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  1. Like to add JohnWilliams to the list, like HOOK ost and such.
  2. They should release INCEPTION again, so that we don't have to search for it and pay such steep prices
  3. Thnx! Allready did, thought I should try this forum also
  4. Hi all, thnx for your response! It would be easy to walk in a shop and just buy them there.. But I live in the Netherlands.. And though we have a lot of other.. Stuff.. For sale, we don't have a lot of ost/scores on vinyl I just ordered a bunch (Paranorman, Coraline and Gravity) from Mondo, but i've missed out a lot! So basically i'm searching different forums for these must have ost/scores. Any tips on the online part?
  5. Hey Guys! New here, so forgive me if this is a repost or the wrong section! But just started (3 years ago) to collect Soundtracks / Scores on vinyl and really want to expand it.. like.. BIG-time. So, here's the wanted-list: - All Mondo, DeathWaltz and Waxwork Records vinyl. - The Thing ost - Aliens ost - Most of the Hans Zimmer vinyl - And, don't laugh at me I know the asking price, Inception and Dark Knight ost's That being said, I also like any other random Movie Soundtrack or Score, anything you're trying to sell.. let me know! Bring the feedback and reactions!