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  1. There was a Mobb Deep "The Infamous" repress on VMP last Wednesday, sold out in one night https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/mobb-deep-the-infamous
  2. First two titles officially announced: Ghostly Swim and Shigeto's "Full Circle" (which was kinda obvious) No word on colors or not. Early bird $225 (still steep...) avaiable for PO over link on Ghostly's IG
  3. Really doubt it since there are some really rare titles in the Ghostly catalogue
  4. There will be a Ghostly x Vinyl Me, Please Anthology vinyl box set! Really curious what these three OOP albums will be?! Shigeto? Aeroc? Kiln? From the press release... A vinyl box set celebrating Ghostly's 20th anniversary We're proud to announce our partnership with Vinyl Me, Please, the premier vinyl company and record of the month club. VMP Anthology: The Story of Ghostly Internationaltravels through our 20-year history of music. Featuring three albums that have never been on vinyl — including the first vinyl pressing of Ghostly Swim 1 and 2 — and three sought after albums that are out of print, this box set is packaged together but separated out into a month-long experience, and comes with a 4-episode podcast series, deluxe liner note photo prints for each album, and exclusive access to additional written content. More titles to be revealed for the limited edition 6 album, 8 LP colored vinyl box set. Early access sale begins October 28th, on sale to the public on October 29th. Limited to 500 units.
  5. Shit just got real... https://vv.lnk.to/W1ZA9p?vvsa_consumer_id=11813825&vvsa_tracking=_vvsa_lrQ3lJ8S317752
  6. Absolutely stunning album by the UK duo - eclectic, modern and a rare item as well! Available for pre-order at Rough Trade Walking Wounded
  7. So, it is really happening: one of my all-time favourite pop LPs is coming to vinyl for the first time ever! German pre-order is up, I can't find any info on some variants which would be awesome. So if anybody else cares - please hit me up when you see something! https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/prefab-sprout-andromeda-heights-remast/hnum/9437442
  8. Fat Freddy's Drop - Based On A True Story colored Maybe THE best modern reggae/dub record out of NZ!
  9. Check anost.net, they release it and have always 15% off for non EU customers. Hope that helps
  10. never would have thought these are going that quick! Awesome I snagged one!
  11. So I cancelled my black, ordered the clear directly thru them and added the remaster of Lesser Matters just to see if it better than my 2011 repress. Stoked.