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  1. noone

    Pearl Jam fans

    I interpreted that as Newbury comics stores, not Amazon and such. I'd buy it now if you want it. If it's in the 10c newsletter in 2 days it won't last an hour, regardless of the run.
  2. steve earle - jerusalem $7.69 jason isbell - here we rest $10.72 wilco - wilco the album $10.67
  3. someone has 9 left on ebay for 20.99 shipped
  4. noone

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    15% off everything on ebay, minimum $25 purchase, starting in 10 min. might be limited to one use, the last code was. code is PSPRINGTIME.
  5. dfa is the worst i've dealt with. my first order was a "white label" and the cover arrived half unglued. my 2nd order was the lcd bundle, where i received nothing and my 3 emails (2 of them patient and polite) and paypal case were all ignored. having ordered a 3rd time is just embarrassing, but i did. same bundle. 27 days later, not so much as an email. *edit - shipment did arrive, 7 weeks after order was placed.
  6. noone

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    riot act, uptown avondale, up in it, chapter and verse... $39. been waiting for the right price on bruce and those afghan whigs records.
  7. noone

    Record Store Day 2018

    praying they fix the sound on that isbell ep because the cd sounds like shit, but the van cover is so good that i've kept it in rotation anyway. maybe spiritualized isn't warner?
  8. noone

    Record Store Day 2018

    that was the plan all along for orphans, 3 separate albums and the 7th lp remains exclusive to the original box set. also, this is the best rsd list i've ever seen.
  9. i'm not posting links in case they're from my wishlist, but... mmj evil urges $12.29 kendrick good kid $11.10 gorillaz s/t $12.11 isbell something more than free $11.05 zac brown jekyll & hyde $7.99 talking heads 77 $14.22 velvet underground loaded $11.93 pearl jam yield $14.02 nin not the actual events $10.83
  10. noone

    Pearl Jam fans

    the vinyl me please member exclusives... is it just that being a member gives you the exclusive right to buy their distro titles, or are they different than the ones amazon sells?
  11. looks like bestbuy is doing it, too. buy one, get one half off.
  12. thanks! time to cancel and reorder the binaural and riot act they haven't shipped yet. any open orders, for that matter.
  13. prime doesn't waive shipping on the foreign amazon sites. only on .com
  14. i got shipping notice for ten and avocado today. binaural and riot act still show as arriving 11/10, but that's not gonna happen if they haven't shipped yet.
  15. same. all they need to do is send a mass email addressing it (ie: very sorry. we ran out. the band will sign more when the tour is over. we'll throw in some other shit for your trouble. you'll have it by christmas or it's free) and i'd relax. but i still want the order, and how can i contact them a second time without being a prick about it? what fucking child is in charge of that operation for that email to have not gone out weeks ago?