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  1. Reckless is live https://reckless.com/rsd2022.php Correction… no links yet?!
  2. Not sure if you’re still looking but: https://www.sorrystaterecords.com/collections/record-store-day-2022-exclusive-releases/products/220412926
  3. Zia is up https://www.ziarecords.com/c/412/record-store-day?&so=1&page=1
  4. I’ve never had any problems with orders from them, RSD or otherwise. I’ve been pretty surprised at the inventory that’s been available online at other places this morning too.
  5. Port of Sound is up https://portofsoundrecords.com/collections/record-store-day-2022?_kx=iWig5Aky9Zdt50ZdYMwZOufVVWBGw1gP7tLwNeSarWs%3D.Nbc2FU
  6. That gives me some hope! But if anyone’s willing to grab copies for a total stranger I’d be deeply indebted 🙂
  7. Rotten day to be ill, but staying in so I don’t get anybody else sick in my pursuit of records. 🤢 For those in the real world, how is availability of that Ramones box and/or Superchunk singles comp? Any chance I’m gonna find copies online tomorrow?
  8. Plaid Room seems to have manageable stock leading into their online sales (shop closing at 6:30PM EST for inventory; online sales begin at 8PM EST). Dee Gees and a few others are sadly sold out but Fear, Monkees, Eternal Sunshine, and others seem like you’ll at least have a chance. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/rsd2021?page=1 https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/rsd2021/products/fear-the-record
  9. It looks like Plaid Room will have copies ready at 8PM EST — says “more than 20 copies!” https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/rsd2021/products/various-artists-eternal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-mind-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
  10. Resident just posted stuff — I think somebody mentioned wanting Brainiac, which they have both of: https://www.resident-music.com/collection&path=38216&page=3
  11. I had no idea that the Red Hot + Blue set was part of this drop. Looks sold out everywhere but I’d love a copy/link if anybody finds an extra!
  12. Didn’t see a link anywhere to Port of Sound but their stuff is up too. Sort of picked over but still a few things: https://portofsoundrecords.com/collections/rsd-june-12th-2021
  13. Port of Sound! In stock and live (I checked this time 😜) https://portofsoundrecords.com/collections/all/products/volume-6?variant=39493079629929 https://portofsoundrecords.com/collections/all/products/volume-7?variant=39493080154217

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