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  1. . . . in the podcast I do with a couple friends. The podcast is called First World Problems. In this episode we review the new Cave In collection, Lemuria, Decemberists, and the new Carrier. We have an interview with Andy from Defeater and Green Vans, plus a clip off the new Defeater record. Please check it out. It's free. Download and subscribe. Here's a direct iTunes link: http://6131.ca/4 Thanks
  2. www.6131records.com/subscription It was about this time we were going to stop taking subscription orders, but we're down to the last 30 so we'll keep it going till they're gone. Again, there are only 30 left! Thanks to everyone who has picked one up. It will be 100% worth it. Here's some of the stuff you'll be getting: Hardside 7" Joyce Manor LP Swamp Thing 7" Settle For Less 7" Rotting Out LP Maker LP FocusedxMinds 7" Minority Unit 7" Doubledealer LP 2 mystery 7"s and MUCH more Each subscription press is on clear vinyl and limited to 200, plus it's the rarest version availabl
  3. Hellfish is currently working on a media mail option. People take advantage of it when buying shirts, hence why it's not there now. Soon enough though.
  4. Got the pink/cream records for the record release. They look awesome.
  5. Got me record stoked, although written on the cardboard was "fuck you, drink bleach". That sounds like a terrible idea
  6. Thanks! We're so happy with how things turned out.
  7. I'm under the impression I'm picking them up Monday. I'll keep you posted.
  8. Not currently, but it's being worked on. The reason they don't is because people always try and get shirts via media mail. I'm hoping it's something that can be fixed soon though.
  9. Hellfish has a brand new store which means we have a new store! It's great! Please check it out. www.hellfishfamily.com/stores/sixonethreeone www.6131records.com/store Check out the entire new Hellfish store while you're there. www.hellfishfamily.com Thanks!
  10. Hellfish has a new webstore, so there are no problems adding the record now. Preorder it!! www.6131records.com/store
  11. thanks, will they be selling their new lp there? I didnt see it at merch table lastnite. I was going to ride my bike there but if they are selling their lp i rather drive so i don't wreck the lp. Sorry I didn't back sooner. They weren't selling them at that show but they will be at their record release next saturday.
  12. it's not sold out. There's an issue with the store, but Hellfish's new store will be up any day now
  13. another new song was posted at www.6131records.com and the links for all the preorder packages
  14. www.6131records.com/store Listen to a song at www.6131records.com Two colors, solid yellow and cream/pink mix. If you want the most limited color, clear, you need a 2011 subscription www.6131records.com/subscription Hellfish has some shirt/LP packages available too! www.6131records.com/store
  15. When they show up in your mailbox. Thanks for the order!
  16. yeah thrashed, they ended up keeping mine and others money. mine too!
  17. you won't be disappointed. The Joyce Manor record is something special.

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