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  1. Gates *JUST* teased some new material is coming.
  2. You can't just say a thread has Stickiness, and then it stickies itself! WTF?
  3. 100%. I love the comic series, and they did a great job of adapting it into something more grounded, but still ridiculous and fun at the same time. The cast is great.
  4. Damn, already? Hell yeah, love when a band continues to drop music on a consistent basis.
  5. Was able to grab WTRWTH when it went up. Already have the original presses of the others, so I skipped them.
  6. Can we just get Broken Bride on vinyl and call it a day?
  7. I'm not happy about this, though I really hope this leads to Daughters of the Dragon and Heroes for Hire series happening in some way.