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  1. Got this today. The record has a nice milky see through thing going which is way cooler than an opaque silver. Hopefully I’ll find some time to listen later.
  2. Got back into it during home office and had the exact same issue today. I entered the same code about a dozen times to no avail and poof it worked. Hope it’s working out for you, there’s a new Zen-inspired event starting today.
  3. Solid first single, wish they would’ve kept it clean all the way. Getting serious Sagarmatha-era Appleseed Cast vibes during the quieter middle part. The intricate drums, playful bass line and shimmering guitar arpeggios hit all the right spots for me.
  4. Yeah OCHL was awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised (and also wouldn’t mind) if they strayed away from their BM leanings even further. The least impressive part of the last record were Clarke’s vocals and I can see them seriously holding back the band from exploring new territories. I’d love to be wrong though.
  5. Thanks! Do you think they’re all equally good? Or just okay? I bought the new deluxe and think it’s fantastic. Only have the 2007 Plain to compare though and the new master is an easy winner, of course.
  6. Sure, the prices are way out there. BUT: I have the MOV and the box and oh boy the remaster shits all over the oversized CD MOV put out.
  7. @Derek Should we go ahead an calm this place down once more?
  8. Yup. I vividly remember passing on it for 35€. I also no longer trust myself in any half-important issues since I passed on it when it was on clearance for 15€ two years later, though.
  9. If anyone with warped discs or other defects is considering reaching out to CH customer service, I highly recommend doing so. Just had a perfect correspondence asking for a replacement of Ampu LP1 and it’s all being taken care after one mail. They took my adress from my original order and ship it out on monday. Perfect.
  10. Wow, I thought the box set was pricey as hell, but with the individual releases stacking up to pretty much the same I’m almost willing to call it a cheapo haha.. Also laughing about the CEO of Clouds Hill stating that people won’t have to worry about scalpers on eBay anymore. Wouldn’t have thought he’ll be trying to preemptively outscalp them all.
  11. The new remastering really pops the whole thing open, for sure. I did a quick A-B with the digital version and it’s all just glued together without any cohesiveness. This heavily compressed mastering doesn’t do the record any favor, I think. Those sweet analogue synths with the overall calmer, but trippy atmosphere and the drums just relentlessly going insane.. without a broad soundstage and lots of space it just doesn’t add up, I think. And the remaster is spacey and dynamic all the way. If you should ever feel inclined to give that album another go, I’d give it a few weeks for hig
  12. Gotcha, there’s no denying that De-Loused and Frances are the most popular and it’s easy to see why, also as a fan of the entire discography. What’s interesting to me is that my level of enjoyment of these albums has changed quite significantly during the last ten years, in which I barely listened to any of them at all. Having revisited them all during the last couple weeks has opened the later entries up drastically for me. I also used to hate the meandering and more out there-parts of Frances back then and thoroughly enjoy the entirety of it today. I guess that’s just me growing as a music
  13. I respectfully disagree. Consistency is actually the main feat of this band IMO. I love De-Loused and Frances as much as the next guy, but apart from Octahedron, which I adore but is a bit tame, I would rate them all pretty much the same. Amputechture and Bedlam are my go-to albums most of the time.
  14. Sure thing, that’s what I was addressing. It’s one thing to air a little grievances about it, wish for a statement and move on, but some people go ahead and feel entitled to demand a repress of 90k records because of a weight difference. It’s delusional.
  15. Mine was charged right away and shipped the day after payment.
  16. Thank you for posting! Just got my copy of Patience from Boomkat yesterday, ordered this one immediately. Finally a repress I didn’t miss.
  17. Just arrived! It’s pretty stunning in person.. Also very well and professionally packaged, there’s not a single dent anywhere.
  18. Mine shipped today and is supposed to be here tomorrow. I live 50 miles from the studio though.
  19. There’s a bunch of record stores with online shops that took preorders for the deluxe editions and they’re all sold out, so I reckon chances for just bumping into a copy are rather slim, unfortunately.
  20. 200 more tapes of the new Parannoul will be put up for preorder this Friday via bandcamp.
  21. If Domino is planning to keep these records in print a quality digital cut is actually the most logical, feasible way to go. Talking about AAA is a niche within a niche and it’s probable many fans of the music don’t really care, but are willing to drop a cool 20 bucks on a revered album they love. It’s way easier to produce and repress and also a lot more cost efficient. I also go nuts about the AAA stuff and am one happy camper that I got an early order for the deluxe via their UK store in, but absolutely see why a digitally-cut run for the retail market makes sense.
  22. One is an all analogue cut and the other a highres digital cut. Depending on the system there might be a huge difference in sonics. I’m absolutely sure both will sound very good.

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