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  1. When my friend first mentioned VMP, I thought it was that one business that presses your ashes into a record. But yes, stupid fucking name. Am I the only one that thinks their new subscription model is counterintuitive to actually preventing flippers? They are also introducing unlimited swaps. So now, if there are people who flip VMP releases, they can sign up for the annual plan, get the lowest price possible, and now have the ability to continually swap out a record and wait for the releases that will have a high demand (for example, a record that is considered a white whale to a lot of collectors, like say, Demon Days). One of their staff members posted on their forum's April thread that the move was partially due to prevent flippers, and I want to say they specifically referenced to their next couple of releases and how big/in-demand they'll be. Funny thing is, I think you and @freedumb are pretty much saying the same thing ; this isn't so much about flippers, even though there probably are some, and more so about increasing sales and revenue.
  2. Welp, that's the last time I voice an opinion on a sale. Amazon has Good Kidd, Madd City on sale for $11.19 for those that were looking but missed out oh the Merchandise Outlet deal. Looks like it's only for Prime Members, though.
  3. That Indie Vinyl Den sale was very anticlimactic. It looks like they only had 1 copy of a lot of items.
  4. Someone asked them on twitter and NC replied that it's /1200. There is a post a couple of pages back about someone seeing a copy of Room on Fire in stores around Thanksgiving, and that was released in Spring 2015. They also mention that the price was jacked up to $70, though I am not sure how long they wait before raising their prices in store.
  5. A little late, but thanks to everyone for the input. Seems like the Spinclean has mostly good reviews but decided to save that money and put it towards a vacuum system since I probably would have sprung for one later on. Didn't find any records I wanted in time, but was able to use this for some new shoes that I need for work so a big thanks!
  6. Does anyone have any insight/feedback on the Spinclean? I've been meaning to get some sort of cleaning system. Also, a big thank you for posting this.
  7. First purchase from a f/s thread here on VC from @darkforest71 and have nothing but good things to say. Extremely reasonable pricing, had a tracking number for me as soon as the record was shipped, packing was great, and just a smooth transaction overall.
  8. It wasn't exactly a traditional trade or sale, but I just want to give a big thumbs up to AndrewSS for picking up a record for me and shipping it my way. Guy is super courteous and really thorough when it comes to communication. Sent me a PM every step of the way and had a tracking number for me asap. Packaging was also A+.
  9. Just got this in the mail today. A massive, massive thank you to AndrewSS for helping me get a copy. Feels good to finally have one color after getting 4 cancellation e-mails on the blue.
  10. Seems this has happened to a few people. Wonder if there is people that ordered green and orange that will get two orange copies.
  11. That would be really awesome. Just the though alone is appreciated. If you do end up around the area, pm me and hopefully we can work something out.
  12. Glad to hear that people are getting shipping confirmations. I tried to see if I could get someone close to a newbury location to do a group buy for interested members, but it went nowhere. Glad there are still some copies floating around, though.
  13. Or a light tan with a red, orange, yellow, green, and blue splatter. Or a beach ball looking one with a panel in each of the colors. Seriously though, it's kind of funny how people went from thinking they were going to have multiple variants of this record just a few days ago, to not even knowing if they'll get a singe one. Since getting my cancellation from bull moose I've tried ordering at Central Square, Electric Fetus, and Zia. Got a cancellation from the first two, and still waiting to hear from Zia. Lots of people were suggesting the EP would also work to gauge how well Cult could handle a Strokes release. If this is anything to go by, they definitely need to work on their logistics. Great customer service, though. I know a lot of people got e-mails about delays, but I didn't realize people who ordered the red were getting their orders cancelled as well.
  14. I wonder if there are issues with the Orange copy. My sister ordered it and got an e-mail earlier this week saying that Cult hadn't yet received them and that shipping would be delayed. Also, there is no Orange copy in that picture from the pop up shop.
  15. I wonder if there are issues with the Orange copy. My sister ordered it and got an e-mail earlier this week saying that Cult hadn't yet received them and that shipping would be delayed. Also, there is no Orange copy in that picture from the pop up shop.

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