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    We got yr back bro
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    We got yr back bro
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    Trying to toss multiple truth darts at a shyster to get them to admit to shysting is like slapping multiple pucks at an NHL goalie.  
    It's just sweet deflecting practice for a pro, baby.
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    It's been a good week for my metal-collection:

    Sannhet. Known Flood /Sacrament Records '13 /clear/black marbled /300

    Wolves In The Throne Room. Live at Roadburn 2008 /Roadburn Records '09 /red /200

    Woods Of Desolation. Towards The Depth /Northern Silence Productions '10 /red /333

    Amesoeurs. Amesoeurs /Beneath Grey Skies '13 /dark marbled red /250

    Celeste. Misanthrope(s) /Denovali Records '09 /clear /100
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    Just gotta buy the blu-ray/DVD combo and you'll get one with it!
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    Please post it.  Cause if you're saying you like mine better than yours I have to see it.
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    MusicDirect. They're always spot on. 
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    If getting wrong colored vinyl is what you call getting "fucked", you are doing pretty good.
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    I always read this thread when it's bumped and it's probably my favorite on this site. All of your collections are incredible. This doesn't really compare with the complete collections on here; it's incomplete release and variant wise, but this is the first time I've gotten all of these out for a picture. Never used to have the extra money to start a variant collection, but recently that's changed and I'm really excited to finally be able to work on this:
    My La Dispute collection-

    I'm missing a LOT of things, and it's going to be a long, long road, but I've had a lot of fun doing this. The main reason I wanted to post this is because I want to thank everyone that's helped me out so far. I've met great, honest people in trades and sales, and love connecting with people that love these albums as much as I do. You guys have seriously been amazing.
    So far, I've got:

    Rooms of the House- 1st press
    Blue- /1000
    Blue/Purple swirl- /1000
    Black- /3000
    1st Press Clear Deluxe /250 (incoming)
    1st Press Dark Red/Clear /500
    1st Press Grey/Clear /1000 (incoming)
    3rd Press Yellow Tour Press /168
    5th Press Forest Green/Cream Starburst /600
    6th Press Transparent Purple /1500
    Cassette /200
    Somewhere at the Bottom...
    1st Press Clear/Black (No Etching) /500
    2nd Press Light Green & White Marble/ Black /500
    9th Press Orange /880
    10th Press Dark Blue /1000
    12th Press Transparent Purple /1000

    Split with Touché Amoré
    RSD White 26/48
    3rd Press Black /2000
    5th Press Transparent Blue /1000

    Split with Koji
    1st Press Purple /500

    A Comp for Mom
    1st Press Red 630/1075

    Still looking for: Too many things to list.
    I've got pictures of each individual release on my deadformat if anyone is interested.
    Can't wait for the day I can post my finished collection here. Once again, thank you to everyone who's helped me with this so far! You're amazing.
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    Ozzie ozburn / Lime Biscuit is the mystery side by side this year.
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    Be sure to grab all the Bruce Springsteen reissues. Twice.
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    Be sure to grab all the Bruce Springsteen reissues. Twice.
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    Eliminator Jr. reacted to Derek™ in PO: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress [March 31]   
    That is... kind of ridiculous.  No offense to your friend.  I caught them on their last tour - my one and only time seeing the band - and they did indeed play Mladic ("Albanian"), and it sounded phenomenal.  Maybe they had an entirely different live sound back in the day, but I was blown away.  Especially when the song slowed down and the strings came crashing in, highlighting the drums.  Man oh man.  That was honestly one of the best live performances I've seen, personally.  You couldn't pay me to walk out, and I got zero "early Isis" vibes from the show.  (That comparison is actually a little hilarious.)  Their older material translated exceptionally well in their live performance, too.
    tl;dr warning – about to nerd out over the new record.  Non-enthusiasts can feel free to skip the rest of this post.
    Not that anyone asked, but since we're sharing our thoughts and I'm comfortable with the "album" at this point, I'll say this: it's solid.  Very solid.  I can see how fans like tonyfranciosa will find it boring or unrewarding, but I guess it just boils down to what you're hoping to get from the record.  I apologize in advance if any of this sounds pretentious; even though I've been sporting the album art as an avatar for the past month, I'm not in the camp who assumes that Godspeed can do no wrong, and that all of their releases are 100% gold.  But a huge mistake people are making with Asunder is that they're going into it with the mindset that this is a new album from a band who's following up their 2012 release.  To me, Asunder is practically an EP.  It's a bit longer than Slow Riot, but structurally it feels even shorter.  Ultimately, it should be noted that it is an official studio recording of one song.  It flows seamlessly and effortlessly, and just so happens to have a droney middle.  I think it makes a lot more sense to view it that way, instead of "Godspeed gave us an album that's basically one song, two drone songs, and then another song to wrap it up".  If anything, they just broke up one of their signature songs (or suites) into 4 digestible pieces.  To me, saying the album is "boring" doesn't make any sense.  What you're trying to say is that you don't enjoy the lull in the center of the suite, before it picks up.  [And there's nothing wrong with that, if that's your opinion.]
    I was talking with Shlebs about the record the other day – I think it's a unique addition to Godspeed's discography in that it's the only release to "build up" to one massive payoff.  That isn't to say the opening track is weak, or the drones are intolerable.  I agree with neither of those statements, personally.  But it can't be argued that Piss Crowns Are Trebled outshines everything in the first half hour leading up to it.  As such, you can't say that the album would be half as satisfying if they opened it with Piss Crowns, gave us a drone, then Peasantry, and then the last drone.  [That is, if it mirrored 'Allelujah.]  I really don't think it would pack the same punch.  To me, Asunder feels like a journey where everything culminates and shines in the last 14 minutes.  The way Asunder, Sweet deteriorates and bleeds into Piss Crowns is just otherworldly.  You can feel a monstrous conclusion looming on the horizon.
    I think I've listened to this release 5 times in the past day or two.  That's the bitter-sweet aspect of its brevity, I suppose: as much as I'd prefer it to be longer and contain more material, I think the run-time makes it very convenient to revisit.  Sometimes you've got the Godspeed itch and don't have 80+ minutes to spare.  It happens.  But even on my last listen, I find it to be incredibly fulfilling and engaging.  There is so much hidden in the drones (and the last track) – if you haven't experienced the album with some quality studio headphones, I think you're in for a treat.  I found myself appreciating Lambs' Breath a lot more, with them.
    I'd say there are no shortage of gems scattered throughout the record, too.  They may not be immediately apparent... but I love, for example, how Peasantry evokes both middle-Eastern flair - not unlike 2012's Mladic - but also some serious Western vibes.  An unexpected matrimony under one roof.  There's also a great contrast that occurs after the first few minutes, where it's this billowing, towering monstrosity with sweeping sustains and crunchy guitar tones – and then it sort of takes on the "typical" Godspeed beauty, featuring those familiar motifs of hope that are found in a lot of their earlier recordings.
    Lambs' Breath is perhaps my only real gripe with the record.  I love how dense, thick, and seemingly sinister the band sounds in it.  It does a much better job at maintaining my interest than the bagpipes do, on 'Allelujah's Their Helicopters' Sing.  But I think it could easily afford to be 2-3 minutes shorter.  Asunder, Sweet is the perfect length for a drone "intermission", and it does such a stellar job at instigating a sense of urgency and setting the stage for Piss Crowns.
    Which... speaking of; wow.  I think Piss Crowns Are Trebled may be among the band's top 2-3 "songs" if you wanted to count the division of Asunder and its 4 specific tracks.  The distorted, choppy strings at the beginning are nothing if not haunting, and they give me chills without fail.  There are so many brilliant choices with the way every instrument is buried in the mix.  The entire shift that occurs around 5:30 is something else, and I love how the gritty guitar steps aside to make room for the record's most melodic use of strings.  Even after 5 listens, and well after I should be anticipating each twist and turn, the song continues to impress me.  And then it impresses me again.  And again.
    When it's all said and done, can Asunder be considered the best Godspeed release to date?  I don't think so, no.  As a 4-track album, I think Asunder is respectable, but not mind-blowing.  As a new 43 minute song, I think it delivers all I could ask for with a new Godspeed output.  I really welcome it for what it is, and that's a fresh addition to the band's already-impressive catalog.  The sequencing of the record and its length make for a unique listen compared to the rest of their albums, and I think there are both "new" and "classic" GY!BE sounds packed into it.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more.  More samples.  More 20 minute tracks sprinkled with ambient, builds, climaxes, field recordings, and strings... blended together instead of compartmentalized.  But as long as Godspeed continues to produce new music, we are officially in uncharted territory.  By that, I mean that the band has been playing Asunder in its entirety and also Mladic for years (under different titles).  It was a matter of time before we had studio versions in our hands, and now we do.  Whatever they choose to play from here on out will be 100% new to everyone's ears – they are no longer obligated to piece together a release to supplement the live tracks they've perfected over recent years.  We're officially in a new "era" for the band - should they choose to proceed - and I find that incredibly exciting... regardless of how long it takes for us to see fruition of a new record.
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    They were dead before "They were dead before the ship even sank".
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    Wow, I have never seen someone grade a record by looking at the cover, and even then you're not sure if it's sealed. That's amazing!
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    Why not grab the standalone black repress? Seems like a big hassle for the sake of the record being bronze..
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    Dark Throne
    Destroyer 666
    Thy Infernal
    Lord of Depression
    Nyarlathotep Rising
    Black metal is no joke.
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