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  1. What have you got for trade? I've got a sealed red + signed "Polaroid" card from the preorder.
  2. Even more than 8:18, I absolutely hate the mix on this album. I can get into the second half of the album but a few of the A-side songs are not interesting to me. definitely missing Chris' writing and playing style. Most of the lyrics on here and Space EP have been pretty uninteresting to me personally. I appreciate that they aren't generic metalcore lyrics though . overall, I really want to love these guys like I have for so long... I'm just finding myself having to try hard to appreciate what they're doing at the moment. on the positive side, I really like the artwork .
  3. did you guys buying the cd not get the download email? there was a FLAC download too.
  4. New song dropped today and it's good. I'm really looking forward to this album. I hope she announces some US tour dates soon.
  5. Jealous of those Polica ones. United Crushers is one of my favorites of 2016 so far. Also those Bon Iver. Nice collection. I think getting stuff signed is an easy conversation starter and a cool reminder of the interaction when I pull a record out to play it later. Here's some stuff I got signed at show: This Town Needs Guns - Sumac - The Deal Low Roar - Low Roar Foxing - Albatross Emma Ruth Rundle - Some Heavy Ocean & Guitar One Chon - Newborn Sun Active Child - Curtis Lane Showbread - Cancer & Who Can Know It
  6. Not vinyl related but Mikes got a side project that dropped an EP last week. I believe there's a cassette release. http://godaloneband.com/releases
  7. Me too. That album features some of my all-time favorite cover art and having it 12"x12" would be an added bonus. Both these LPs sound really good to me. I am very satisfied with the sound quality!

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