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  1. According to their latest Facebook update, the band is waiting to receive a test press of the vinyl. They said a preorder should be up "soon", though there was no indication as to how soon "soon" is. The CD just got US distribution, so hopefully people on the US side of the world won't have to pay Australian prices for the album.
  2. Chum - Dead to the World. This is a record I've loved for almost 20 years. Apparently the rights are locked up with Century Media, the band is defunct except for a reunion show every 5 years and there is no way it will ever see a vinyl release. If you're into melodic sludge, stoner metal from the late 90s, check it out.
  3. I'd love for Siberian's With Me to be pressed. Or for them to put out a new record. http://www.allmusic.com/album/with-me-mw0000750649
  4. Were you the dude who swiped that OG pressing of Foreward from eBay the other day?
  5. Catherine would be nice too. At least Hot Saki and Bedtime Stories. I love that record.
  6. I'd love to see God Lives Underwater's catalog pressed. I know Life in a So-Called Space Age was pressed in 98, but all of their other albums were never pressed.
  7. I just picked up Tool's Opiate for $8. That seems to be the going rate, but I saw it in the record store and decided to snag it. I was A/B'ing that vinyl vs the record on my iPod (256VBR) and it definitely has a rounder sound than the cd/digital files. It's also got the double cut B side which is cool.
  8. I just nabbed How To Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion for $13 from Amazon. I've been waiting for it to come down off the $25 mark. I also picked up a copy of In Rainbows (single 12" version) for $13 as well. Just waiting for them to arrive.
  9. A single disc version has been announced. http://www.smashingpumpkinsnexus.com/#!NEWS-ON-A-SINGLE-DISC-VERSION-of-AEGEA/c7ba/CBFC2750-A952-470D-951F-E9BDE18D0864 WPC announces today that he has placed an order for a single disc version of ‘AEGEA’, which when ready for shipment will be offered once more for sale at Madame Zuzu’s Teahouse and its accompanying web-store. Expected window for purchase begins in 6-8 weeks; or mid-July. Given the interest, this first press of the single-edition AEGEA is expected to yield 500 additional copies. But can change in relation to a Smashing Pumpkins Nexus subscriber list, which is indicated on this site with the muted ‘AEGEA’ cover icon. Use of this address will only be used in relation to any future sales of ‘AEGEA’ and nothing else. So if you’d like advance notification or the accompanying code that places a subscriber at the front of the line for any on-sale, please sign up today. There is no charge to enlist and no advance fee for purchase is required. As such the ‘AEGEA’ list will only help calculate if a bigger press than 500 copies is needed, will shorten the waiting time on receipt of any subsequent pressing, and serves as a courtesy for those most interested in acquiring their own vinyl copy of ‘AEGEA.’ Happily so, the first and second double-disc pressings of ‘AEGEA’ sold out to buyers from 27 countries in under one hour, and as Billy told us: “My wish is that everyone who wants to buy a vinyl copy of ‘AEGEA’ will have the opportunity to do so.” In this the set price for a third pressing of ‘AEGEA’ will be 29.95$ plus shipping and handling. Link to subscribe here: http://www.smashingpumpkinsnexus.com/#!aegea-/c1408
  10. Seriously. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence is really hit or miss (for me at least) with more misses than hits. But Worship and Tribute is a damn masterpiece. The stuff on the El Mark EP, the Coloring Book EP and Our Color Green is awesome.
  11. Hey, if you missed out, some kind people are selling first presses on eBay. For 600 fucking dollars. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281338735401
  12. You guys are getting me fucking excited for this to arrive. The silver edition should show up Monday.
  13. SRC just announced on Facebook that the silver variant will be shipping today!
  14. The former singer and second guitar player from Oceansize have a project on Bandcamp called British Theatre. They have one digital and one vinyl release. As it is, there are a few copies left of the vinyl ep. If you're familiar with Oceansize, BT is the softer and more electronic pieces of that band. http://britishtheatre.bandcamp.com/album/dyed-in-the-wool-ghost
  15. Oh shit dude! Excellent. If you dig stuff like Caspian or more straight ahead, succinct post rock, you'll dig this record. I just checked their site and it's sold out now. Since it was a crowd funded project, I doubt they will repress it for a long time, if ever.
  16. My copy of Tides of Man - Young and Courageous just arrived today. I was surprised that they cut it at 45rpm. I guess not stating that anywhere on the record adds to the surprise. But damn, it sounds fantastic. It's gotta be in my top 5 all-time post-rock albums. If there are any left on their bandcamp site, you should grab one if you're into post-rock.
  17. If anyone didn't get their last record, Wild Blood, apparently American Dream still has copies of it on clear and black for $5. That's ridiculously cheap. http://americandreamrecords.limitedrun.com/products/16073-lovedrug-wild-blood
  18. I'm not sure if anyone has posted it yet, but it didn't turn up in a search. According to Matt (Talbott) at Earth Analog Records (and Studios) he said that we should expect an Earth Analog Records reissue of Downward is Heavenward this summer. At this point, those are all of the details given. You can check it out at Earth Analog. Here's the quote: Latest News 3/23/14 Coming Summer ’14…the long-awaited Earth Analog vinyl re-issue of Downward is Heavenward. http://www.earthanalogrecords.com/
  19. I could tell a difference when holding both copies of the 180 gram and the 150 gram. That's what clued me in to actually weigh them and make sure I received the 150 instead of 180.
  20. There are far too many things coming out for me to keep track of, let alone have enough money for. But damn! This goes to the top of the list.
  21. I received my replacement on Monday. Unfortunately for me, mine had glue lines again on each disc. And, it was a 150g version and not the 180g I originally ordered. So if you got replacements, check the weight.