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  1. maybe they have better rates. now paying $26 for three records. which is a lot, but still ok.
  2. Thanks man, ordered right away, shipping to Germany is 13€ which is ok... where is Room40 located - UK?
  3. VMP has a blue version /500 but members only https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/king-krule-man-alive?variant=31741150265434
  4. some various editions, most interesting: Dinked archive version on white vinyl Bella Union on green vinyl Joyful Noise on electric blue w/ flexidisc
  5. Newly (at Abbey Road) remastered first two albums of the ex-Go-Betweens singer. Incl. "Calling From A Country Phone" first time ever vinyl release! Both in gatefold incl. 7"s ... essential stuff! Calling From A Country Phone Danger From The Past
  6. Seems like this is an official release series. Also for everybody who is searching for the original cover art 😉 I am very curious if they put "NYC Cops" on the debut... JPC (Germany)
  7. they were pretty expensive here, too! 40€ at most places, was lucky to grab all 4 reissues as a bundle at 120€
  8. Mine is fine! Checked it immediatly after I read your post - cause it was sitting there sealed since buying it...I am in Europe, I don't know if we have pressing from different plants.
  9. They repress THE ROOTS' Phrenology for February AOTM on brown vinyl and pimped sleeve art. That company is insanely good!
  10. Newbury Comics exclusive /1000 https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/vinyl-pre-orders/products/phoebe_bridgers-stranger_in_the_alps_exclusive_lp?variant=31460056727657
  11. Damn, that was a nice price came out to $33 shipped to Germany - but sold out
  12. There was a Mobb Deep "The Infamous" repress on VMP last Wednesday, sold out in one night https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/mobb-deep-the-infamous