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  1. Hi there, I'm in need of some money so I'm trying to unload some of my records that I don't play enough. Some of these have never been played. They're all in great condition, I could of course provide photos if needed. Will ship worldwide and will pack the records safely. Reply here or PM me with offers, thank you! 7" Into It. Over It., Misser, State Lines, You Blew It! - Split - /250; This is one of 50 online pre-order copies - Black vinyl (Music Gives Back - Fest 11 Charity Split) Ivy League, Maker, Such Gold, Turnover - Split - 500 copies - Bone/Black/Clear Tri-Color vinyl Minus Tree - The Lake Will Bring Everything To Light - 500 copies - Black vinyl New Found Glory - Radiosurgery EP - Black vinyl New Found Glory - Tip Of The Iceberg - 2500 copies - White w/ Red/Blue splatter vinyl Roam - Head Down - 100 copies - Red / Yellow A/B Split vinyl Roam - Head Down - 200 copies - Green / Frost A/B Split vinyl Seahaven - Silhouette (Latin Skin) - 300 copies - Hot Pink vinyl Stick To Your Guns, The Story So Far - Split - 500 copies - Half Clear/Half Beer With Black Splatter vinyl Struck A Nerve - Struck A Nerve - 500 copies - Black vinyl Such Gold - Storyteller - 350 copies - Light Blue vinyl Tegan And Sara - Saints : Live - 2500 copies - Black vinyl (Record Store Day Exclusive) The Swellers, Hung Up, 1876, Lobby Boxer, / TV Dinner (4 Way Split) - 300 copies - Red/Clear vinyl 10" Haim - My Song 5 - Picture Disc vinyl (Shaped Record) 12" A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - BOOM! - 150 copies - Solid Cream vinyl (Single Sided, Etched B-Side) A Loss For Words, Into It. Over It., Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far, Transit, The Wonder Years - Glamour Kills Tour Split - 1000 copies - Black vinyl braidedveins - Future/Forever - 100 copies - black vinyl (screen printed B side) Koji, La Dispute - Never Come Undone - 500 copies - Orange vinyl Nai Harvest, Playlounge - Flower Split - 350 copies - Solid Blue vinyl (Flower Shaped 12) New Found Glory - Resurrection - Black vinyl Now, Now - Neighbors (Deluxe) - 1000 copies - Half Seafoam Blue-Green/Half Black vinylPolar Bear Club - The Redder, The Better - 500 copies - Clear vinyl Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here - 200 copies - White vinyl Real Friends - Put Yourself Back Together - 800 copies - Clear w/ Blue Splatter vinyl (160 Gram) Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear - 200 copies - Gold vinyl Sorority Noise - Forgettable - 150 copies - Pink with white 'ghost' vinyl Tegan And Sara - Heartthrob - Black vinyl The American Scene - Haze - 150 copies - White w/ Orange & Aqua Blue HAZE (180 Gram) vinyl The American Scene - Haze - 350 copies - Red / Orange /Sea Blue - Aside Bside (180 Gram) vinyl The Swellers - Running Out Of Places To Go - 500 copies - white vinyl (black wave logo on front) Box Set Paramore - Singles Club (Box Set) - 3500 copies - Multiple colour release vinyl (Four different 7) Tape Diamond - Don't Lose Your Cool - 50 copies - Red Cassette Tape The Story So Far - What You Don't See - 250 copies - Jelly Green Cassette Tape
  2. Hi, I'm looking for the limited release show variant (/75) of Moose Bloods 'I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time'. Hope someone has an extra copy they're willing to part ways with. If you're up for trades, check my list (i'll let you know if i can trade the specified record(s)) https://deadformat.net/collection/exitsummer Thanks!
  3. Hi, here's some stuff I'm trying to get rid of. I live in Europe (Netherlands) so shipping to the US/Canada (or elsewhere outside of Europe) will me more expensive. If you're interested, just hit me up with an offer and we'll work out a deal. Thanks!! 7” New Found Glory - Tip Of The Iceberg - 2500 copies - White w/ Red/Blue splatter vinyl Such Gold – Storyteller (light blue /350) Title Fight/Touché Amoré split (pink /??) OOP 12” Glamour Kills Tour Split (black /1000) - TWY/AL4W/TSSF/IIOI/PBC/Transit (pending) Polar Bear Club - The Redder, The Better (clear /500) CDs Crime In Stereo – Is Dead Major League - The Truth Is… Man Overboard - (Self Titled) New Found Glory - Radiosurgery (Deluxe) New Found Glory - (Self Titled) Paramore/Tegan and Sara/New Found Glory – Summer Tour EP (Limited Edition CD) Set Your Goals – Burning At Both Ends (SIGNED) Tallhart - Bloodlines EP The Swellers - Good For Me Veara - Everything We Left Behind (SIGNED) Cassette Diamond – Don’t Lose Your Cool (red cassette/tape - /50) (Now Diamond Youth) Other Tegan and Sara - ON/IN/AT books (paperback) - the little paper binder thingy holding them together is a little damaged but this happened during shipping. The books are in mint condition and look great! Real Friends sunglasses (never worn) The Wonder Years sunglasses
  4. I have the TF/Touché Amoré 7" split in pink, interested?
  5. I have it but will only sell it if you give me a solid offer. I quite like it so I'm not sure I wanna part ways with it.
  6. Very interested in the IIOI/KOJI record. Anything you'd be willing to trade it with? There's a few records on my list I would part with in exchange for this one. https://deadformat.net/tradelist/exitsummer. If so, I will let you know if it's a deal. If not, I might wanna just buy it from you, depending on how much it'd be (incl shipping to Europe)