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    Novice Vinyl Enthusiast. Texas born and raised. Avid watch and knife collector. Fond of things that go bang. Explorer. 2nd Amendment supporter.

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  1. ^Good luck https://deadformat.net/topic/50073
  2. Ordered from POPmarket. First disc with the main songs was warped - other two were fine. Packaging was impressive. No major playback issues just some noise overall. If anyone has heard back from POPmarket customer service regarding these defects please share
  3. If it's your first time at Popmarket, be sure to check your sign-up email for another 10% off your first purchase. Frozen ends up being $53.99 + free shipping in some areas
  4. I was able to place one in Cart just now. Check again?
  5. No you do not - those were only necessary for the debut III, not the carbon
  6. wait so then what have you been using to listen to your records before the debut? haven't you been a member here for awhile just going by your previous posts... anyways...your cartridge or turntable COULD be defective which in that case - bummer - contact warranty or just return. The Ortofon Red 2M is certainly not a "junk cartridge" and it doesn't sound like you did any research on this before you decided to pick up the TT. The debut carbon is highly reviewed and generally recommended to buyers in its price range. I dont know what else to tell you, if it sounds like “junk” and you think the “quality is shit” then you should return it and try something else. no one else here needs to try and convince you of otherwise.
  7. What turntable are you upgrading from that your comparing the sound to? obviously youve been on here for awhile and have purchased other records so you should know theres a sound difference between vinyl and mp3 playback.
  8. As the title states, I need these two Anberlin releases! I know what they are worth and am willing to pay close to ebay prices. Shoot me a fair offer and maybe we can work something out! Edit: Also looking for Lights - Siberia (red) - FOUND, THANKS VC!
  9. Great seller and super fast shipping - appreciate the extra 7"s mate! Good luck with the rest of your sale~
  10. If you're thinking about spending 299 for the plus then just go with the pro-ject debut iii or spend a bit more for the debut carbon.$179 is a great buy for a stylish decent manual tt. For 299 you're better off going with a tried and true brand.

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