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  1. wow! hahahaha it still says sold out for me
  2. same, link to international here: http://knucklepuckuk.limitedrun.com/products/666680-20-20-limited-vinyl-and-zine to me, $5 extra is worth it lol I have every 1st pressing of theirs, and needed to keep this alive
  3. they just confirmed it's already sold out, but i got mine on their international website and paid $5 extra ... looks like it was 150 us/150 international
  4. Peacock is back up!! Hurry! Just snagged one with Media shipping
  5. really wanted that peacock variant, I hope some cancellations show up on KRM soon 0.o
  6. If anyone can pick up the Sublime - Nugs: Best of the Box I will be forever grateful
  7. I heard the same thing, I think Kelen tweeted about it. Regardless, I want to hear something new soon! lol
  8. When do you think they'll release a song from the album that isn't "out of it" "?