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  1. Ended up ordering the new album off Armageddon label and elder off the store site. Ended up costing an extra $10 but happy to be able to secure both. Thanks guys
  2. Anyone know or help point me in the right direction whee I can pick up the starburst variant of 'lore'. i was gonna order it along w the new record when I got paid today and now all copies are sold out at Armageddon and deathwish :/
  3. Does anyone have a contact for the web store? I ordered a zine and got the charge on my CC but never a confirmation email w/tracking. I know the zines shipped out this week so any help would be appreciated!
  4. started at a quantity of 2200, last I checked it was right under 1 thousand before they changed it to allow you to add unlimited quantities....which means a thousand copies sold in under 10 minutes???? yeah, i'd pick this up ASAP if anyone was thinking of waiting.
  5. this is the repress from brass city boss sounds which initially did their release in 2013. besides that the only other label involved was MTS who did a run in 2011. legitimate release and worth picking up for anyone doesn't have it yet.
  6. Brass City Boss Sounds and Shop Shogun are proud to announce the pre-order of the greatest hardcore record of all time. Cro-Mags - Age Of Quarrel 180 Gram Vinyl Limited to 1000 copies. For two weeks only (until Tuesday, June 2nd) there will also be a pre-order for a shirt featuring the Age of Quarrel artwork with the tracklisting on the back. http://shopshogun.com/collections/cds-vinyl/products/cro-mags-age-of-quarrel-180-gram-vinyl-pre-order?variant=891216227
  7. http://bit.ly/1Ip5yfb On the deathwish site available in white and black. Wonder if there's anymore variants.... WHATS the deal hydrahead?!
  8. no way of any more popping up is there? you guys think the 'cart adding' without checking out took away from quantity?
  9. Key word here is "try to". Nothing is guaranteed, especially given that orders with multiple items go out later than single order items, leaving less variants to go around. I'm 0/2 on jurassic park and 0/2 on gravity when I ordered 2 of each at the same time, and 3/4 on single orders. but it is what it is.
  10. I would hope the $38 I just dropped on the deluxe version is more than just the rarest variant.
  11. Nah. 2 per sounds pretty reasonable to me if you're trying to score a randomly inserted variant. Especially given that even if you buy two of a record that has a randomly placed variant it is not even 100% guaranteed then that youve secure the limited color. i would know, i've bought 3 copies of gravity and all were black.
  12. all variants on hydrahead and siege are sold out. god damn that was fast!
  13. they seriously aren't limiting to 2 anymore? Ugh that irks me knowing someone has 10 copies while I missed out by a few minutes..

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