortunately my October viewing wasn't quite what I would ideally hope for. Lately I watched the first three Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Really liked them all, actually. Not a huge fan of some of the sillier stuff (hello budgie attack in Part 2) but the I love the surreal dream/nightmare horror aspects. Otherwise I've just had AMC FearFest on in the background during my workday and caught the standard staples like Halloween (1978), The Omen (1976 and 2006) and bits and pieces of some of the Final Destination movies. I also watched Cujo and most of Christine this morning. I also realized this is the first year in a while that I didn't watch Trick'r Treat. I will have to get on that
  6. That sounds like a tough situation. I don't want to get all up in your business with suggestions but I feel for you. That's a hard spot to be in, for sure. Hopefully you've got resources and support if you need someone to talk to or some help. Hell, you could even chat with me if you want. Not trying to overstep, just thought I'd offer. Maintaining good mental health is really important.
  7. Thanks man. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and respond. I truly do. Maybe it's me but it feels like a lot of kindness and empathy is missing from the world right now so it's great to have a little support space here. Sorry to hear you're going through some stuff too. It sounds difficult and stressful as well. I can only imagine what it's like living with family right now after 18 months of built-up covid tension. I hope you're getting support too and have an outlet for some happiness. We'll get through this.
  8. I'm not totally sure if I can write it off as part of covid life but I feel like I've gone off a mental health cliff in the past few weeks. I'm struggling at work again. Badly. Stress and feeling burnt out is overwhelming. I throw up almost every weekday morning. My first thoughts when I wake up are dreading what might happen that day. I've started having anxiety attacks maybe two or three times a week. I feel like I'm in a constant state of panic and maybe have general anxiety disorder. I cry more than I'd care to admit. I broke down and made an appointment with a psychologist next week. I'm feeling desperate about the need to get away from this job but I don't feel like I can do it without something else lined up. I have kids and a mortgage and feel selfish/reckless just throwing in the towel without some kind of income. I'm in a "professional" industry and don't want to burn bridges either. I've been applying to jobs for months and had zero callbacks. I just need to get out and move on. Anyway. I know everyone's got their own struggles. Sorry for being a downer guys, I just needed to vent.
  9. I might give it a second chance. I just found that it got off to a slow start and the weirdness seemed so unexplained up until the last 20 minutes or so, and even then it's sort of left to the audience to try to make sense of it all. Eh, I can't figure out how to hide spoilers on the specific plot points that I got hung up on. It was definitely a thought provoking movie but different strokes for different folks 🙂
  10. Work has been bringing me down again lately so I haven't had too much time for movies. Very happy to be living vicariously through everyone else's lists though 😀 Last night my wife and I watched "I'm Thinking of Ending Things". I mention it because it's listed as a horror/thriller but honestly I didn't find any part of it scary, nor did I really enjoy it. Maybe I like my stories spoon-fed a little more but I just found myself either confused or bored most of the time. The acting is fantastic but I just didn't care for the story and the random weirdness (though in hindsight, maybe that's the point?). I finally got around to watching the original "Nightmare on Elm Street". I never really got into the franchise but it's all on Starz now so I'm trying to work through the series. I've seen the 2010 remake/reboot a couple times and didn't really like it. Happy to say that I did like the 1984 original. I also watched "Contagion" after seeing a segment on Eli Roth's History of Horror. Kind of anxiety inducing due to how realistically it resembles the actual pandemic outbreak, considering it was made in 2011. I think I legitimately had flashbacks to March 2020 watching this movie. Lastly I watched the 2019 remake of "Child's Play" . I actually quite liked it. I'm always down for a cautionary tale of AI run amok and I found it better than the original. Trying to make some time to watch the Chucky TV show too.
  11. Watched episode 6 of Midnight Mass last night. I found the last twenty minutes or so extremely intense, even as someone pretty well accustomed to horror. Hamish Linklater deserves an award for this series. So charismatic, intense and sinister all at once. Absolutely fantastic performance. Planning to watch the finale tonight.
  12. I'm on episode 4 of Midnight Mass. Couldn't figure out if I liked it or where it was going after the first two episodes but it really picked up at the third. Glad I stuck with it! I'm hoping to finish it off this week. Need to catch up on new Creepshow episodes too.
  13. Early reviews for Midnight Mass are saying it's great. Looking forward to the 24th! I assume all the episodes drop at the same time? Or is it going to be weekly? I also recently watched Dead and Buried. I couldn't find Joe Bob's episode with Spookies so I watched that instead..haha. Dead and Buried was decent. A bit of a strange slow-burn and it's hard to get into the plot without spoiling the movie. I guess it's a mad scientist story at its core, with some crazy twists. The beginning was pretty slow but then it goes nuts at the end.
  14. I've been in a very busy period at work lately and haven't had much time for movies, but things have lightened up in the past few days. I watched Rituals (1977). Really enjoyed this one. Good atmosphere, acting and pacing. It's a Boogeyman-stalker-in-the-woods movie that plays out kind of predictably but I liked it. I also watched Spookies. I think I need to watch it again though. Not because it was good but because I couldn't follow most of it. It was just a bunch of stuff that happened. I got more entertainment reading about how infamously bad this movie is than watching the actual movie. I think Joe Bob Briggs had this one on last season so I'd be really interested to watch it again with his commentary. Also jumping on the Fear Street bandwagon. Fun movies but 1666 was a little weak.
  15. That is really cool. I had no knowledge of Joe Bob before I got Shudder and now Last Drive-In has become one of my favourite things to watch. I see the record is up at Ship to Shore now, for anyone else interested: https://shiptoshoremedia.com/collections/featured/products/the-last-drive-in

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