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  1. Wax Mage Records does short run, hand poured/pressed vinyl. At this point, they’re at the forefront of outrageous, artistic vinyl pressing. https://www.instagram.com/waxmagerecords/?hl=en because of the low number runs and the labor intensive designs, they’re more expensive, more desirable, and go extremely fast when they’re for sale. Sly has been doing Wax Mages with their recent releases and bots were buying them all and flipping them, so they moved to a raffle system to try and combat that.
  2. https://store.slyvinyl.com/collections/frontpage/products/svr01-blue-sky-black-death-noir?variant=41102505181335 https://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/noir-10-year-anniversary-reissue These are up. Slyvinyl is doing a raffle for Wax Mage and test presses, but you have to order the green/yellow version to be entered. TP are $50, so $10 more. Wax Mages are $80, so an extra $40 if you win the raffle.
  3. I wonder how deep in the catalog they'll go with colored represses? Deloused is kinda the obvious choice, but I wonder how much interest there is when you get to Amputechture or further?
  4. They are using smaller labels, so there could be extra time on each side given the smaller space they're taking up. Not sure what that equates to in minutes, but it should give a little more room.
  5. Would also love this. And if it does well, maybe they would repress the others. I’m still kicking myself for laughing at the $75 price of the last self titled reissue. It was a stupid price then, but I’d be ok with paying it given what the secondary is for it.
  6. Did anyone order Amputechture or compare the CH reissue to the MOV reissue?
  7. After a couple playthroughs today, it definitely jams. I’ll have to pick up a copy of this one.
  8. It really doesn’t make any sense. I think it would be more work for them and more possible damage claims from shipping every record individually.
  9. FYI, Clouds Hill said once all of the individual releases come out, the built-in shipping will go away and you’ll be able to bundle LPs without paying for individual shipping for each. So if you’re waiting to buy a couple, you’ll have to wait until after January to get the break in shipping cost.
  10. For as quickly as it shipped and delivered, I think $65 isn't super crazy. Overseas shipping is nuts right now, so if you knock off the $15-20 for that, you're looking at $45-50 for a triple LP. I've seen single and double LPs at $45-50 these days.
  11. I am in the same boat. All three songs have been great, especially listening to them together. I’m hyped to hear the entire record.
  12. Confirmed by BC that there were 2000 in total. He said there was a preorder limit of 4,000 (or 2,000 2xLP). He also confirmed standard black will be coming but will only be put up for sale when they have them in hand.
  13. Sounds like between all variants there were 2k total. That seems about right for how quickly the non-gold and silver sold out.
  14. Only autographed copies are left. It seems like they did 500 of each or some ridiculously low number.
  15. Details from the Instagram video: On sale Saturday 7/31, time TBD. It will be on sale for ~3 days. 2xLP available in gold (shipping first) and silver. Standard black sounds like it will be coming for the second press. The third archival release will be coming shortly as well as an unspecified photo release.