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  1. Got my friends & family copy today and it’s so fucking beautiful. Probably my most prized record now!
  2. Wait, where are these HR/LS represses? I can't find it anywhere
  3. Some of you guys may remember me here. My band just released our debut album and we have approx 15 copies of the limited /50 mixed color vinyl leftover from our album release. I put the copies up in my webstore, I imagine they won't last that long. You can listen to it here: http://dogseyes.bandcamp.com Our local weekly magazine described us as "A scathing hybrid of hardcore, sludge, and post-punk weirdness, the band sounds like the venomous offspring of Young Widows and Nails" Buy it here: http://abominable.storenvy.com When the color sells out you can buy the black ver
  4. It's always good to know that etr is doing so well every time I check on this board
  5. Funny but kinda annoying to have hatred aimed at me posted and reposted.....
  6. Maybe their vinyl record book did so well that Books a Million is partnering
  7. Tre came to me because I did a Coliseum preorder pedal and talked to him about this before - I am making every one by hand, it's a modified version of a pedal I sell all the time
  8. I'm here! This pedal is pretty sick, I'm really excited to be making them!
  9. I think it's been about a year since I stopped working w/ ETR & it's been amazing haha. I started my own company where I am actually involved with every part of the process and what I create and sell is something I've made with my own hands. Really rewarding after years of sketchiness.
  10. Shirt Killer will have a package with something super sick that I created
  11. I am on Instagram still - abominablepedals - I've been manning my companies' ig only now since I got tired of switching back and forth

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