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  1. Hey dudes, We (Only Thunder) have posted a brand new song on our Myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/onlythethunderrock It's called FMDO! Let us know what you think!
  2. you stoal that from the commentary on the nofx dvd when smelly talks about coke Well, I've never seen that but I will admit I STOLE it from about 100 other places.
  3. I am so stoked to see/hang with Only Thunder at the fest......Andy expect lots of drunkin fun!! Sorry dude, we don't drink anymore...we don't drink any less either, mwuahahaha!
  4. Hey dudes, make sure you check out Tin Horn Prayer! www.myspace.com/tinhornprayer That's another band of mine and, although I'll be at the Fest with Only Thunder, the rest of the band will be playing the Denver date and we are super excited to be involved with this tour in any way, shape or form!
  5. var ads = new Array("300x250-1.png","300x250-2.png","300x250-3.png"); var num = Math.floor(Math.random()*ads.length); if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) { if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) document.write('+':96lva9ji]'); else document.write('+':96lva9ji]'); } else { document.write(''); }
  6. I generally think it's much more offensive to refer to something as "retarded" than it is to work with a band as talented and unique as Kay Kay.
  7. that should helpa bit. numerous people have said the post office can play basketball with your package if if doesn't have fragile written or stamped on it. apparently they're not responsible for packages that get damaged on their end unless it says fragile or do not bend on it. I like basketball!!!
  8. I think it's incredibly classless of you to make assumptions like this about our company when you clearly have no idea about the hard work each of us put in every week. We are a company of six people that care passionately about music, the vinyl we put out and the customers that support us. We could all make a lot more money at other companies, but we chose to work here because we feel independent companies like this are important. We do everything we can to make our customers happy. Do we make mistakes? Fuck yeah we do! Every time one is brought to our attention we work hard to ensure it is fixed and never happens again. Everyday I walk in to at least 60 emails and sometimes its hard to get to every single one in a day, but I still try to get to them promptly to make everyone happy. It really shows piss poor character on your part to post something like this on a public forum rather than email one of us directly. We don't like to be told we're doing a bad job, no one does. Is that 7" really that important to you that you're willing to directly insult six people you've never met? Had you been nice about it, we probably would've mailed you a replacement 7" free of charge. Instead, you chose to do this. I hope this attitude gets you very far in life my friend. In the meantime I would way rather devote my time to customers who are understanding and supportive despite how many pieces of paper we forget to mail them.
  9. Thanks for all the kinds words dudes! I will no longer be rubbing my nipples on your orders before I send them!
  10. Ah, I totally did and forgot to write you back! I am a bad friend!
  11. Hey loyal customers! I just posted every song from a solo record I just recorded on myspace! You can listen to the songs here www.myspace.com/andyfthomas Be my friend! Let me know what you think!
  12. Please be patient with us guys. We are losing our minds here but will get to everyone's emails as soon as we can.