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  1. this is a long shot, but if anyone wants to let it go at a decent price, lmk
  2. damn, so mad i missed out on this! i hope i can get one for a decent price, don't wanna have to pay 45+
  3. so mad i missed out! are there any other variants floating around, or upcoming presses?
  4. would really like this to complete my discography and have been looking for it for some time now. Please let me know if you have it and want to let it go! thanks!
  5. yeah, i was pretty let down when I saw that 4 tracks had already released almost a year ago lol Sad because those 4 songs were definitely my fav part of the album, I don't really dig the sound on this new album 😕
  6. I ordered from Knucklepuckuk.com and still have yet to get a shipping confirmation, I did e-mail them to see if there was any status on my order
  7. anyone ever get shipping info for anthem?
  8. wow! hahahaha it still says sold out for me

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