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  1. Nothing special at all - standard I'd say. Not too thin though
  2. My LAST BROADCAST is no. 8118 and LOST SOULS is no. 7248, so at least 10k a piece ... very limited Also - not a gatefold sucks, especially for 32€ a piece....
  3. Splatter version available at EU store Lush (splatter vinyl)
  4. recently: Makaya McCraven - Universal Beings (bone color excl. on bandcamp) Kikagaku Moyo - Masana Temples (green excl. on bandcamp as well)
  5. Thanks!! Awesome info - really tempting. Just wondering why nobody here is into her...
  6. Very excited for this one since her last was critically acclaimed and I love both of her albums. New song is awesome and the new video is sensational! Nice ltd. gold variant available for under 20€ Aldous Harding - Designer
  7. Hoping for a European retailer for the pear variant - really want this since I have the apple Prisoner sleeve
  8. Like this a lot better than the Daughter stuff, pumped for the blue one - I'm in!