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  1. I know I’ve been waiting on this release since I started collecting, like 10 years ago. But I’d guess there are still a lot locked up in B&M that don’t sell online.
  2. They were 1 per in store but I don’t know if it was limited online.
  3. I saw it at 65 copies. Unless there are more eyes on it than just the board - which is totally possible, it seems kinda hard to believe.
  4. They were updating in real time all day. I’d say they’re accurate.
  5. Grab it from https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/rsd2019 tomorrow. They should have a bunch left.
  6. Anyone notice how The Crow is etched on one side? Kinda weird they crammed the whole thing into 3 sides.
  7. Blue/white /1000 is up. https://chon.merchdirect.com/products/65682-chon-lp
  8. I still have a grey "script" beanie from 1996. I'd love to see a "Vintage Deftones" collection with the billiard ball, screaming cat, and script logo.
  9. In for this one. Since they're going through Merch Direct, it seems like their (MD's) team of designers has taken over the apparel design. It's pretty in line, trend-wise, with what is happening in streetwear fashion. You can even draw some parallels between Chon's merch and Deftones merch (both Merch Direct).
  10. Anyone notice that they more than doubled the standard shipping cost?
  11. Apollo is now Orpheus - which trying to submit to their "you used to be on Apollo, get your free invite" thing has consistently not worked for me for months. It's driving me crazy, especially with waffles being down again. If anyone has any invites to Orpheus, RED, or whatever the best What replacement is, hook me up.