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  1. Got Deadwing yesterday, and listening to it now. It sounds amazing other than some popping, I think i need to give it a good cleaning. These recent remasters have been great though. Can anyone tell me about the quality of The Incident pressings? It's one of the few I want, but haven't bought yet. Has there been talk of a remaster of that at all? I know the original is still easy to find, but a remaster might be nice.
  2. God damn it, but I can't say that I didn't feel like this was coming. Gonna try to make it out to the Chicago date.
  3. Wow, I completely missed out on the clear w/ green splatter. A little sad now... Gonna have to keep a close eye on this for when it inevitably pops back up as in stock closer to the release date.
  4. Here's a video of the stage production edit: I should probably say that this is a spoiler for how the majority of the album is going to sound. This album is gonna be a lot more psychadelic, and less just indie-pop than B-Room. I'm looking forward to it, but then again, I really enjoy the original unreleased version.
  5. Oh I'm gonna need to pick this up sometime before it sells out. Also seconding the notion for Out Of The Fierce Parade, that one needs more love.
  6. Mr. Buttery seems to have the occassional show where his chops are off point. Last time I saw them he was absolutely tearing it up on the drums though.
  7. Damn dude. If you're serious, I'll try to carry on your legacy if you're willing to sell me the green and light blue first presses of Formlessness. Those are the ones I'm missing.
  8. I had no idea this was a thing until just now. Oh god the Toe test presses.
  9. Damn, but not very surprising. Jacket sounds like it's gonna turn out great, but kind of disappointed in about the color in color. The yellow in black sounded much cooler. They're also gonna send out a test press with a random order from each webstore.
  10. Don't know how to embed, but here's a video with both the A-Side and B-Side https://youtu.be/OicjkbjVHQ0
  11. I asked Derrick for one of the Between Bodies promo tapes for my collection. He said he would send one to me but then he never did lol, guess that's life. Anyways, here's what the cassette looks like. Gimme a bit and I might make a shitty recording of the B-side. Unless TWIABP wouldn't want that, but they usually don't give a fuck about these things.
  12. Got the cassette, clear pink, and violet mix copies today. They also threw in a Trashlord cassette. I love BWM so much.
  13. I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring, if anyone going to the record release show is able to get extra copies I'd appreciate one. I'd like to keep my 12" collection complete.
  14. First half of the album is good, but the second half is amazing. Can't wait for November to roll around for the Chicago show.
  15. I really like this song, it's a nice change of pace compared to pretty much anything else they've put out.

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