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  1. I have a third party app on my phone that scrobbles everything from my google play, and I use spotify occasionally, so it scrobbles that as well.
  2. "I don't want to start a fight, but here are some fighting words" What a dick.
  3. Agree. Total blast. Emotional, action packed, both hilarious and sad. Fuck man. Solid.
  4. Not like anyone has probably heard it, but I love this album and would love it on vinylz.
  5. Same. Love the band, but not feeling a $50 package right now.
  6. Gates *JUST* teased some new material is coming.
  7. You can't just say a thread has Stickiness, and then it stickies itself! WTF?
  8. 100%. I love the comic series, and they did a great job of adapting it into something more grounded, but still ridiculous and fun at the same time. The cast is great.