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  1. picked up the red smoke variant at target since it was $22 + 5% off with red card. Seemed like the cheapest way to pick it up. Variant looks nice. Not sure I need another slipmat though. Added it to discogs if anyone wants to see what it looks like: https://www.discogs.com/release/21738511-Underoath-Voyeurist
  2. Haven't seen the actual credits on the record yet, but I'm assuming they own the recording/masters and licensed it to fearless for the release.
  3. Are your whole lists loading? Mine's only loading the first 49 items. https://deadformat.com/collection/dreamover That being said, I can't imagine using this website again.
  4. Looking for this one. Slept on this band too long.
  5. i just use imgur when i need to host a photo for remote linking
  6. my gold (autographed) viper room arrived tuesday (was shipped monday from 20 mins away from me). it was a surprise as i didn't notice a shipping email and had no clue these were shipping out yet. unfortunately i haven't had a chance to listen yet.
  7. the record definitely sounds better than I expected. I was more interested in seeing it performed live, so I was a bit bummed to see the live stream was more of a "visual album". I guess bravo underoath for getting a bunch of fans to essentially buy the album twice.
  8. Kitsugi is a great album. The only one I like after Plans. Narrow Stairs has a few good songs but some of it is horrible.
  9. i'd much rather they put stability on side D and space out the LP over 3 sides.
  10. Surprised there's no thread for this one. Velvet Blue Music is releasing Starflyer 59's 16th LP tomorrow. (Vinyl should be shipping by the 26th). Vinyl/CD purchases from bandcamp allow you to stream the album starting today (10/14). Produced and Mixed by TW Walsh. J. Martin (guitars, vocals) S. Dail (bass) C. Martin (drums) TW Walsh (synthesizers) Several variants are already sold out. All vinyl variants have "hand run, letter pressed, custom die cut, chip board jacket by Bruce Licher". Black Vinyl 180g vinyl with custom printed letterpress, die cut jacket by Bruce Licher. Comes with insert and lyrics. $36.59 from Velvet Blue Music Blue Vinyl Monolithic Mailorder Exclusive limited to 100 units $39.99 from Monolithic Mailorder SOLD OUT Red Vinyl Bandcamp exclusive $38.59 from Bandcamp Deluxe Vinyl – Gold 180g vinyl, poster, sticker, enamel pin, Tidal Wave Zine, and cd $59.59 from Velvet Blue Music SOLD OUT Super Deluxe Vinyl – Gold 180g and black 180g vinyl, poster, sticker, enamel pin, Tidal Wave Zine, and cd $88.59 from Velvet Blue Music SOLD OUT Test Press $99.59 from Bandcamp SOLD OUT "Like to Lose" 7" Deluxe Flexi $9.59 from Velvet Blue Music "Life In Bed" 12" Black Vinyl Single $18.59 from Velvet Blue Music
  11. Just saw her in Chicago and there was a limited edition tour only pressing that I don't see on discogs. It's blue/pink pinwheel. Definitely not marble like most of the other limited pressings. Came with a blue envelope with a blue lyric book and a sticker sheet.
  12. looks like thehardtimes corrected it and the splatter is the 2LP deluxe. The polyvinyl preorder is for a blue smoke single LP.
  13. just ordered those vault versions. surprised they're still available.
  14. Here's a clashfinder for the schedule: https://clashfinder.com/s/furnacefest21/
  15. I swore he said there were currently NO plans for black vinyl. but now i can't find the comment saying either way. EDIT: Found it
  16. Not a great sign. Most of the song titles are horrible, though Underoath was never known for their great words.
  17. Long shot - but did anyone get an extra White Blood Cells vault package or not want theirs? I've been a member since Vault 1 but missed an email saying I had to set up a new payment method and the new site wouldn't let me update it anyway. Bummed to miss the vault for the first time.
  18. The QR codes that take you to wikipedia pages... I can't. This is too hilarious.
  19. before they added the third stage, it was only 3000 tickets. Maybe 5000 now?
  20. Wait wait wait... So this edition of this record is available for $27.99 to anyone who wants it (limited to 2000). Or it's available as part of a $39 subscription, but you didn't know you were getting it? LOL
  21. My company is now sponsoring Furnace Fest. I'm trying to think of good swag items to print. What kind of swag do people actually want at festivals? I'm thinking koozies and bags.
  22. turned out the tracking in my usps dashboard was for the lightyears book/vinyl, not the cherry tree vol 3. I got the brown vinyl cause I missed out on the earlier variant. It turned out nicer than I expected. It's more of a champagne/beer color. It sounds great. Glad to have it on vinyl though it was still pricier than I would've liked. The book turned out really nice.
  23. I don't think they've sent out tracking info for these. They just show up. But if you have USPS informed delivery, you can probably find it on the dashboard. Mine shows that a label was printed on June 22 but USPS doesn't have it yet. Looks like they've begun shipping international first.

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