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  1. After receiving it yesterday, I'm pissed at myself for spending the $35 as well. I missed the Old Nick one when it dropped, and I've been after one for years. These aren't anything like the original, except for being a lathe and jacket. The OG's were all hand dipped with the red and the newer one is printed. The jacket is kinda pixelated as well, no numbering, and well my record is covered in a nasty powdery film. I have never said one bad thing about ITC, but that has changed.
  2. is it an actual job this time? or just stolen pics and vids of a random landscaping crew that later found out and called you out on your awful behavior? Asking for a friend.
  3. Don't you DARE speak ill of Molly Ringwald.
  4. Woah. Magoo, you've done it again....
  5. Really digging this: https://graveyardclub.bandcamp.com/
  6. Narco Debut - Strange and Ever-Changing Depths Thank You Scientist - Terraformer Snooze - Familiaris Falseta - Radiance Moonweather - Overgrown O.R.k. - Ramagehead Holy Fawn - Death Spells (I can count this, because Triple Crown rereleased it this year, when they signed) Owel - Paris
  7. Album is wonderful. Saw them live a few weeks ago with Kindo and In The Presence of Wolves. I was concerned that the flair was gone with so many line-up changes, but after the live show and this album, i'm not anymore. They've still got it.
  8. I'm not being mean, I'm just letting you know. We're cool for sure, as long as things don't escalate like they did previously. And I do appreciate you spreading the word about the podcast, even if we do suck.
  9. we're not friends. that part should be clarified. You message me, and I typically ignore it.
  10. Nah, I rarely post anymore, besides, I was just chapping some asses. I am an asshole though. I do enjoy all their albums, but that's the power of opinions. Plus, 1/4 host of a podcast about the band, so there's that too.
  11. See, I was just making a joke. But your opinion means so very little to me in the long run, soooooo
  12. What the hell is with these prices? Jeez. Got excited and then less excited and then absolutely no excitement at all.
  13. I have a third party app on my phone that scrobbles everything from my google play, and I use spotify occasionally, so it scrobbles that as well.
  14. "I don't want to start a fight, but here are some fighting words" What a dick.
  15. Agree. Total blast. Emotional, action packed, both hilarious and sad. Fuck man. Solid.
  16. Not like anyone has probably heard it, but I love this album and would love it on vinylz.