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  1. That songs sick, my neighbor liked it before they got hit by a car. Yesssss, thank you immensely.
  2. A thread where you ask about an album you vaguely remember but want to find. Ill start. Im looking for one by some band with a bunch of symbols like this as the band name: ※*°☆-~ and had speed racer guy from mobile suit gundam on the cover.
  3. It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's All Alright | Brown Swirl | Etched D-Side Ten Stories [Deluxe Box Set] | Colored | /2000 (doesn't include poster.) Other Stories 7" And one random free record from whats left of my collection for $50ppd.
  4. Its a CD Digipak, I wish it was pressed. But they said it never will be, so the only way to have it physically :/
  5. I dont have a need much for physical media anymore. Looking to trade for old video game systems/games. Preferably an N64. Shoot me an offer for cash otherwise! Pretty hard to find
  6. For some reason didn't think of this first. Thanks guys.