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  1. miracleandwonder

    PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    shut up and take my money!!!
  2. miracleandwonder

    [PO SOON] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

    Well look at all the people who are already talking about buying bootlegs. Kinda foolish to throw $40 away on a counterfeit pressing only to get an official release of it announced as soon as you parted with your cash on that. Ya think differently? God forbid I dare want to find a message board I can actually be a part of, being too young for Steve Hoffman (I enjoy The Beatles but I also don't think music freeze-framed and ended the second they broke up) and not liking enough cheesepop tween nonsense for ATRL/UKMix. Reminds me why I hate message boards, but yes... I have been checking on a daily freaking basis to see if any news has surfaced, and I already see a lot of people on this thread already ready to go the bootleg route even though the album has been out for a whole four days.... after albums like Lemonade (which i think it's a joke some of the pop nonsense that got a LP release but not this Beyonce album tailor-made for the demo who supports vinyl) and others, you can't take a vinyl announcement for granted.
  3. miracleandwonder

    [PO SOON] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

    still wasn't long enough lol... was already gone when I found out about it. Though even then, still don't understand why Lemonade never got a vinyl release even for a brief website-only window.
  4. miracleandwonder

    [PO SOON] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

    I think the real problem is that a lot of times if we don't see a vinyl release date set right after release, usually it ends up being forgotten and put on the backburner. Two perfect examples I can think of are Blond and Lemonade, both albums I would've snatched up on vinyl but for some reason vinyl releases never came (well, I know Blond was available for like six hours but if you missed that window, you were SOL).
  5. miracleandwonder

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Beyonce - Lemonade. Still baffled this one didn't make (legit) vinyl especially since the audience who most seemed to embrace it are ones who would buy vinyl over cd/digital
  6. Still waiting for a poor man's edition of AB on vinyl... plus the aforementioned Zooropa, Pop and ATYCLB. HTDAAB is not one of my fave U2 albums but I will get it to add to the collection, and I'm glad it's being repressed.
  7. miracleandwonder

    PO: Blur -The Magic Whip

    Yep, preordered it earlier. roughly $11 cheaper than the US with tax.
  8. I was out of town today for work and checked out a record shop there, and I picked up a copy on the new release rack.... then I noticed behind it was one marked clear, so I grabbed that instead. I can't believe how cheap this album is being sold for since it's $6-10 less than the average single lp set.
  9. miracleandwonder

    Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    sweet!!! Thanks for the replies I know it's usually a crapshoot with vinyl, like Jay-Z's album took two years to get a limited box set release, and Yeezus is still bootleg only, and those are two albums you would've predicted would be big sellers on wax
  10. miracleandwonder

    Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

    any word of a vinyl release in the pipeline? In general I haven't been a hip hop fan in 20 years but this album really surprised the hell out of me and I would love to have a copy of it on vinyl.
  11. miracleandwonder

    PO: Muse - Drones (6/9/15)

    I like Psycho except for the drill sergeant bit which is disappointing is part of the album version too.
  12. miracleandwonder

    Les Sins - Michael (Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi)

    Did not know about this... I love Chaz's work so I am curious to check it out
  13. the leadoff single is really good. Usually don't preorder so early but considering the price on Amazon and how they've been known to hike the prices up closer to release, I went ahead and got it locked in at $17.
  14. miracleandwonder

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Hopefully you can push for the Garbage albums too. I admittedly have never been that big on Panic, FOB, Blink, Good Charlotte and the sort, but I could see a Garbage colored vinyl reissue and I'd be all up on those first two albums. BTW, I hope we get more Joan Jett in the future, the Bad Reputation one is a beauty. I'd love to see Sinner get a colored repress.
  15. miracleandwonder

    PO: PRINCE Plectrum Electrum & Art Official Age

    Compared to Purple Rain or Dirty Mind yea... but really, who is expecting Prince at the top of his game in 2014? I've followed him from the highs and lows and while this isn't his greatest, it's definitely better than some of the forgettable stuff he was making circa 1996-2003. I will be picking both albums up on vinyl