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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 
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    Talking shit is why the internet exists. It's good.
        He ran Suburban Home Records, a low-to-mid-tier punk label. Circa 2006 he founded Vinyl Collective, which consisted of:
    A Proboards forum, which through an arcane series of events eventually became this website here A vinyl-only distro – pretty novel at the time as the vinyl revival was just starting to take off. At that point the main punk/hardcore options were basically No Idea and Interpunk and some smaller players, and they had their pluses and minuses but mostly they just carried punk records. Virgil carried all that, plus like, rap reissues and other random stuff, and he'd try to get stuff people asked for, so he was like a one-stop shop. and finally, a vinyl-only label – again, very novel at the time. He pressed vinyl for labels that didn't want to deal with it, including a ton of stuff from Ferret & Red Scare, and big bands like Minus the Bear, Norma Jean, & Portugal the Man. People loved this guy, and the stuff he licensed sold big for the most part. He used his newfound clout to continually expand his operation, growing his distro and putting out a ton of music via Suburban Home. A lot of it was like alt-country/raspy-punk-guy-goes-acoustic type stuff, and I can't imagine any of it holds up at all (I do like the LaGrecia album he put out and I wanna say Stereotyperider was good?) Every release came out on multiple colors, there were limited preorder packages with bottle openers and posters and shit, all the collector gimmicks you can imagine. He started a (frankly pretty great) split 7" series called Under the Influence where bands covered artists who influenced them, and somehow roped in like every artist that was big on Punknews in 2008 to contribute. Some of those singles came out on 3 colors. 
    In retrospect, the first warning sign that he was stretching himself too thin was probably the Cooperative. He hatched this scheme to get 200 people to chip in 60 bucks as an investment, and that money would be used to license, manufacture, and distribute an album that didn't exist on vinyl. Everyone in the Co-op got a copy of the rare color of the record, and the money from selling the remainder of the pressing would go towards the next release. In theory, a never-ending stream of records for 60 bucks! People were gaga over this idea. Shares in the VC Co-Op sold out in minutes. At least one person had a full-blown meltdown on the message board over the fact that they had missed out on buying a share. Personally I had set an alarm but overslept and missed it by minutes. I was so pissed!
    There was all sorts of stuff around the voting process and making teams and narrowing down the list that I was not there for, but in the end, the first Co-Op release was The Falcon – God Don't Make No Trash, on a 10". As I recall, it did okay. There were some concerned murmurs as Virgil revealed that the record had cost slightly more than anticipated as 10"s cost more to manufacture, but they were reassured that it wouldn't affect the master plan and everything would be fine. The next release was The Jealous Sound – Kill Them with Kindness, on a double LP. A double LP, surprisingly, also cost more than anticipated, and sales were soft. Next up was A Wilhelm Scream – Mute Print, and a sort of complete discography for Gaslight Anthem side project This Charming Man, both relatively straightforward single LP releases. It should be noted that this all took fffooorrreeevvveeerrr. According to Discogs, the first (and only) 4 releases came out in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. In between each release, 200 people are milling about the message board waiting impatiently for any kind of update on what should theoretically not take 3 years.
    While this is happening, Virgil's operation is continuing to expand. He's hiring people and moving into bigger spaces, Suburban Home is putting out tons of music, and at some point there are too many plates spinning and things start taking a turn. He sells "VC for Life" memberships where for $1000 you get everything they release, forever. He takes preorders for Volume 2 of Under The Influence, with promised artists including The Gaslight Anthem and Minus the Bear, which never materializes. For most of VC's run, all his releases were pressed through Pirates Press as they were the only place that was doing all the splatters, hazes & splits that he utilized extensively, but at a certain point he switches to a domestic plant. Later the word from the rumor mill is that he was so in debt with Pirates Press that they wouldn't take new orders from him. Virgil starts blowing out inventory under the guise of clearing out space, doing big bundles of LPs and 7"s for dirt cheap.  Labels who were distro-ing with VC start posting threads on the message boards that they've not been getting paid for months. Some of them get deleted, including a legendary one where Tre from Deathwish tells Virgil to answer his email and give him his money, in so many words. People start asking to sell back their shares in the co-op as it becomes clear that it's a sinking ship.
    While this is all happening, Virgil announces a mother freakin' craft beer tour.
    In early 2011, the bottom finally falls out and Virgil shutters Vinyl Collective, leaving tons of labels, bands and customers in the lurch. He liquidates everything through eBay and his own store, and disappears for a good while, although according to Discogs, Suburban Home put out a handful of releases between 2011 and 2015. The most valuable asset at that point was the message board, and he sold it(?!?) to ShopRadioCast and Academy Fight Song Records, another label that flamed out spectacularly pretty soon after. And now here we are! Virgil basically lost everything, but he pops up again every few years with an interview in some Colorado alt-weekly about his new business doing promotion for craft distilleries or whatever. He's an ideas guy!
    It's wild to think that there are people who are regulars here who have no idea about Virgil or Suburban Home. Personally, it was one of the first online communities I was a part of, and although I don't post as regularly anymore, it is comforting to have at least one familiar place that hasn't been swallowed whole by Facebook or Reddit. Long live VC!

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    Eliminator Jr. got a reaction from al-naafiysh in Unwound Discography Repress   
    Not the only negative for me. I hated the fact that they didn't use any original artwork on the record sleeves. I recently got rid of the sets and bought originals since the prices have come down a bit. Still, well done and nice comprehensive sets, I'm just a purist when it comes to record sleeves ha.
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to Shlebs in Daughters- S/T Repress in Semptember   
    I was bummed when I saw your insta comment yesterday, glad you kept trying and got a copy though!
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to Derek™ in PO SOON: Touché Amoré-Lament   
    Made this for you to keep on standby.

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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to Derek™ in PO Soon: Andrew Wk - I Get Wet / Wolf - July 19th   
    I imagine it went down something like this.
    ETR: Hey Andy can we press Get Wet and overcharge for gimmicky vinyl variants sourced from CD?
    AWK: I’d prefer you didn’t.
    ETR: Well, too bad.  We do what we like and we like what we do.
    AWK: Fair enough.
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to batman in If you got the new Rodrigo y Gabriela open it immediately...   
    Idk, looks white and gold to me.
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to mcpherson123 in Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue   
    Relax. Just because it isn't fundamental to life, doesn't mean I can't critique the business practices surrounding the sale of it. I know its not medication (nor a credit card balance) and I never implied that it was in any way similar. In fact I completely rejected the comparison of record pricing to any other type of entertainment product but especially something as fundamentally necessary as fuel for your means of transportation. I merely pointed out that it is a lot by today's standards with direct comparisons to a nearly identical product of the exact same format and if people keep buying up the specialized versions of products at ridiculous prices they will encourage those who produce or sell said products to keep inflating the prices even on the regular non-specialized basic editions. I think that is a valid concern.
    This is a vinyl message board. I'm limiting my critique to vinyl prices. I'm also not advocating that anyone buy more than one copy of any record. I guess you could say that I'm attempting to be persuasive against anyone buying Newbury Comics exclusives because their prices, in my contention, are an insult. I don't think that's a serious transgression. And still, I'm not even aggressively dictating to anyone that they must not buy those editions. I'm simply providing a voice of dissent for my own venting and for anyone who wishes to engage in the conversation. My concern is that it would be nice if engaging in the practice of consuming products like vinyl records could remain somewhat affordable to me. And of course I'm using my own measure of affordability to make that case admittedly. If the cost of production actually justifies such a spike in the retail price of the product then maybe that just means that I get priced out of participating in the consumerism of a product that is important to me and that is something that obviously concerns me. I hope that its clear that I enjoy accumulating and listening to vinyl records. Here I am on a discussion forum dedicated to records talking about that and all the aforementioned issues surrounding it. Also, if this topic and my position on it aggravates you that much, you luckily have the liberty of ignoring it. If you want to debate it, I'm clearly happy to.
    PS Fuck golf still.
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to mcpherson123 in Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue   
    Nothing is being over-thought. Newbury is a straight up player who licenses popular record titles to have exclusive color variants made only to be sold at nearly double the cost of most other in print editions because their edition is "limited" and "exclusive" and the suckers lap it up. People are free to be taken in by it but when you consider that music purchasers generally aim to have a larger quantity of records at their disposal than rounds of golf, tanks of gas or IMAX movie experiences it stands to reason that if a product can be and is sold at a reasonable price, then selling the same essential product with an extra baked in level of exclusivity or scarcity just to pander to a certain gullible demographic is particularly reprehensible and also thereby your analogy does not land. Not the end of the world. Just a greedy and ugly way to take advantage of those affected by a very particular type of product hype. You vote with your wallet. Keep buying overpriced shit and the shit you want will keep going up in price. I'm one of those crazies who would rather their physical music format be further to the affordable side.
    Plus, I'm not exactly sitting on a mountain of money  and would like each of my dollars to go as far as they can. I would also never play golf. Ever.
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to kill_taker in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    One of (if not the) most important bands of the last 20 years - fugazi.
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to instrumentality in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    Just picked up a few more Koz records so I figured I’d take a group shot. It’s a pretty minuscule collection compared to some other Koz collections I’ve seen here, but I pretty much have everything I want, other than April. The black/white marbled /300 April is a white whale of mine, I just don’t have $200 to drop on it.
    Red House Painters - Rollercoaster (second press, 2015, black)
    Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar (second press, 2015, black)
    Red House Painters - Old Ramon (second press, 2015, smokey clear)
    Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts Of The Great Highway (second press, 2018, black)
    Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises (first press, 2010, marbled grey /150)
    Sun Kil Moon - Benji (second press, 2014, clear /1,900)
    Mark Kozelek - Lost Verses - Live (first press, 2009, white /500)
    Mark Kozelek - Live At Union Chapel & Sodra Teatern (first press, 2011, red/green /500)

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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to Stress On The Sky in Ultra Vinyl Releases   
    all those bells and whistles don't stop it from being a Jack White record though sadly.
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    I'm active over there, too! Vinyl only, my life is too boring to be archived:
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    Eliminator Jr. got a reaction from burninworldrecs in PO Soon: The Angelic Process - We All Die Laughing Boxset   
    Box set + CD just arrived at work! 
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    Mr. Meowgi and Flakka doin' what they do.

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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to [Banned User] in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    Moving this to the new page. Spent too long posting this to get lost on the last page haha. 
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to [Banned User] in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    Blink-182 - Buddha

    -First press black w/ mailorder
    -Picture disk -Black repress -Bugglegum Pink -Orange Cream -Split Green/Blue -Sealed Hot Topic Splatter -Split Red/Yellow -Interpunk Splatter -Newbury Blue   Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat

    -First press red eyes
    -Hot Topic second press blue green in yellow haze
    -Hot Topic third press blue yellow split
    -Hot Topic fourth press splatter
    -SRC fifth press blue
    Blink-182 - Dude Ranch

    blink-182 - Dude Ranch collection First press Grilled Cheese MTS first press black MTS first press split brown yellow MTS first press yellow MTS first press brown MTS first press misprint split brown yellow /147 with tag Hot Topic first press orange  MTS second press green MTS second press red MTS second press coke clear MTS second press blue marble Hot Topic second press splatter sealed SRC deluxe edition numbered  SRC red SRC green FYE exclusive    Blink-182 - Enema of the State

    blink-182 - Enema of the State collection -MTS first press gold foil -MTS first press red -MTS first press clear -MTS first press blue -Hot Topic first press white -MTS red/white split -MTS blue/white split -MTS solid white -MTS clear green -MTS clear orange -MTS green/orange split -MTS latex blue /182 -MTS nude peach /182 -MTS opaque baby blue -MTS purple -MTS red/black misprint /25 -MTS coke clear -Hot Topic splatter (edited and non edited) -SRC black deluxe -SRC blue -SRC clear   
    Bllink-182 - The Mark Tom and Travis Show

    blink-182 - The Mark Tom and Travis Show collection -Hot Topic first press green and blue -Hot Topic second press purple and pink  -Hot Topic third press splatter -SRC deluxe black numbered  
    Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

    blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket collection First press EU Universal w/ hype strip sealed Hot Topic first press tri-color split  Hot Topic second press black Hot Topic third press splatter sealed SRC fourth press 180g w/ Mark Hoppus foreword and colored 7"s SRC 180g clear subscription series /182 w/ colored 7"s SRC Red w/ black 7"s SRC Yellow w/ black 7"s SRC Green w/ black 7"s SRC White w/ black 7"s SRC Pink w/ black 7"s SRC yellow FYE exclusive SRC red   Blink-182 - Untitled

    blink-182 - Untitled collection -MTS first press black 180g signed by Mark and Travis -MTS first press green/pink swirl  -MTS first press pink/green split -MTS first press pink/white swirl -MTS second press pink /120 -MTS third press white -MTS third press green marble  -Hot Topic first press pink and green -Hot Topic second press splatter sealed -SRC first press black 180g deluxe numbered  
    Blink-182 - Neighborhoods

    blink-182 - Neighborhoods collection -Interpunk first press pink /500  -First press blue marble -First press gray marble -First press white -Hot Topic second press splatter (sealed)  
    Blink-182 - California

    blink-182 - California collection -First press purple signed by the band  -First press red (sealed) -First press white (sealed) -First press black (sealed) -First press EU silver indie variant -Second press clear tour variant (sealed) -Hot Topic second press splatter (sealed)  
    Blink-182 - California DLX

    blink-182 - California Deluxe collection -First press pink w/ slipmat (sealed)  -First press green w/ slipmat (sealed) -First press blue w/ slipmat (sealed) -First press yellow w/ slipmat  (sealed) -First press black 180g (sealed) -First press EU pink/black haze variant -First press AUS yellow/black marble variant -Second press ROTOFUGI teal variant /182 -Third press royal blue marble /182 -Third press turquoise/black marble /182  
    Blink-182 - Test Pressings/Rare Records

    blink-182 - Rare Vinyl collection -Cheshire Cat RTI Test Pressing (sealed)  -Dude Ranch RTI Test Pressing (sealed) -Enema of the State RTI Test Pressing (sealed) -The Mark Tom and Travis Show RTI Test Pressing (sealed) -Take Off Your Pants and Jacket RTI Test Pressing (sealed) -Untitled RTI Test Pressing (sealed) -Greatest Hits RTI Test Pressing (sealed) -Neighborhoods RTI Test Pressing (sealed) -California DLX Gold 17/182 with Thank You letter -Shortbus Maroon 7" with Message of Hope -Dogs Eating Dogs EP 12" bootleg 3/3   All RTI test pressings were used for the SRC releases and custom jackets.      Yes, this has taken me forever. No, I do not have a life. No, I don't care what you think. This isn't even all the blink albums I own, this is just from monthly posts I did in 2017 on instagram. Thanks to anyone who has helped me in the past. What an insane journey.

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