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  1. heya, right one down..and possibly another to finish the night off.


    Had a lookon discogs and on Ebay, so I've an idea what they're going for..all depends on how much shipping is likely to be from your end.


    How much do you want for yours?

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    2. TheDuke


      Ah right okay..there going for around £35-40 quid on ebay & around the same money again from euro sellers on discogs, right now, so looks like it'll work out cheaper to get one from there.

      As it's a double LP, I think you'll find it'll cost something in region of $25-30 to ship to UK, with tracking...as that what I normally pay for any LPs I buy from across the pond. Posting from Canada might a tad cheaper, but I doubt it.

      Nevermind, nice of you to answer Healy, i'lll will pick one up from my end in a few days, when the dust has settled!




    3. Healy22


      Good luck on your search & i hope you had a successful rsd :) sorry i couldn’t be more help - my local record store was selling it for $52 & I’m still kicking myself that I spent that much on it. 

    4. TheDuke


      I got one, for £30..not a bad price..given that some have sold for nearly twice that! Just trying to snag a couple of others, The Vapors Red 7" for around £20 would be nice, but there going for well over  double that atm.


      It's a pity I have no participating  records shops near me...or i'd have tried to nab some of these for a lot less.


      I'm guess your store had to have those Cure albums imported...as $56CAD is pretty steep for that one!