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  1. Hey guys, I don't read / post here much anymore, but I'm just gonna copy the email I sent out to everyone who ordered the Alex G record a little while ago, hope it explains the radio silence and delays on my end a bit. "This is Warren of Orchid Tapes. I’m just sending a group email out to those that purchased one of the last run of Alex G records we did on pre-order, I know a few of you have emailed me independently but it’s just best and easiest right now if I just message everyone all at once to give you an update. I’m sorry that I fell a little bit out of contact over this stuff lately and didn’t really give any information regarding the status of everything, this is a little embarrassing to disclose but a lot personal matters in my life have kind of gone to shambles lately and for a good deal of last month I was functionally homeless and unable to access any of the work stuff that keeps the label running smoothly, and in dealing with certain pressing matters a lot of contact / email stuff fell behind pretty drastically. For that I’m sorry and I hope you guys can understand where I’m coming from. Running a label entirely on your own really demands that you be there 100% for it every day and over the past little while that just wasn’t possible. With all that said, these should be getting out very soon! Another issue that was encountered with this batch of records is that when I got them from Alex during the middle of his previous tour *every single jacket* of the 100 that I was owed was damaged from rough shipping between our plant and him, so I’m presently waiting on a shipment of replacement ones so I don’t have to send anyone records that look like garbage. As soon as that happens these will be going straight out. Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can do to make this delay less sucky. I think a couple people’s orders charged pack through PayPal and that’s fine, if you feel like working something out once the replacement jackets arrive and these are set to go just let me know. Sorry again about all of this, I appreciate all of your business, support, patience and understanding. Sincerely, Warren" xo feel free to email me if you've got any thoughts or questions. I'm still trying to get caught up on emails but if you want a more immediate answer just send something to [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. No, those went out ages ago, maybe email me and I can help you figure it out.
  3. Hello! I've been sick with pneumonia for the past two and a half weeks and we're still waiting for some of the actual records and new jackets for the ones that were misprinted to arrive, so obviously those things have slowed shipping down a bit on a level that's beyond our control, but once all that gets taken care of the rest of them will go out.
  4. I don't think so, working on getting another pressing up and going for him to sell on tour / to sell thru our store.
  5. Nothing's been set in motion for a release yet, but I know she's working on finishing an album that we should be helping to put out sometime over the next while!
  6. Some of HEAVEN have gone out, I'm putting the rest out over the next few days, have just been getting over pneumonia for the past week or so before I go back into shipping work. The 2nd pressing of Ontario Gothic arrived here with the wrong jackets printed, we're just waiting on replacements for them before we start shipping them. As for Swung from The Branches, it seems like the freight company that was in charge with delivering them has someone lost them?? I'm just trying to work through that fun little task now, but everything should be sorted out sortly. Thanks everyone xo
  7. thanks so much, was sad to have missed that show but it was definitely for the best :\
  8. We're shipping everyone's records out starting come Monday, don't worry y'all =]
  9. Aside from the ludicrous price of all that, a lot of that information isn't even correct; some of the extras listed don't actually come with those releases and the write-up for the REA records reads as if we never did any runs after the first pressing. I don't care if people sell our things but don't write about our releases in a way that's flat-out wrong to try and justify wild pricing.
  10. Yep! They're still technically on pre-sale but they're getting here on Monday or Tuesday of next week. http://orchidtapes.bigcartel.com/product/foxes-in-fiction-ontario-gothic-12-pre-sale
  11. New pressing of Ontario Gothic on the Pirates Press record of the week blog, doesn't really do a great job of highlighting the new artwork but it's gonna look great:
  12. Thanks so much, hearing that's really appreciated. Also thanks to everyone that picked out some stuff during our cool birthday sale, excited to get everything out to everyone over the next lil while <3
  13. Angeltown 1 & 2 and Brown Horse tapes are here! Bilinda Butchers records are here! New Ontario Gothic ones should be here in a little under a week too, aiming to have everything out before I leave for Noise Pop fest on the 28th =]
  14. Yeah I'm sorry to anyone that was looking for that kind of thing, but this isn't really something that we can do. There have already been a few people who've sent emails to us about the discount and if we were to refund even one person, we'd have to give the same treatment to everyone (and whoever else would come forth expecting the same afterwards) and it would just set a precident that would create way too much additional work for us around a time that we're trying to celebrate / give something back to those who are interested in partaking in our sale.
  15. Restocking those soon! Didn't expect them to go that quick :|
  16. Hey, we're still waiting on them to arrive. It's probably cuz we ordered a larger quantity of tapes but they're still not set to arrive until Monday or so, we should have most of them out by the middle of the week though, new HEAVEN records are set to arrive at the same time too. New Ontario Gothic are coming like a week and a bit later, and the Swung from The Branches records are gonna be here the first week of March
  17. Thanks so much everyone, feels amazing to have made it to the five year mark. Hope you can find some stuff in our store that ya like for cheap! =]
  18. guys look what i made also re: TLS 12" and the tape; if and when those records ends up happening we'll almost certainly do more of the b-side cassettes.
  19. Yeah just hold tight, we're trying to roll out repressings in waves, our apartment is very tiny and we're trying to be tactful about planning new runs vs. new releases.