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  1. I haven't used Smashed Plastic (Chicago) but I know people who work there and the quality of the stuff i've seen come out of there's been good. Not sure on what wait times are like. I've used Gotta Groove (Cleveland) the most and was always happy with the product. The one time there was an issue, they were quick to address it and replace all the records. Both also do jackets/packaging. The first record I pressed, I used Pirates Press. I was mostly happy with the product, but would've gone elsewhere if I had known better. One of the reasons they get a bad rap is because audio quality on their releases is sometimes not great. A big reason this is the case is that they will use whatever you give them and you'd be surprised how many people have given them 128 kbps mp3s and things not properly mixed for vinyl. Most other plants will have higher standards because they don't want to have to deal with pissed off people when the record sounds like shit. The record I had was properly mastered for DMM and sounds really good. Unfortunately, some of the jackets were printed off center and had a thick line on one of the borders that wasn't present in the proofs. Their single pocket standard jackets have super thin spines which is kind of a bummer. Also, the hidden shipping costs are definitely higher because they ship from GZ in Czech Republic. As @smailtronicsaid, pressing domestically makes a ton of sense, just from a shipping cost standpoint.
  2. Riot Fest, last year, was the first time they've played Quiet since Lollapalooza 1994. (Well one show a few days after lollapalooza 1994).
  3. costs have gone way up and plant bandwidth is way down
  4. i'll do the same thing i did when they played the united center in 2018. buy tickets the night before on stubhub for a fraction of the price.
  5. I think it's tour with Jane's Addiction. A while back, Billy said they had a planned tour for 2020/21 for the 25th anniversary of MCIS that would be heavy MCIS setlist but that would be postponed. Perhaps they're planning something similar since 2023 is the 30th anniversary of Siamese Dream. So the setlist would be mostly SD/PI songs. They've been using some version of the Shiny imagery for all tours since James came back.
  6. New pitchfork interview dropped yesterday. Love this dude even more. https://pitchfork.com/features/profile/bartees-strange-farm-to-table-interview/
  7. I've heard the new record and it's solid. Definitely jump on this if you want a limited variant. Starts streaming in June, ships in October.
  8. i can't imagine buying this at a show without knowing about it beforehand and lugging it around the venue. Though, the regular print is also pretty rad!
  9. Pricy, but this shadowbox 3d show print from the boston show last night is insanely cool. https://danieldanger.storenvy.com/products/35625802-jack-white-shadowbox?fbclid=IwAR2Jsrl8mDBPK2pQogqmhAzCCOvHC9tyXFR_TgCj5JxUZyX7cMzn61ptxvU
  10. Only a few states enacted laws that require 1099-k reporting for 2020 tax year. But because the state requires it, paypal (and sites like venmo, ebay, etc) are required to send the 1099-k to IRS which means you have to file it on federal as well. For tax year 2021, the federal government will require it for everyone. And it'll be a real shit show.
  11. Yes and no. That assumes you're making a profit. A lot of people don't make any profit selling records. After fees, shipping, state taxes, selling some records for less than they paid, etc., the 20,000 threshold is designed to assume people aren't trying to make a profit and aren't hiring tax professionals and accounts to do their books. Of course, if you do $50k in annual sales, like yourself, that is in business territory and you need to keep records and pay appropriate taxes. The way the new threshold works, it assumes all revenue is profit and the IRS is basically saying, you're not allowed to sell anything unless you're a business. I'd say 98% of the people on this board sell considerably less than 20k every year and this shit is going to hurt a lot of people. Everyone will suddenly be requiring for friends & family payments only which will give way to a lot more scammers to move in and take advantage of people. You can argue that I should've been paying taxes on all the extra income I make off selling records (which is probably $500-1500 a year in profit). The state sales tax gets paid automatically now, which is different. Are you paying the taxes on the whole amount that 50k+ in revenue you're taking in, or are you deducting expenses (the cost of the records, computer, label printer, packing supplies, storage, etc). Or do you classify every record you buy as a business expense and deduct it, lowering your overall tax burden? If so, I think that's WAY MORE bullshit than not paying tax on $1000 of extra hobby income.
  12. Because I live in Illinois, I received a 1099-K, so it was reported to the IRS. Although I shouldn't have to pay taxes on things that aren't taxable, the IRS is sure making it difficult to do that. I have no problem with paying taxes on the little "extra income" i made, but without filing as a sole prop, there's no way to distinguish the money on the 1099 as profit or expenses. And there's larger problems then that. The 1099 from paypal actually includes money that i refunded to a buyer because they wanted to cancel the order. the 1099 actually is just the total amount of money (using goods and services) that was accepted and doesn't account for money refunded. And paypal isn't correcting them because they say they're doing what was required by law, documenting the money processed in one direction. So I also gotta pay taxes on money I refunded. Apparently this was added to the american rescue package to make sure gig economy workers are paying their fair share so they can be classified as an employee and buy insurance from the ACA exchange. As if a door dash driver making less than 20k can afford to pay half to taxes and THEN purchase overpriced high-deductible health insurance. I don't think people realize how much this is going to screw over so many people. How democrats ever expect to win again is beyond me. It's only going to force people into finding creative ways to get out of paying taxes.
  13. it looks like i sold about $3200 worth of records on discogs in 2021. After I subtract the sales tax, discogs fees, paypal fees, shipping fees, and costs of goods, i made maybe $1200 profit. Since I'm not a business and hobby costs can no longer be deducted, my tax liability on the $3200 is about $1400. So I would've saved money throwing those $3200 worth of records in the trash. Fuck this "American Rescue Package" it only fucks the little guy.
  14. The rumor of black standard pressings came from an instagram Q&A billy did when the archival releases were first announced. He's since implied that these are 1-time pressings due to vinyl pressing constraints and the desire to get more releases out, rather than higher pressing numbers. The prices are high, but I think he's taking into account that if things were normal, these would have much higher pressing numbers. I'm sure Billy's a bit out of touch with reality regarding record prices, but it's hard to argue that they're not priced in the sweet spot where everyone who wants it enough can get it keeping in mind these will have substantial resale value. It feels lame. But if they were priced at $30/each, the resale market would be making more than the band and a lot of us would have to pay more than $80 to get it. As for the shipping prices, ridiculous.
  15. TRACKLIST SIDE A Honeyspider (The Unicorn 5.25.90) Not Worth Asking (Cabaret Metro 6.24.89) Ball + Chain (Cabaret Metro 11.18.89) Slunk (Cabaret Metro 6.22.91) My Eternity (Eddy St. Rehearsal 10.2.88) SIDE B Bleed (Rehearsal/A+H Furniture 9.28.88) Blue Light (O’Cayz Corral 3.30.90) Over You (The Gallery 4.6.90) C’mon (Cabaret Metro 12.29.89) SIDE C 365 (The Unicorn 4.7.90) Salt (Cabaret Metro 10.29.89) Armed To The Teeth (Avalon Niteclub 10.29.88) Morning Jam (The Unicorn 2.19.90) Vanilla (O’Cayz Corral 1.18.90) SIDE D Daughter (Avalon Niteclub 5.27.89) Siva (Cabaret Metro 6.22.91) The Vigil (inc.) (Rehearsal/A+H Furniture 9.28.88) Try To Try (The Unicorn 4.7.90)
  16. late response... but yes... if you sign up so your start date is before may 1, you'll get the toro y moi record as the first in the subscription. $60 for 3 records including shipping/tax is a solid deal. Especially when the june record is the new Angel Olsen.
  17. they're shipping them out as they receive them in smaller shipments from the plant. they might be assembling them by hand too (not sure). autographed ones seem to be going out first. i got my autographed viper room a few months ago (the day after they started shipping since i'm only a few miles away) but haven't received the silver copy i ordered yet. i haven't received my copy of japan yet either and don't think i ordered it autographed.
  18. Artwork, lyrics, and essays sound cool But will it have a cool locked groove five minutes into the record?
  19. Ross gives off extreme Michael Jackson vibes but without any of the talent. I'm sure he'd have a nicktoons museum in his house and invite the neighborhood kids over if he could.
  20. not to mention, probably because i'm Illinois, it made me confirm my social security account to keep receiving payments at some point last year. so that's probably coming soon to everyone else in the US.
  21. and a better sounding copy. those white pressings from a few years back were... not great.
  22. In case ya'll missed it, Third Man's vault 51 is Carole King Live in Central Park 2LP+DVD. It also includes a 7" of Lucy Dacus covering two Carole King songs. It's too late to subscribe, but I think there wasn't a ton of Jack White/Carole King crossover fans so a lot of these will end up on ebay/discogs/third man facebook groups.

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