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  1. Late to the party on this one. Trying to find any copy I can.
  2. Decided to check the RFC site at just the right time. No brainer preorder.
  3. Hoping some more copies of the /200 pop up. Either way, cannot wait for this.
  4. Been hoping for a full-length from these guys for quite some time. This came as a nice surprise. https://keepva.bandcamp.com/album/for-your-joy
  5. Didn't really hear any Superheaven in it myself, but I can see how someone might make that connection. It sounded like they were writing an Adventures song and then decided it was going to be a Code Orange song. It certainly caught me by surprise. I dig it.
  6. New song, "Bleeding In The Blur" http://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2017/01/05/508244037/vikings-choice-code-orange-bleeding-in-the-blur
  7. No particular order, though I did spend quite a bit of time with that True Widow record. True Widow - AVVOLGERE Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid The Radio Dept. - Running Out of Love Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked For Death Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow
  8. Daylight - Run For Cover Acoustic Series #3 (#9/15) Daylight - The Difference in Good and Bad Dreams (#2/15) Daylight - Dispirit (#1/1, test lacquer) Daylight - Jar (#13/20) Iselia - Life From Dead Limbs (#8/10) Whirr - Around (#2/50)
  9. Saw them last night in Chicago and they were absolutely incredible. Bummed I missed out on the tour poster though. Is anyone heading to one of their upcoming shows that might be able to help out? I'm happy to pay a bit extra for the trouble and for shipping. I don't really care which show it is.
  10. I should have just waited a couple days to get this in the mail but I couldn't help but listen to the leak, and it sounded fine to me. There are one or two tracks I'm not crazy about but otherwise I'm really pleased with how this came out. The last few tracks really did it for me. It definitely still sounds like a Balance and Composure record, so I think people will end up liking this more than they thought they would based on the singles that were released. I thought it would be more of a grower but honestly I'm pretty into it after a couple listens.
  11. Added some more stuff. Need some extra cash to buy some True Widow and Windhand records.
  12. Two new Keep songs. Slight change of pace from their other EPs. http://www.keepva.com
  13. Got my splatter in the other day. This is quickly turning into one of my favorite releases this year, and probably my favorite full length they've put out.