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  1. Coming out Feb 28, 2020. Digital already available for streaming. Looks like the limited release from their 2018 show at Third Man will be more widely available. I noticed this pop up on some European sites before the holidays but now it's up for pre-order in North America as well. Tracks: A1. Cause=Time A2. Stay Happy A3. Superconnected B1. Gonna Get Better B2. It's All Gonna Break Direct from Third Man: https://thirdmanstore.com/tmr-live/broken-social-scene-live-at-third-man-records Amazon Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Broken-Social-Scene-Third-Records/dp/B081WHR6HL/
  2. They were selling signed copies at the Dine Alone Records store for RSD today.
  3. All done with one stop shopping at Dine Alone Records in Toronto. Lined up at 7:45 and checked out around 9:30. Picked up: Dirty Nil - Master Volume demos Pkewx3 - Optimal Lifestyles Thrush Hermit - Clayton Park Broken Social Scene - Let's Try the After Stars - Sad Robots Jeff Buckley - In Transition Looks like there was a healthy restock of store exclusives for a number of items. If any of you locals were looking for the new Alexisonfire single, there was a bunch of signed glow variants. Good luck everyone!
  4. Demos from "Master Volume" by the Dirty Nil? Yes please. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/record-store-day-2019/products/the-dirty-nil-master-volume-demos-lp I realize this is available with the deluxe LP set but I'm happy to have it as an individual release to go with the copy of Master Volume I picked up on Black Friday RSD.
  5. OH MY GOD. Finally. I am definitely picking this up. If I'm allowed to get an extra, I could get one for you
  6. Enjoy every minute of it! I took eight months off when my second son was born and it was the best. He was six months old at the time and I was home until his daycare space opened up. Develop a routine with your daughter. It will help both of you to have some structure in the day. Take her for walks in the stroller around your neighourhood, run errands with her, find group activities with other little kids. You can nap when she naps or just enjoy the time to yourself.
  7. Definitely in for the Broken Social Scene LP. Interesting that it's "Let's Try the After Vol 1 & 2". I wonder if they'll release a digital copy of Vol 2 before RSD. Also probably going to get Stars and Jeff Buckley.
  8. This thread bump inspired me to dust off some BSS and I found out they're releasing a new EP on Feb 15. https://shop.arts-crafts.ca/collections/featured-items/products/broken-social-scene-lets-try-the-after Not sure if there's a vinyl/physical release so I thought I'd let people know here instead of a new thread.
  9. Hey Justin, any idea if there's a wider release planned for the cover album that was released on 8 track?
  10. I was pleasantly surprised by the $10 international shipping option. It's usually $15-17.
  11. If you're happy with black copies, I'm sure there will be some left. Also, if you can't find something out on the shelves the staff will check the back stock room for you. I had to ask for the Ancient Shapes record but they got it for me. Good luck!
  12. Made it to the Dine Alone Records shop in Toronto. I got the store exclusive of the Attack in Black live album and the white pressing of Curve of the Earth. Also picked up the store exclusive of Master Volume by The Dirty Nil, the Massey Hall compilation album, and Silent Rave by Ancient Shapes. No luck on the limited Alexisonfire records. The people who lined up in the freezing weather at 4-5am are tougher than me.
  13. This has been out for a while now. Did anyone pick up the deluxe box set? I'm wondering if it's worth tracking down on Black Friday or if I should opt for the 4LP box.
  14. Looks like some cool stuff coming from Dine Alone Records: https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/black-friday I am definitely in for those two Attack in Black records (repress of Curve of the Earth and a live album). Hoping they don't sell out of the variants too early. I likely won't be able to get to the shop until lunchtime.
  15. In my excitement to buy this, I guess I didn't clearly read all of the shipping and import charges. I just paid $25 to ship a $22 record to Canada. Yayyyyy