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  1. Anyone receive their preorder through TC? I read an Instagram comment that seemed to imply that they’re not shipping for weeks yet.
  2. Forced to sell 1st Press Alchemy Index (w/ corrected Earth), and Red Splatter Beggars. TAI: $155 Beggars: $115 or: $225 for both
  3. amazon.ca is saying May 3rd... Has anyone got a shipping notification for Red Sky from SRC?
  4. My copy showed up today. #731. I’ve gotta say, and I’ve only gotten a chance to listen to Fire and Water, I think the OG sounds better. The highs on Fire are essentially non-existent, and the bass resonance on The Whaler is overbearing and sounds like a flagalating uterus. I am elated with the packaging and the colored variants, though.
  5. Did any of you get some sort of other confirmation from either sandbag or Thrice after you completed your order besides a paypal receipt? I didn’t, and I still haven’t received a shipping confirmation.
  6. Anyone have an extra copy of either of the splatter variants that they'd consider parting with?
  7. I'm sorry, I didn't see your post. I was on my way out the door this morning and saw their post on Facebook; thought I'd share.
  8. Enemies' latest (and last!) album, titled "Valuables" is up for pre-order now via Topshelf Records: http://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/578209-enemies-valuables 250 Black 250 Clear 500 Mr Blue Sky
  9. Can anyone verify that Thrice has still had tour variants at the last few shows (i.e. NYC, MD, The Norva, etc.)? I thought I saw someone say a page back or so that Dustin said they were gone

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