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  1. Howdy! Haven't logged onto the boards in quite some time, but it feels good to be back. I run an independent record label from NY called Santapogue Media. We started out as a tape label, but we do records too now. Anyways, here's some new releases we have on cassette! BRUISED WILLIES - "John Malkovich Was Great As John Malkovich In Being John Malkovich" This Singaporean punk outfit features members of The Caulifield Cult (RIP). Five tracks of upbeat, happy punk music, available on 100 smokey tint cassettes, featuring double sided 4 panel J-cards with lyrics, released by us (Santapogue Media), Dingleberry Records & Distribution (Germany), & Dangerous Goods (Singapore). Also available on Digipak CDs. Purchase here: http://bit.ly/brsdwlls CHERRY BLOSSOM - "Belvedere" Cherry Blossom is an Emo/Pop band from Georgia and features members of Lost Boy. "Belvedere" has been described as the missing link from Turnover's "Magnolia" & "Peripheral Vision". Four songs all about losing your mind and the people you love, and the journey taken to figure yourself out. Available on 100 solid pink cassettes, released exclusively by us. Purchase here: http://bit.ly/chrryblsm ALSO AVAILABLE!: Recent distro pickup from Middle-Man Records Almost ALL Santapogue releases, including music from GOTTEM, Henry, I Was Afraid, america is a mistake, Pink Navel (formerly RUNNING LAPS), Dizzy Bats, rubythroat, & BIGHAND//BIGKNIFE Older distro releases from Sailor's Mouth, Sheep Wear Wolves, Sleeping Patterns, Cllctyrslf, Place Called Home, & Meryl Streaker. TONS of vinyl from Gillian Carter, Eyelet, SeeYouSpaceCowboy..., GOTTEM, Fist Benders, Flowers Taped to Pens, I Hate Sex, Gli Altri, La Luna, Coma Regalia, Chase Huglin, Dizzy Bats, Koala Tea Time, & Boy on Guitar. Shop here: http://bit.ly/2iJK3kb
  2. My label has a release that included a label that dropped off the face of the earth, and we had another label replace them. We're literally going to sharpie out the old label's logo because they kinda suck. See what you can do with what YOU have.
  3. Hi everyone. My label, Santapogue Media, has recently put up pre-orders for our first vinyl release, which is a split release between Structures//Agony Records, Sycamore Media, and Tyburn Woods Music and Arts Collective, and us. GOTTEM is an ever growing sad surf-punk group from New York that has extensively toured throughout the year after the release of their EP, Cool. Cool is now (finally) getting the vinyl treatment and should be shipping by December. Also, you will be entered to win a test press just by pre-ordering the vinyl! Stream/preorder here: http://santapogue.storenvy.com/products/14581878-pre-order-gottem-cool-12 Modern Vinyl post: http://modern-vinyl.com/2015/09/29/gottems-cool-getting-pressed-to-wax/ Thanks guys! Brandon Santapogue Media
  4. I have Complete Discography tape, I'll message you.
  5. Willing to pay a good amount of money for this release. Message me if you have it. http://www.discogs.com/Daniel-Johnston-Into-It-Over-It-Daytrotter-Presents-No-12/release/5220008
  6. Been looking for this for ages now. Will also trade.. https://deadformat.net/collection/bchaps

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