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  1. good, i was wondering that. ty. no annie autograph, i assume?
  2. no standalone version of warmer, but wilcoworld has a warm/warmer bundle for $51 shipped, up now.
  3. tweedy, dylan, tedeschi/trucks. juno had saucerful this morning.
  4. Teenager of the Year has been at the top of my wishlist since my vinyl problem began.
  5. he's also got a pledgemusic with signed test presses for $70. not for veneer, though. https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jose-gonzalez-live-in-europe?utm_campaign=newsletter_20181129&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pledgemusic&utm_content=primary_project&referrer=newsletter
  6. musicvaultz has the fragile for $33 canadian ($25ish US). free shipping (to the US) at $50. 3 free 7"s at $100. try codes "welcome" and/or "vaultz", might take more off.
  7. Now $10 pre-discount. As is Coda 3LP, latest U2, and Coltrane Giant Steps for $12
  8. I wouldn't worry. I had an order arrive damaged. My issue also required a photo, then a 6 day wait for a response but they did make it right.
  9. I interpreted that as Newbury comics stores, not Amazon and such. I'd buy it now if you want it. If it's in the 10c newsletter in 2 days it won't last an hour, regardless of the run.
  10. steve earle - jerusalem $7.69 jason isbell - here we rest $10.72 wilco - wilco the album $10.67
  11. 15% off everything on ebay, minimum $25 purchase, starting in 10 min. might be limited to one use, the last code was. code is PSPRINGTIME.
  12. dfa is the worst i've dealt with. my first order was a "white label" and the cover arrived half unglued. my 2nd order was the lcd bundle, where i received nothing and my 3 emails (2 of them patient and polite) and paypal case were all ignored. having ordered a 3rd time is just embarrassing, but i did. same bundle. 27 days later, not so much as an email. *edit - shipment did arrive, 7 weeks after order was placed.
  13. riot act, uptown avondale, up in it, chapter and verse... $39. been waiting for the right price on bruce and those afghan whigs records.
  14. praying they fix the sound on that isbell ep because the cd sounds like shit, but the van cover is so good that i've kept it in rotation anyway. maybe spiritualized isn't warner?