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  1. My copy is here - anybody knows if the rest of the catalogue will be pressed soon? WANT!
  2. Relase end of January clear /1000 indie olive /??? German pink exclusive /500
  3. Wasn’t there a european distribution anytime in the past?? I want this Kiln but the shipping super steep...
  4. Still no stand-alone album version?! Two variants of the wooden piano thing but no album??
  5. Think it's mistake that it is on now - shouldn't be announced until 8/27
  6. Got mine yesterday. Very nice box. Single jackets, no polylined inners - it's a pity! Since Stefan BEthke is a vinyl mastermind - those people should insist on those sleeves! But very cool release overall, comes also with linernotes
  7. Clear with signed art print... SIgned art print