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  1. https://megamart.subpop.com/collections/pre-orders/products/the-shins_oh-inverted-world-20th-anniversary-remaster
  2. that bullmoose tweet just adds to confusion. first off, they're not labeled "limited editions" anywhere. they're labled "deluxe". Also, only m b v is being distributed in the US, so perhaps they're basing their information solely on that release? It's very likely that the deluxe versions have higher pressing numbers initially if they won't remain in print. Also, if it wasn't clear, the original release of m b v in 2013 and the 2018 IA and Loveless vinyl reissues were all supposedly analog masters. Some of the announcement text implies that these deluxe reissues are basically reiss
  3. Here's what I'm gathering: Isn't Anything and Loveless are only available to EU distribution. The official store had copies of standard Isn't Anything and Loveless that will ship from the US but the Loveless allotment has sold out, so new orders will ship from UK. Unclear if they'll restock in the US store. Though, I would assume if they planned to these would say 'sold out' to US instead of splitting shipments. The Domino announcement implies that all the standard LPs will stay in print for at least a while, unlike the 2018 reissues but it's not 100% clear. Th
  4. i wouldn't cancel anything if i were you. way too early to tell if all retailers will get what they ordered.
  5. i don't know. it's not like it's a full length LP. It's only 7 songs. I think they would have a hard time selling these books without the record. And they know if they just sell the record, a bunch of fans are going to be pissed off. The Boxer Live LP never got a second press aside from the RSD press. There's really not precedent for this exact situation. It's really a gamble though, because if you really want the record enough to buy the book and then there's a vinyl-only option, I don't see the book holding its value. But if you don't buy the set waiting for a separate LP and it
  6. yeah, i want the record but would only flip through the book a few times. don't think i can justify the price tag on this one.
  7. Listened to the set a bit more over the weekend. There are some millisecond gaps between tracks on DTGL that seem to be the biggest complaint. It honestly didn't bother me that much but I understand the gripe. A couple of the records are slightly "bowled" but using a record weight solved that. The second side of LITSOS gets a little hairy on the last track. The grooves are super tight and there's some inner groove distortion. I would expect a crosley would have a hard time on the last track. LITSOS is definitely pushing it for a single LP.
  8. Was it? I honestly don't know if I ever spun it because it didn't have the bonus track that the first press had. I just sold my copies of the 2012 press. But The Changing of Times press that came out at the same time sounds pretty good. No Underoath record could possibly be the best sounding record I own because that's just silly. But I just A/B'd the new press and original press of TOCS and the new pressing is definitely superior. That may be primarily because the original pressing is a bit too crowded with the bonus track. Definitely more inner groove distortion on t
  9. I haven't had a lot of time to do any super-critical listening, but i spun TOCS and LITSOS yesterday afternoon while I was finishing up work. Definitely the best pressing of LITSOS yet. TOCS sounds much better than the awful DMM TOCS/DTGL that came out years ago. No complaints on the pressing quality. My biggest gripe is printed inner sleeves. I don't understand why labels still do them.
  10. in person, they look exactly like they did in store mockups: I doubt the fold-over card was a selling point for anyone. it definitely looks like these were designed with the idea that these would be sold exclusively on an 'observatory' tour.
  11. they're not obi strips. they're fold-over cards that cover the spine. totally unnecessary.
  12. there's some weird imperfections on an inch or so of the edge of the record (outside of the grooves). if someone drops the needle on it, it'll like make the tonearm hop and bounce on the record. , but otherwise it sounds pretty good (source material aside). my guess is folks are doing this or it's a case where the grooves have issues where they don't play properly on a table without a counterweight (like a crosley).
  13. Attention Brandtson fans! Over the last few months, Steadfast records has reissued two more Brandtson records never before released on vinyl and cassette. 2003's Death & Taxes EP with two bonus tracks as well as their 1997 debut, Letterbox. Also, check out the new LP from Golden Streets of Paradise (Former Brandtson members Myk Porter and Adam Boose), "Throes". You can also pick up a few other Brandtson releases including the final copies of Send Us A Signal. http://www.steadfastrecords.net Golden Streets of Paradise (ex-Brandtson) - 'Throes' Vinyl: h
  14. Mine sounds great. Listen to it all the time.
  15. Man, I kinda envy those of you that are enjoying it. I honestly have no problem with the folks that want to listen to him. I guarantee you we all support much more evil and horrible people than Ryan. But I've just lost so much respect for him because he had a chance to show he was a mature adult and show some sort of empathy or (at least) understanding. I just see him as the immature narcissist that he has always been, now. His music strikes more like sad, destructive loser than hopeless romantic now. Toxic defensive personalities really just turn me off,
  16. I'm listening to it now on my Shure in-ears and I think it sounds great. Now I wish they had released this on vinyl instead.
  17. i went to both the Chicago shows and the united center was 99% full on night one and 90% full on night two. though, in his announcement, he specifically mentioned the large scale production that would be too large for theaters.

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