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  1. Also, all the current Amory Wars series can be purchased on Comixology.
  2. The order and what's out there: Year of the Black Rainbow novel. Still available through ebook sites. Second Stage Turbine Blade and In Keeping Secrets Utlimate Editions... SSTB covers the 10 issues of the series, and the two Bag.Online. comics that we're intended to be the original series, but never published anything past the 2 issues. And the In Keeping Secrets has all 12 issues of that series, co written by Peter David. And currently, Good Apollo, directly following In Keeping, has 11 issues published, and issues 12 comes out at the end of the month. Evil Ink Comics site has a link to get all the issues, but there are also 2 trades avaibale, vol 1 covers 1-4 and vol 2 covers 5-8. The last trade will follow, and likely another Ultimate edition that houses the whole series. *Whew, that was a lot*
  3. It was rushed, and ran over budget. They started retelling the Good Apollo story, and issue 12 hits this month and it's been pretty damn good.
  4. THE_James_Champ

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I did the same. It's a very solid album.
  5. Don't jump right in either. Relisten to A-I first, it's worth it.
  6. But that's assuming that the band itself is actually listening to the album.... They do have management, and they seem mighty busy on tour, haha.
  7. This went up for pre-order about a month ago, and today it's out. The first instrumental full length from Night Verses. Doug (The Sleeping) is no longer with the band, and they have decided (much like Tides of Man) to not replace but evolve. Album is killer, 13 tracks of pure hard instrumental magic. Track List Copper Wasp Trading Shadows Vice Wave Vantablonde Lira No Moon Glitch In The You I Thought I Knew No.0 Balboa Earthless Harmonic Sleep Engine Phoenix IV: Levitation Infinity Beach You can order the 2xLP from Merchnow, they have a few bundles. I ordered this when it went up, and it has shipped on time. http://merchnow.com/catalogs/night-verses
  8. THE_James_Champ

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    Tilian left them high and dry because he sucks and now he's the singer of a band that sucks.
  9. THE_James_Champ

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    Instrumental. They are not going back to being a band with a vocalist at this point.
  10. Tomorrow! I would expect standard pre-orders like those sites were reporting. Hoping for standard vinylz.
  11. THE_James_Champ

    [PO NOW] DREDG - Catch Without Arms

    Sasan says I'm a prick, so fuck it.
  12. THE_James_Champ

    [PO NOW] DREDG - Catch Without Arms

    You know, I have a story about buying something from Drew. Though i'm not really sure I should tell it. Overall, he was kind of a prick.