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  1. I heard the same thing, I think Kelen tweeted about it. Regardless, I want to hear something new soon! lol
  2. When do you think they'll release a song from the album that isn't "out of it" "?
  3. ordered, but I hope we get a song soon!
  4. enyfour5

    PO: Homesafe - One

    really annoyed that bands keep putting out their most exclusive variant out with other merch as a combo, great song though, and this is looking like a promising album
  5. Album is really good, but I opted for the /300 variant
  6. still no shipping notification for me either :/
  7. They said this album was going to have unheard ODB verses...... well, RZA lied once again
  8. Just got my shipping notification! This album is really really really good, wow, I did not expect this good of an album! Might be album of the year, in my opinion.
  9. enyfour5

    PO: Mansions - Deserter EP

    Wasn't really feeling the new song, i'll wait :/
  10. Yeah, they were supposed to ship this week, and the release got pushed back a couple days
  11. Deluxe LP is delayed, I got an e-mail the other day saying it was delayed. Btw i'll sell my cassette that comes with the deluxe to someone who wants it.
  12. Control is definitely my favorite on the album so far, Flower Child is strong at No 2
  13. soooooooo since 6 songs have leaked, i hope they'll at least stream the album early
  14. new song "Fever Days" After hearing the 5th song, I'm definitely grabbing that deluxe