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  1. I just saw them this past Tuesday and the merch table has the black version. Probably the only way to get this album right now.
  2. Went to see them last night on this Rancid/Dropkick tour. To my surprise they had Dead Tracks at the merch table for $40.
  3. https://store.qotsa.com/collections/villains/products/silent-night-red-7-digital-download Posted on Facebook they had an inventory issue. About 90 available.
  4. So I don’t buy many soundtracks but want this Beetlejuice. I see them in stores so do I need to snag this tomorrow or is that only if I want the color variant?
  5. Thanks! I’ll be going Sunday and if you can snag a pic of the merch table will help me know my game plan haha.
  6. So they have a tour exclusive for this like TOT? Anyone going tonight who can grab a pic of the merch table in general?
  7. Just got this Email from Kings Road: We're sorry to inform you that the first and second Bronx LPs are arriving a little late. They just shipped to us from the distributor and we will ship your orders out for those as soon as they arrive. The good news is that the third LP from The Bronx has arrived and is shipping out now for orders that only ordered that LP. Thank you again for your patience, understanding and support in 2017. Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have. Cheers, Kings Road Merch [email protected]
  8. Really blows someone did that. I appreciate you coming to us with it @hyperg1ant Sorry someone blew it and really hope no one you know is effected by this. I think it's a great collection of solid songs. Doesn't have as many standout single type songs as their albums usually do IMO. Feet and Wyutd. Not that it's a bad thing just an observation. Love Head Like A Haunted House. Considering how popular they have become after LC, I'm interested to see how this one is received.
  9. I met Manson a week ago and my main question I asked him was about pressing EMDM, HEOL, and represses. He replied with they are doing and ACSS box set on Halloween with red, black, white 7", DVD, etc. No info on the other albums as I didn't push. He's notorious for making claims, but man I hope he follows through on that at least.
  10. So what do they have merch wise this part of tour? Anything different from what they had on the culture abuse dates?
  11. So i'm gonna try and go to my HT tonight. Is this still going - $10 yes? EDIT: NVM...looks like they took all records down besides a few.

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